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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Striking A Deal

Card Number: 074
Rarity - Rare

Review Date: 9.07.06

Average Card Rating: 2.45

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Striking A Deal

Do my eyes deceive me or are we reviewing this card the 2nd time. I guess I don’t mind doing it again…

-turn one

-lose advantage.

I think my mind still feel the same about this card as last time, but let’s look at the card again. This is among the few water cards that can actually heal; in fact, this is the only water card that can heal multiply targets at the same time. This could mean a 2nd chance at the battle, making your injured Zabuza, Hokage, or even Kakashi alive and well to fight. This card also only requires one turn to play, making it available on any turn you may need it. Being a mission, it is also hard to counter.

This potentially game winning effect is costly, however. It is true that you maybe healing your ninjas, but you have to discard battle rewards to do so, as well as one water card and Striking A Deal itself. That means the card require at the very least 3 cards to do anything. Also finding water cards to discard is always hard. Luckily, battle rewards used for this is put in the discard pile, which most likely mean they can’t use it again. Still, 3 cards is a hefty price to pay. On the other hand, losing battle reward means your opponent can buy more time.

Lets look at it in more partial terms. if your opponent injure your ninja, and you play Striking A Deal, your opponent has another turn to injure your ninja again. It is possible that your opponent use their last ditch of effort trying to weaken your team, but most players have a backup plan.

So, should you use this? Most chose not to. For me, I wish I have more time to test this card. What I think is, if used right, those cards your lost may not matter in the end.

Constructed: 2.5/5
Limited: 2.0/5
Striking a Deal
1 Turn Cost
1 Hand Cost

Target: (1) X number of your Battle Rewards
(2) X number of you Ninjas

Effect: Discard target (1) to the original Owner's Discard Pile and heal target (2)

Alright. This, in my opinion, a terrible exchange. Give up your Battle Rewards to heal that many Ninjas? Terrible. Now, if you are in the lead, and you can afford to lose a few battle rewards, go for it..... Wait, what am I saying?!? Use an After the Battle! While the turn cost might be 1 more, the hand cost is the same. Granted, this is a Water Jutsu, and if it's used, it will be in a Water deck. After the Battle is an earth. Won't be used in a Water Deck... But still. The exchange of Battle rewards for healing ninjas is terrible. I don't suggest this card in a Water deck. Even for it's healing possibilities.

Constructed: 1/5 as it can't get lower (Again, from the basis of using this card in a competetive deck)

Limited: 1/5 (Still... It's a bad card to use...)

Ninja Lesson of the Day: Let's do something basic here. My favorite kind of techniques. Genjutsu. Genjutsu is a technique which can be considered Hallucinations... From seeing Sasuke bleeding and in pieces, to Being wrapped up in a tree, to whole worlds... Example: Evil Death Mirage Jutsu, a card from Path to Hokage (Forgive me if I'm wrong on the name of the Jutsu, but it's about that) is an example of Genjutsu.
Stegy Today we look at Striking A Deal again for some reason. I already reviewed this card (you can check out my review if you really want to
;x) so I'm going to review another card--The End of the Demon--instead.

The End of the Demon
Water Mission
Turn Cost: 4
Hand Cost: 1
Target: (1) of your "Chunin" or higher Rank Ninjas with a "Water"
(2) 1 of your opponent's Ninjas or Clients
Effect: Discard targets (1) and (2)
Super Rare

Constructed Review: See, this card is slowly appearing in any deck that runs Water. Why? Well, it's a nice "kill a Ninja" MISSION that can't very easily be negated (only Lone Avenger comes to my mind). You can discard an Injured Demon Brothers Meizu/Gouzu to kill your opponent's Kakashi Hatake/Third Hokage/Zabuza/Ibiki/etc. How useful is that? I mean, you don't have to worry about an opponent's Jutsu negating your own Jutsu or anything like that. It's a trade one of your Ninja to kill one of their's Mission.

Constructed Rating: 4/5 VERY nice card.

Limited Review: Even if you DID pull this card, I wouldn't use it in a Draft. I mean, you need every Ninja you can get, and there really aren't many Water Ninja that are above a Chunin rank in Coils (I could be mistaken, though).

Limited Rating: 1.5/5 Keep it nice to trade or use it in that Water/X deck. ;x

Apprentice of Anubis

Okay, today we dive into the old archives are re-review one of my favorite water healing cards again. Striking A Deal.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t much to be said outside of what’s been said before. Cards that heal are always a plus, but the fact that you need to give up battle rewards isn’t helping it any.

Bottom line: If you’re running a STRICT water-type deck, this’d be a nice addition, even though A Tool Called Ninja and Senbon are slightly better. If you aren’t running it on a strict water deck, don’t even bother. Ichiraku Noodle Shop and After the Battle still own this card.

Constructed: 3/5

Constructed (Water Style): 4/5

Limited: 2.5/5 (Much better off trying to draft different healers.)

‘Till next time. :D

-Heartless Omega-

Striking a Deal
Water Mission
Turn 1 Cost 1 Water
Rarity: Rare, M-074
Target: (1) X Number of your Battle Rewards
(2) X Number of your Ninjas
Effect: Discard target (1) to the original owner’s Discard Pile and heal target (2).

Striking a Deal is a semi-good Mission card. You can play it anytime during/after Turn 1 and you must discard a Water element card to use it. The effect is simple: by discarding one of you Battle Rewards to your Discard Pile, you can heal one of your Ninjas. This effect might prove useful late-game, especially if you’re running similar to Zabuza Control and he gets injured. But, experienced players know that there are cards better than this: After the Battle or even Ichiraku Noodle Shop. Not bad overall, but due to the fact that you are losing a BR just to heal a Ninja makes this not really worth running. This card can be useful with other Ninjas like Asuma Sarutobi. I would personally stay with After the Battle. Besides that, there is nothing more to say about this card. Keep it for your collection.

Constructed: 2.5/5 If you don’t mind losing Battle Rewards…

Limited: 3/5 Good when you REALLY need it!


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