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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Shadow Clone Jutsu (kakashi style)

Card Number: 049
Rarity - Uncommon

Review Date: 9.06.06

Average Card Rating: 2.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Shadow Clone Jutsu (kakashi style)

-can beat any team easier
-clone status

-excessive chakra usage

We review another copy of Shadow Clone Jutsu, this time its Kakashi style. What difference would there be between this and Naruto’s.

First this card cost 3 chakras, a steep price for many jutsus, may be the effect will make up for it. The effect lets you boost your ninja’s power equal to the amount of ninjas your opponents have out. So in mid game, you opponents have 7 ninjas, it gets +7/+0, that’s all…given this effect, any ninja can potentially beat any team of ninjas. On the other hand, if your opponent have 7 ninjas, and you have one, chances of you turning the tides of the game is pretty slim, but possible. In addition, Escape Jutsu speaks for itself.

This card also gives clone status, which is not say much now. On top of my head, I think the only card that requires clone status is Harem Jutsu. If you play both jutsus, that would most likely require you to play a fire and lighting deck; certainly an interesting idea, might not be the most effective though.

In the end, I feel this is a second rate fire jutsu. For 3 chakra, I would rather play Fire Ball Jutsu. Compare to other shadow clone jutsus, I feel this one is inferior to the lighting ones. That’s just me.

Constructed: 2.0/5
Limited: 1.5/5 (both of you would most likely not have many ninjas)
Hey all! ZanarkandAce here with today's review! Here we go with Kage Bunshin ((Shadow Clone Jutsu)) again! This one Features a different effect, and different art!

Shadow Clone Jutsu
Fire Type
Chakra: 1 Fire, 2 Anything

Target: User

Effect: The target gets +X/+0 and "Clone Status" during this turn. X = The number of your opponent's in play ninjas.

Alright. This alternate Shadow Clone Jutsu is a bit more effective than the other, aside from the higher cost. Plus, this card gives a power up for the ninja too. To be honest, there isn't much more to say about this card. It's only drawback that I really notice is the high cost. 3 cards compared to the 2 of the other Kage Bunshin. Other than that, the main thing is that you need this to be in a fire deck to be used. But with the current big decks being fire/water, it would do well in there.

Constructed: 4/5. A power Boost is great, especially if you use the card like the picture and use it on Kakashi. Kakashi can get a huge boost with this card.

Limited: 4.5/5 This card would be great to use in a draft. Gives you that extra boost...

Art: 4.5/5 Bloody Kakashi, and a lot of him!

Today's Ninja Lesson: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Everyone should know this one. It was once refered to as Art of the Doppleganger in the original Naruto mangas... Now it's Shadow Clone Jutsu. Some of us also look at it as Shadow Replication Technique. Any which way you name it, from now on, I replace Shadow Clone Jutsu with Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. And review of yesterday: Kunoichi = Female Ninja.
Stegy Today we look at yet another Clone Jutsu, Shadow Clone Jutsu (from Coils).

Constructed Review: I don't know about this card. What's the most this card can give, +7/+0, maybe? That's not too bad for 1 Fire and 2 Anything, but for 1 Lightning and 2 anything I can guarantee a +6/+0 to my Head Ninja. It's better than the other Lightning Shadow Clone Jutsu, that's for sure, but, again, pumps are really that useful nowadays.

Constructed Rating: 2.7/5 Might work in an odd Rush deck, but can't see it working anywhere else.

Limited Review: Yeah, this is good here. Only costing 1 Fire is really good for a "large" pump like this card. Definitely nab if you're playing a decent amount of Fire cards.

Limited Rating: 3/5 Pumps win games. They really do.

Apprentice of Anubis

Today, we review what Monday’s card (Which I missed because my alarm clock decided to die on me. x_x;) should have been…Shadow Clone Jutsu?

Yes, the Mass Printing of this name continues with todays card, except this time, the card’s actually half decent.

On the Pro side, it’s a Fire type card, making itself home with Fire Style decks. On top of that, early game it gives a small boost. Late game, it can gives upwards of +6/+0 to +8/+0. Throw on top of that, the fact that it requires NO specific prerequisites outside the one fire chakra required, and you’ve got one HECK of a powerhouse on your hands.

Though, like you’ve seen in most of my reviews, this card isn’t without it’s bad sides. First off, this card will only be TRULY powerful when it’s late game and the opponent has the complete upperhand on you. Seriously, if the games going so bad that you need a +8 to power to pull you out of the hole, then you need to think your deck over a little.

Final Verdict: Like many of our previous cards, check this one out. If it works, then go with it.

Limited: 4/5 (Bout the best you can get in Limited format in terms of Jutsu pumping cards.)

Constructed: 4/5
Constructed (Fire Style Deck): 5/5

‘Till next time. :D


Shadow Clone Jutsu, the THIRD of three cards called that.

I don't really like cards that depend on your opponent, and this one isn't that great.

Kunai says one chakra should = +2, so for 3 chakra, we should get +6. That means they have to have 6 ninjas, and it will most likely be at least turn 6, at which +6 won't do you a hell of a lot of good. If you're losing, this isn't enough to get back, and if you're winning, it will be pretty weak, as you've been killing off all their ninjas. It does give you clone status, but right now that means you can use harem jutsu, and that takes two lightning.

For three chakra, we should be getting something better.

2/5 The original Shadow Clone Jutsu is better. (Lightning, one, flip a coin; if heads, +4, if tails, +2; clone status.)

Art: 4/5 One Kakashi is cool, but an army of them is awesome! Too bad they're not doing anything. Too many cards have pictures of people doing nothing.


Shadow Clone Jutsu (049)

Now then, this Shadow Clone Jutsu is Fire, not Lightning, meaning it isn't Naruto's jutsu. This is in fact the Kakashi style Shadow Clone Jutsu (which is him saying Shadow clone as he makes regular old clones). This one gives +X/0 where X = All opponent Ninjas (including those not on the battlefield) and the standard Clone Status. Now, I'm on the fence here. On the one hand, it is a nice bonus without coin flips (or Multi-Shadow Clone chakra dumping) but it has to rely on your opponent's field. Generally relying on them is BAD. They don't follow your plan. This is a pinch card, if they run lots and lots of big teams you can overthrow one of them with their own numbers.

Shadow Clone Jutsu rating - 2/5 (4/5 Fire, default win.)
Constructed (Fire) - 3.5/5
Limited - 2/5 (I doubt they will get enough ninjas for this to really help.

-Heartless Omega-

Shadow Clone Jutsu
Fire Jutsu
Cost: Fire/2 of any Element
Rarity: Uncommon
Target: User
Effect: The target gets +X/+0 and “Clone Status” during this turn. X = the number of your opponent’s in-play Ninjas

Alright, here we have one of many versions of Shadow Clone Jutsu. This version is pretty costly and it has a different effect. Depending on the number of your opponent’s Ninjas, your Ninja will get a Power boost. Most of the time, however, this card will/can be negated by a simple Escape Jutsu. This Jutsu is good if you’re running a deck that needs Clone Status to be used. Since I think like 3 Naruto have a build-it Clone Status effect, you’ll need to use this card on a high-level Ninja, like Kakashi or Might Guy. Not much to be said about this card. It has its uses, but it falls short from being tournament worthy.

Constructed: 2/5 Works best in a Clone Status deck.
Limited: 4/5 Since not many cards negate Power boosts in this set, this is a VERY handy card to use.

Playdoh Dude

Shaodw Clone Jutsu--
Sorry, for missing Temari. My opinion in a nutshell: staple. Basic as that.
Onto Shadow Clone from Path. This is probably the best boost Fire has, unless you play a Fang deck. This card absolutely SLAUGHTERS Rush, the more ninja they have, the better your boost is. Sure, the cost is a bit much, 1
Fire/2 Generic, but if you get a +6/+0, you can't complain, right? The more ninjas it allows you to tak eout of thatr chunk, the better.
PLay it? Why not! Sure, if you aren't big on running Jutsus, and follow the metagame, you'll probably only have room for 5 or 6 Jutsu, as 25 Ninja and
7-8 Missions are norm. If you have the deck space, it might be fun, but its no staple. Its no Temari.
ART: 5/5. This is probably the best Art on a Fire card ever. SASUKE PWNS!
CONSTRUCTED: Meh. Again, more of a novelty card(like all Shadow Clones are), but much more than that if you play against Rush. More of a sideboard tech, like A Kind TEacher, but if you have some extra room: why not? 3.5/5
LIMITED: Btter, not by much. 3.8/5.
OVERALL: 3.75/5, -.75 because its not THAT good. 3/5.


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