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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Element: Earth
Turn: 3
Power: 3/2 (Healthy) 2/1 (Injured)
Leaf | Special Jonin | Male |
Proctor | Mental Power: 1

Effect: When this ninja is battling against
the opponent as the attacker, this ninja's team and
the opponent's team perform a mental battle.

Ibiki Moreno
[first proctor]

Review Date: 9.13.06

Average Card Rating: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Ibiki Moreno (first proctor)

Well I'm sure yesterday's COTD is confusing, so today we have something fresh. This card creates a new type of deck possible, and it's very competitive as well.

=activates mental
=good support

-bad defense
-low mental

This card is part of the reason why mental decks won at Gencon 2006 (the other part is that COTS just came out). Basically this card lets you start a mental battle when a team he's in attacks. With cards like Shikamaru and Sakura, you can have a total of 8 mental power every time. This card's effect only triggers when its team is battling against an opposing team, so if you hit directly, then you would most likely only get 1 battle award. That's one problem with this card.

Another problem is that this card can't defend against big power teams. This problem will be solve in the next set, something to look forward to. This, unfortunately isn't the biggest problem. This card, which activates mental, and the card that allow you activate mental when defending, both only has 1 mental power. In other words, the best mental team you can make with both of them is 6. Your opponents can easily have a mental power of 8 in their side deck, or even 10. More importantly, it is a turn 3 ninja, which I consider late for his stats.

This card is a must for mental decks. As for the mental side deck others may bave, there is always jutsu to counter.

Constructed: 4.5/5 (mental)
2.5/5 (all the rest)
Limited: 4.0/5
Hey, Naruto fans! ZanarkandAce back after a short break to bring you today's Card of the Day: Ibiki Moreno

Ibiki Moreno
Leaf/Special Jounin/Male/Proctor/Mental Power: 1
3 Turn Cost
0 Hand Cost
3/2 Healthy
2/1 Injured

First Proctor: When this ninja is battling against the opponent as the attacker, the teams preform a mental power battle instead. ((Paraphrased...))

Alright. I like Ibiki just for the reason that if your opponent doesn't pack any Mental Power cards, then Ibiki is a constant winner. Being a 3/2 isn't all that bad, but that won't really be looked at. If you are looking at that as attack stats with him in front, then you are silly! Unfortunatly, he doesn't have more Mental Power. He's the first proctor, and he's only a Mental Power of 1? That's just odd. But it's alright, especially if he is being supported by Shikamaru [Formation!] and perhaps a Sakura. That's a strong team that's going to be winning a lot if your opponent didn't think to use Mental Power...

Constructed: 4/5 as long as you are really backing Mental Power. 3/5 otherwise

Limited: 3.5/5 Odds are, if you are drafting these packs in which you can get an Ibiki, you will be coming up against Mental Power... Sakura abound, and Shikamaru isn't all that hard to come by.

Ninja Lesson of the day: Kunai. Yes, Kunai, and not Kunai Knife that Orochimaru mentioned in the manga when he gave it back to Anko... Kunai is basically an all purpose tool. It can be used as a knife, a projectile, and heck. Kakashi used it to hold off Zabuza's sword. Kunai are really all purpose!
Beastly Bruin Ibiki Morino [First Proctor]
Element: Earth
Turn: 3
Power: 3/2 (Healthy) 2/1 (Injured)
Leaf | Special Jonin | Male | Proctor | Mental Power: 1

Effect: When this ninja is battling against the opponent as the attacker, this ninja's team and the opponent's team perform a mental battle.

Ibiki is a must for the Mental Decker out there. Practically forces your opponent to engage you in a battle of the minds, even if they don't have Mental power ninjas. Go to any tourney if you need to see how powerful Mental Power decks are.

Ibiki has decent power for a 3-Drop, but not spectacular. He's right on par with the Demon Brothers, and they come out a turn earlier. This makes him a consideration for Mental Decks only. Other Earth builds will probably look elsewhere for firepower.

Short review for an obvious card...

(Sidenote: If you don't run a Mental Power deck, you should still be running ninja with mental power, and siding for such an encounter.)

Constructed Mental: 5/5
Constructed Earth Build: 2/5
Constructed: 3/5
Limited: 3.5/5 (Good Mental power cards are uncommon and up...harder to build)


Ibiki Moreno (First Proctor)

This is one of the harshest things to maim the Zabuza kills all deck to show up yet. But that's his effect, let's go with his standings first. This guy, like Third Hokage and most Proctors has a Ninjutsu combat, which does NOTHING. He's a turn 3 Special Jonin/Proctor with a mental power of 1. 3/2 - 2/1 is not game killing, but it isn't bad. However 9 attacks out of 10 he's not using his mental combat only.

See, his effect is that when he's the offensive team he instantly makes combat Mental Power. This effect kicks in during the showdown step if Ibiki is not dead or injured at that time. Since this is a non-valid effect. All you need to end this is any means to make him Injured before the Showdown. However Mental combat is a death sentence for most Zabuza based Water/Fire decks, and is unfun in general for all non-mental decks (except for InoShikaCho decks, as they have Shikamaru Formation).

He's a staple in the deck he was made for, and not too helpful elsewhere.

Ibiki Morino rating: 1000000000000/5 (He's the only one as far as I know. And if there is a second we won't see it for a LONG time.)
Constructed Rating (Mental): 5/5 (STAPLE.)
Limited Rating: 5/5 (2/5 on your chances to get him.)
Art: 3.5/5 (That coat rocks, 'nuff said.)

Big Daddy Skeletor

Wednesday, the middle day of the week... and i'm itiching to do another COTD, so lets do one right now. Lets look at Ibiki Morino, First Proctor

Element: EARTH
Entrance Cost: 3
Hand Cost: 0
Mental Power: 1
Healthy: 3/2
Injured: 2/1
Combat Type: Ninjutsu
Leaf/Special Jonin/Male/Proctor

When this Ninja is Battling against the opponent as the Attacker, this Ninja's Team and the opponent's Team perform a Mental Power Battle.


Temari: Its Ib-


::Everyone screams::

Ibiki: Ah ha ha ha ha haaa!!!! ooooh!! I love that one!! (joke from True Naruto Style)

for a Turn 3 Ninja, he doesn't have a lot going for him. His mediocre stats get outdone easily by others, such as various forms of Iruka. his forcing a Mental Battle on people could be worth it if you build around him, but Mental Battles dont seem strong enough after only 1 set. PLUS, his Mental Power is kind of low for his cost. Even if you decided to build with Mental Power in mind, he just doesn't cut it. Don't play him at all.

Constructed: 1/5 - Worthless

Limited: 3/5 - He will see play here due to the fact that there isnt a lot of options to use. At least that 3 Combat will come in handy.

Apprentice of Anubis

Today, we look at one of my favorite cards from the Coils of the Snake, Ibiki Morino [First Proctor]

First up, a quick stat rundown.

Ibiki Morino
Entry Cost: 3 | Hand Cost: 0
Leaf | Special Jonin | Male | Proctor | Mental Power 1
[First Proctor]
When this Ninja is battleing against the opponent as the Attacker, this Ninja’s Team and the opponent’s Team perform a Mental Power Battle.
Healthy: 3/2 | Injured: 2/1 | Ninjutsu

As most can see, this guy can be a powerhouse if used correctly. The 3 Entry cost is DEFINITELY a nice sight with so many 4’s and 5’s being played. Being a Special
Jonin makes him able to use certain Jutsu that can be pretty fun to tinker around with, such as Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu. On top of that, being a Proctor, while not being much, allows him to use Proctor-Only Jutsu, such as Evil Illusion: Misleading Jutsu. While it isn’t much, it’s nice to have options open.

On top of all of that, you have some decent stats for a 3rd turn drop. Though his stats are easily matched by the turn 2 The Demon Brothers Meizu/Gouzu, his ability makes up for it 10 fold. The great thing about this one is that you can effectively make the opponent’s team power go from 13 to 1 just by attacking and causing a Mental Power Battle.

The only real Con I can see about this guy’s effect is that (A), it’s not Valid and (B), it only kicks in when Ibiki’s team attacks. Though, a card this interesting, they’d have to make it suck in some way. Too bad they didn’t do too good a job of it though. J

Constructed: 4/5
Constructed (Mental Power Battle): 5/5 (Formation….Ibi-Saku-Shika???)

Limited: 3/5 (Don’t focus TOO much on Mental Power here. Just kick the crap out of the enemy.)


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