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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

[Violent Temper]

Card Number: 060
Rarity - Rare

Review Date: 9.05.06

Average Card Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Temari (Violent Temper)

-turn 1
-2 support
-discard effect
- mental power

-no injure stats
-no valid

Today we visit one of the most use cards in the new set, and for good reasons. She seems to fit in anywhere.

Being a turn 1 ninja is actually not too bad of a thing, considering the fact that this ninja is all about supporting others. In other words, the 2 support she has is meant to be a back ninja for a turn 0 ninja. These days, that turn 0 ninja is more or less Sasuke in Coils. On the other hand, a discarding ability really only exist in couple of cards out so far, very unique, and deadly. A team of 5 power, possible 6, that can discard your opponent’s cards, on turn 2 is wonderful. No wonder why it is the most popular play in tournaments.

So do you stop her taking your cards one by one? Injuring her is your safest bet. Once she is injured, she has no stats and no ability, in other words, a free block. Another way is to return her using 8-trigram, Giant Vortex, or even Great Breakthrough, even that seems like a waste.

But wait, she has 1 mental power, even when she is injured. This is extremely helpful in mental decks, especially when it is wind ninja. If you are playing a mental deck, I say this is a must. If you are playing anything else, Temari is a good choice for any situation.

Construct: 4.5/5
Limited: 5.0/5
Ladies and Gentlemen... Okay, well, more gentlemen than the ladies today. We have the Fanboy's Kunoichi (A Kunoichi is a Female Ninja, for those of you who don't read the japanese manga.) today! Well, even if she's not your favorite, she's mine, dang it... Today, we review: Temari [Violent Temper]

Sand/Genin/Female/Mental Power: 1
1 Turn Cost
0 Hand Cost
0/2 Healthy
0/0 Injured

[Violent Temper] If one of your opponent's Ninjas is injured by the Attack of this Ninja's Team, your Opponent must select 1 of the cards in their hand and discard it.

Now, first things first. Temari is probably the greatest Genin Kunoichi that they show in the beginning of Naruto. Well, beginning as in Chuunin Exam beginning. But the main problem with this card is that it doesn't capture Temari. Sure, it tells that she has a violent temper, and mind you, the effect proves it. But she doesn't have the strength. Temari in the manga (and this shouldn't be spoilers as they are starting the Finals of the 3rd exam, if I remember right) took out Tenten, who is a weapons specialist.

First off, this card is a 1 turn cost without the stats to really back it up. For 1 turn, i want a little higher attack. If not attack, then a little more support. Come on. Shikamaru [Lazy Bum] is a 0 turn cost with the same support when healthy, and MORE support when injured. And he has a worse effect than her! What's up with that? But, her one saving grace is that she does have SOME mental power. She can be put in the back of a team with a Shikamaru [Formation] and have some decent support added to a team, and with Shikamaru, they are a great pair for mental battles. Don't get me wrong. There are better choices for mental battles. She does come with her own Jutsu that negates any Jutsu, unless they pay 2 chakra to negate her jutsu. That's a great addition in and of itself. She's a wind, which makes her a bit of a setback. The other plus with her, though, is the fact that she really gives a sense of Hand Control to the team. When the leader of her team, because we all know that with 0 Power, she won't be leading any teams any time soon, does some damage, and injured an opponent's ninja, they have to discard a card. Can we say Hand Control?

Constructed: 2.5/5 If you make a deck that has a lot of high hitters, and support her a little too, it can get some decent use.

Limited: 3/5 If you use her for her support, then she is better. In this case, this would be the case.... Or something like that....

Art: 5/5 cause that stance is so Temari, and Temari is my favorite Kunoichi!

Lesson for the Day: Kunoichi = Female Ninja. Now when I say Kunoichi in the future, you should know what it means.
Stegy Today we look at Temari [Violent Temper]. Mmm.. daddy like.

Constructed Review: Temari is now the new Shikamaru Nara [Lazy Bum].
Sure, she comes out on Turn 1, but so what? She's a 0/2, 0/0 Female Genin and when the team she is on Attacks and does damage to another Ninja, your opponent has to discard 1 card from his/her hand. That's awesome! A nice combo that has been discovered is the Sasuke Uchiha [#1 Rookie]/Temari team. This basically forces your opponent to block your
5 Power team if they have 2+ teams in play. That gives you a major advantage early game.

Constructed Rating: 4/5 Would be higher if she was at least a 0/1 Injured and her effect was Valid, but then she'd pwn way too hard.

Limited Review: Mm.. yeah. Pick her or else. XD

Limited Rating: 4/5
Beastly Bruin Temari [Violent Temper]
Element: Wind
Turn: 1
Power: 0/2 (Healthy) 0/0 (Injured)
Sand | Genin | Female | Mental Power: 1
Combat Att.: Weapon

Effect: When 1 of your opponent's ninjas is injured by the attack of this ninja's team, your opponent must select 1 of the cards in their hand and discard it.

Don Zaloog, anyone? Okay, not quite, but you can see the similarities. Wait...is that a Dark Scorpion tattoo on her...naa...it isn't.

Anyway, I like this card. Everyone else likes this card (unless it's being used against you). Mental power is present. Killer support is present. Element that gained a big boost from CotS is present. Hand depleting effect of doom is present.

I'm not feeling the Injured stats, but it's a bit understandable. She's splashable, and that's actually a plus. There are so many decks that she could give a boost. She's versatile, but she's not broken.

She doesn't belong in every deck, but she could fit in just about any deck with the space.

Constructed (Wind/Mental/etc.): 4.3/5
Limited: You run this/5
Art: 4/5 (I always thought she was a cutey-pie)

Apprentice of Anubis

Today, we look at Temari [Violent Temper], the better counterpart to Shikamaru Nara [Lazy Bum].

Entry Cost: 1 | Hand Cost: 0
Sand | Genin | Female | Mental Power: 1
[Violent Temper]
If 1 of your opponent’s Ninjas is injured by the attack of this Ninja’s team, your opponent must select 1 of the cards in their hand and discard it.
“Fine…I’m not involved in any of this, Okay?”

On the Pro’s side, she has got the same stats as Shikamaru while being able to send her into battle on her own, she has a Mental Power of 1, which saves her team from a total mental defeat from Ino-Shika-Cho. Plus, she’s got a nice little Discard ability to boot, definitely making her a decent turn 1 choice. But, that isn’t to say she’s flawless.

For one, that Discard ability that we’ve seen? It only activates when this ninja’s team wins a battle. On top of which, her effect will only activate when her team attacks and does nothing when blocking. On top of all that, her effect isn’t even Valid Also, she’s a Turn 1 as opposed to a Tune 0 with the same stats, just that this one can attack.

Constructed: 4/5
Constructed (Wind Deck): 5/5

Limited: 5/5 (One of the best supporters you’ll find in Coils of the Snake, in my opinion.)


Temari (Violent Temper)

Ah, the new Lazy Bum. See, Shikamaru was loved for having a 2 Support. Temari has a 2 support and Hand Control, what isn't to love? She lacks the turn 0 or having any stats at all when injured (but her effect is more fun and she can chump block unlike Shikamaru).

The ruling is 'attack by this Ninja's Team' means Damage in the showdown, Ninja effects, and Jutsu cards. The effect goes off any time your effect/damage shifts the ninja to Injured Status. This does not include if you do two damage at the same time. Two damage at once instantly kills them and they never reach injured status (if the damage is reduced before application by Iruka or Gaara, Temari does go off).

Now then, on the Temari scale she wins by default for now, however next set... this will change.

Temari rating - 3/5
Constructed (Mill) - 5/5 (Mill will have a huge addition next set.)
Limited - 4/5 (if you pull her, but she's rare.)


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