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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Card Number: 061
Rarity - Rare

Review Date: 9.04.06

Average Card Rating: 2.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Shadow Clone Jutsu (CotS)

-extra ninja
-not affected by escape jutsu

-specific/additional cost

Hey again to Labor Week. For those of you who don’t have school, well sit tight and enjoy a special card, at least I think so.

So this card effect lets you add a ninja with the same name on to your team, and potentially create greater team power. That is unheard of until Coils came out. With the help of some other cards, it is very possible to create ninja teams of 4, 5, or even 10, breaking all the rules of the game. How you say? Well first you need one Jonin rank ninja and Kankuro, and then play Puppet Master Jutsu, adding Crow (3rd) on your team. Then you play Summoning Jutsu, adding Giant Snake (4th). Then use 3 of this card, adding 3(5,6,7th) more ninja to your team. Lastly, use 3 String control Jutsu, adding 3 more ninja (8,9,10th). Of course this could be done only when you have enough Chakra, and using nearly every single element in the game. Highly not recommended.

I never said this is practical, just fun. The cool thing about this is that this whole thing is unaffected by escape jutsu, since you are not adding or subtracting power value, but simply adding ninjas. Regardless of how a 10 ninja team is useful, just using a Shadow Clone on a Kakashi would be nice.

The downside, as there should be, is that you need a certain chakra to use it, one lighting to be exact. This is not too bad, considering kunai would solve the problem nicely. Then there is the second part of it. The ninja that you use for Shadow Clone is put into the discard pile. So in the end you are really using 2 chakra to play Shadow Clone. Nevertheless it’s a fun card to play around with.

Out of all the Shadow Clone Jutsu, I like this one the best. I think you might too.

Constructed: 2.0/5
Limited: 1.0/5 (what are the chances you’ll get 2 of one ninja, pretty much none)
Playdoh Dude Shadow Clone Jutsu (061)--

Meh. I'm back for this week, and then I'm going to Disney World for a week.
You'll miss me won't you! No? Oh well....

This Shadow Clone Jutsu is more like what a Shadow Clone JUtsu should be. It
allows you to take a Chakra area nin as long as you have one on the board,
and play it for a turn. But this pushes your current Head Ninja to the
backlines, which is not a bad thing. Say Kurenai uses it: her amazing
support is no problem to be pushed back. Should I play it? Probably not. Its
more of a novelty card: for fun.

CONSTRUCTED: Meh. Again, the other Shadow Clone is better here. Although why
you would play either, I don't know. 1.5/5

LIMITED: Heck no! When are you going to get three of the same ninja in
Limited? And three is the most reliable number to have 1 in play and 1 in
chakra, so you'll want at least 3. Sure, the cost is amazingly affordable,
but its too risky. 2/5.

ART: 2.5/5. Meh. Its okay, not the best I've seen.

OVERALL: 1.25/5
Alright, people! ZanarkandAce here with the newest Naruto Card of the Day! Today, we got Naruto's specialty at the beginning of the series, Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Shadow Clone Jutsu
1 Lightning Chakra cost

Target: 1 Ninja in your Chakra area with the same name as the user.

Effect: Place the Target as Head Ninja in the user's Team. The target can be put into play even if there is a Ninja with the Same Name in your village. Discard the target at the end of this turn.

Alright! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu the way it was meant to be! You literally get to clone a ninja in the team. Granted, it needs to be a team of 2, but you can think of some great combos with this. 2 Kakashi and a Shikamaru is one of the first that comes to mind for me. And the best part is, if you chose one person that's injured, the Bunshin (Clone) comes in Healthy. Usually (and I say this, cause it's usually true) the ninja is stronger healthy then they are injured. Unless of course you are Naruto. Then you are stronger when you are hurt. Funny, huh.

I really only see one big drawback in this card, and it's the fact that it's really not a 1 Chakra cost, it's a 2 Chakra cost as you use up another chakra to use it. Second, the Shinobi that you use gets discarded after, instead of going back to chakra. I think that this card could have been rare if it let you send the used bunshin back to the chakra area. Problem 2, you need to send a shinobi to the chakra area to use it. No shinobi, no Bunshins. Other than that, I think that this is quite the good card. A must for collectors, cause where would Naruto be without his Kage Bunshin?

Constructed: 3.9/5 I would have given this a 4, but it's right under. Loses points for the wrongs mentioned above.

Limited: 3.9/5 Go for it if you got the lightnings working in the deck, and you happen to get multiple shinobi's to play.

Art: 4.5/5 for the 3 Bunshins kicking the big dude. Plus, you get to play "Where's Naruto" and find the 4th Bunshin that's on the card that's hard to see. I found him, did you?

I'll still give props to D-Hero, but I stood on my own two feet this time! Take that! ^_^ kidding
Stegy Shadow Clone Jutsu (061)
Ah, the card with a picture I have yet to see in the dub. ;x

Ah, happy Labor Day, all! Go out and have some BBQ and spend the time with your friends and family. ^_^ Today we look at Shadow Clone Jutsu (061).

Constructed Review: Well, for only one Lightning, it's pretty good.
You'd probably want to use it on a Ninja with a decent/high support value, like Kakashi Hatake [any], The Third Hokage, Kurenai Yuhi, Haku [Super Rare], etc. What is nice is to use it on your Zabuza Momochi [Demon of Cloud Village], nab another from the Chakra area, and cry as your opponent now has TWO Zabuza to deal with. Also, you can make a pretty large team--Shadow Clone Jutsu The Third Hokage [Village Governor] so you'd have another out front, then have an Orochimaru behind The First Hokage and a Kurenai Yuhi behind him. That's [does math] 17 Power! woooo!

Constructed Rating: 2.5/5 It's a fun card but the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu from the first set is better. XD

Limited Review: Well, it's kind of hard to pull multiples in Draft. Of course, if you were lucky enough to draft 2 Kakashi Hatake/Zabuza Momochi [no text] or 2 Might Guy or something, this would be brutal.
Still, how often is the guy next to you going to pass you a Foil Zabuza Momochi? ;x

Limited Review: 2/5 I think I'm being a bit generous here. It just doesn't have as many uses here in Limited as in Constructed.
Beastly Bruin Beastly B here, with a new week of cards.

Shadow Clone Jutsu
Element: Lightning
Cost: 1 (Lightning)

Target: 1 ninja in your chakra area with the same name as the user.

Effect: Place the target as the head ninja in the user's team. The target can be put in play even if there is a ninja with the same name in your village. Discard the target at the end of this turn.

I don't really see this card seeing considerable amounts of competitive play. Don't get me wrong, it has potential to be deadly. We've all been in situations where we have a ninja on the field and the same ninja in our hand. If the ninja on the field is in no danger, the one in the hand is typically discarded as chakra. I've sent a few Zabuzas to the chakra pile, myself. However, this card would most likely be used on lesser ninja.

It would seem that this card can also be used defensively. Say you send out a team, confident in it's ability to win, but your opponent pulls out a jutsu or two that you hadn't anticipated. If the requirements are present, this card could save your head ninja from damage.

The cost isn't too bad, as Lightning is a strong element, but it's specific symbol cuts down on splashing.

You kinda have to plan for this card, because you need a certain ninja on the field, the same ninja in your chakra area, and a Lightning symbol (not including the Target) to spend.

Also, the fact that the ninja you choose has to be added as the "head" ninja kind of hurts this card's playability.

Constructed: 2/5 (Unless there's some killer combo i missed)
Limited: 2/5 (Too many restrictions to be as flexable as Limited needs)
Art: 4/5 (I love that sequence)


Shadow Clone Jutsu (One of not two, but THREE cards called Shadow Clone Jutsu! What the heck!)

Hmmm... Seems useful, but then you realize it's not. Who is going to use this jutsu? Naruto? Gai? Someone else? Doesn't matter.

Most of them have a support of 0. Who cares if you have two Narutos if only one's stats count? Combine that with the fact that they have to be in your chakra area, and you have a jutsu that's not only situational, but useless.

It's also the only Shadow Clone Jutsu that doesn't give you clone status.

1/5 Nice try, Bandai, but think these things through.

Art: 3/5 That battle doesn't take place anywhere except the intro to the show. That's a shame. It's fun to see ninjas beat up thugs.


Shadow Clone Jutsu (061)

This card is awesome. For 2 chakra (1 Lightning and the ninja being moved) outta your chakra pool, you get to put another Ninja onto the head of your team which bypasses the 1 ninja per name rule. Everyone on the team is now a back ninja as your new clone is the head ninja. Your leading clone has an end of turn death sentance, but you don't care, it has defensive use of giving you a fall guy when your team loses (or if you dislike Dosu effect). Offensively it gives you the ability to use two effects on 1 ninja.

You're playing an opponent that just sacked all their chakra for Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu and you have Kakashi (Confidence), Sakura (No effect), and Shikamaru (Lazy Bum) (team power 11) and then you cut in with this Shadow Clone Jutsu and it puts Kakashi (Copy Ninja at the front of the team). Since Jutsu revolves reverse, Kakashi (Copy Ninja) leads a team now of 14 AND the gain from your opponent's Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Shadow Clone Jutsu rating - 4/5 (Decks that run lots of REALLY nice effects that are better in sets of 2.)
Constructed (Lightning) - 3/5 (It's okay, I love the card, however it's situational due to the 'ninja in chakra' rule.)
Limited (Lightning) - 2/5 (The 'ninja in chakra' thing and 'having two of the same ninja' problems are more pronouced.)


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