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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

The Third Hokage
[Village Governor]

[Village Governor] At the beginning of your turn, you may discard 1 card in your Chakra area to heal 1 of your injured Ninjas.

Card Number: 013
Rarity - Uncommon

Review Date: 9.12.06

Average Card Rating: 3.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust The Third Hokage

There are 2 versions of this, so since there is no review for Monday, I’m going to review both. It will be brief.

Village Governor
-4 support

-not valid
-turn 6, discard

Well this card lets you heal if you discard a chakra BEFORE you draw. This is very important, and many have suffered due to this mistake. As far as I know, this is the only fire card that lets you heal.

Beginning of the Chunin Exam
-mass removal
-mental power
-support 4

-affect both sides
-turn 6, discard

This potentially wipes out your opponent’s ninja teams. The effect does apply to your side of the field as well, and includes ninjas such as Anbu and Haku (not a specific class). Although unlikely, this can turn the game around in your favor, but by turn 6, both players would have jounins out already, and less genin or lower on the field, if any. He does have the highest mental power among all fire ninjas.

Both copies of Hokage is turn 6 and requires 1 discard. Both has 6/4 and both are fire. Both copies have devastating effects. In fact they are really the 2 extremes. Choosing which one to play is very hard, so it all depends on your opponent’s deck. Nevertheless this is the only turn 6 ninja out so far.

Constructed [Village Governor]: 4.5/5
Constructed [Beginning of the Chunin Exam]: 4.3/5
Limited [Village Governor]: 4.0/5
Limited [Beginning of the Chunin Exam]: 4.0/5


The Third Hokage (Village Governor)

I'm reviewing a Fire staple (practically) The Third Hokage, Village Governor. He's our first of many Satoosa/Sannin/Village Leader ranked ninjas to make an entire decktype work. Fact is only deck to not have a ninja of that level in the Japanese game is Earth. His Ninjutsu combat type does NOTHING (for those that don't know, Ninjutsu is the 'generic' combat type), and his Turn 6 Hand 1 makes him a long ways off from center stage.

However, he's a Turn 6 for a reason, he has 6/4 Healthy 4/2 Injured and a 1 chakra cost healing ability. Note on the ability (and all other Beginning of turn abilities), beginning of your turn happens BEFORE you draw your card for the turn. So if you lost all your chakra last round due to some insane effect usage, tough. Thankfully (for the non-fire decks) and sadly (for the fire decks) he is not valid, he can't heal himself.

As a Third Hokage he definitly takes a front seat over his super rare form, which just kinda mangles fields in a manner that only hurts Mental decks (more on that later).

Sandaime Hokage rating: 4/5
Constructed Rating (Fire): 4/5
Limited Rating: 2.5/5 (Hurt by Turn 6 and hand cost, however you play what you can get.)
Art: 1/5 (Sorry, but the old man hokage is boring.)

Big Daddy Skeletor

The Third Hokage [ Beginning of The Chunnin Exams]

Entrance Cost: 6
Hand Cost: 1
Mental Power: 3
Healthy: 6/4
Injured: 4/2
Combat Type: Ninjutsu

Effect: When this Ninja is put into play, both players must discard in-play Ninjas until each player's total number of "Genin" and no Rank Ninjas is 3 or less.

For his Cost... he has beastly stats. This incarcation of the Third Hokage's effect isnt too great, although it can help out. Mental Power is good, but wait for a couple more sets for the mechanic to flourish. If you are going to use a Third Hokage in your decks, use the one from path to Hokage. it has a better effect for the same cost, and you can use it every turn.

Constructed: 2.5/5 - could have uses, but as of now, there is a better Third out there

Limited: 5/5 - If you play this, you win hands down, a solid nasty in Limited.


The Third Hokage

Constructed Review: Now this is a beast. A 6/4 Turn 6 Ninja who can Heal any other Ninja for only one Chakra at the beginning of your turn? Yeah yeah, I'll take that. He's above a Jonin rank, too, so he can use all of the nifty Jonin Jutsu!

Constructed Rating: 4/5 Absolutely a beast.

Limited Review: Hm.. an Uncommon 6/4 Ninja with no side effects other than needing 1 Fire card to get out and waiting until Turn 6? Yeah, you play this card and you pretty much win. lol

Limited Rating: 4/5 "¤'ll play The Third Hokage." "..I'll fold."


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