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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Hinata Hyuga
[My Nindo]

Card Number: N-093
Rarity - ST

Review Date: 10.27.06

Average Card Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Hinata Hyuga N-093



Our last card before you guys see the cards at the pre-release event yourself is Hinata. She is another ninja exclusively for the new starter decks, just like Kiba was.

When Hinata is injured, and receive damage, she can negate all the damage given to her, if you flip the coin right. If you're lucky, she will never die. The effect is very similar to the SR Naruto in Path of Hokage. Besides being the ultimate shield, she has another good trait to her, Byakugan. Byakugan gains some support in this new set. Not only can she use the only Byakugan, she can also use the new Gentle Fist. Both cards lets you have some hand control in the game. Hand control is always good in any game. Without a hand, your opponent can't help but to sit and do nothing.

There might not be much to her, but she can be your worst nightmare.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Limited: 4.25/5 (she could be your key to deck your opponent out)


Hinata Hyuga

Okay, I’ll be honest with you, I do love Naruto Imposter. He’s flat my favorite card. I love flipping a coin and having my bestest little buddy stay healthy till turn 5, when I chump with him every time. I really do. Does this card make me just as happy, no. Why is this card a turn one card? I know Hinata is really cool and her character is one of my favorites in the show, but really, make this a turn zero card, and I’d splash her just like I’ll always splash my Naruto, man I love that guy. I mean every deck ever. I don’t care. The one spot is so full of great cards right now, this card would need something bigger to help it make the cut.
I guess she has growth, which is something, so she’ll be a 1/2 with a coin flip ability, but <sigh> I’m still not sold. That just isn’t the bigger something I was hoping for. If she had like a mental power or two? She’d be sideboard material. But she doesn’t. DANG! I want to give this card a really high rating because it’s Hinata doing what she loves to do best, becoming a stronger person by taking tips from Naruto.

Constructed 2/5
Sealed 4/5



-A 1/1 that can't take damage on turn 1

-0 combat healthy

Today we look at the new Hinata Hyuga. It's a decent earth turn 0. I mean
1 support is ok. And gains a combat when injured. Pretty cool. This could work good with a sakura, imeanswing with a one to there say 3, then injure sakura, become a three, then tie them, injuring Hinata, so you're stronger next round. I mean, this is a good idea to thwart the Sasuke/Temari combo.
Being that that is there focus, youd screw there sasuke, making him a 1, when fighting genin, and temari makes him a three when fighting genin, to you're two who can't take damage, where do i sign? I must say i love this card, and might splash her.

Constructed 3/5
Sealed 4/5
Art 2/5 (Could be better)


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