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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Kiba Inuzuka
[NInja Art of Beast Mimicry]

Card Number: 091
Rarity - ST

Review Date: 10.26.06

Average Card Rating: 2.62

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Kiba Inuzuka J-091

-low turn cost

-low power

It's time we look in to the ninjas from Curse of the Sand. Many ninjas that was featured in the last 2 sets are featured again, better than ever. Kiba is a good example of that.

Like the last Kiba, he is a turn 0 ninja, but this time, he is new and improved, a lot. When he is sent and blocked, you can look at your opponent's hand. It might not seem like much, but it might show you things your opponent want to keep a secret from you. Something like a game winning jutsu, or a mission they're going to play soon. If your opponent doesn't want to let you see their hand, they have to give one battle reward.

What's better is that you can use him to block and still get to see your opponent's hand. Among all the 0 turn ninjas, with the exception to Sssuke [AoC], he is one the best you can get.

Constructed: 3.75/5
Limited: 4.0/5
Playdoh Dude KIba Inuzuka [NInja Art of Beast Mimicry]
Sorry for missing so many weeks: teachers have been piling on homework,
and I've barely had enough time to work on an article for you guys. But I'm
here now for Preview week, with Kiba.

I love Kiba. His fighting style is so cool, and now he's actually being
supported. Fire/Wind is goign to become the Mill deck of choice, with
Shino's Parasitic Jutsu and Kiba's signature Jutsu from Curse, Fang over
Fang, Fire and Wind will have strong Mill forces. Suprisingly, Kiba's effect
does no real help to that. All he does is let you look at your opponent's
hand: sure, you can see what they're planning, and if you still play
Fire/Earth Fang, Byakugan(PTH) will be a nice combo, but I'd hate seeing
Zabuza and Haku in their hand, and me with a weak ninja in play.

Speakijng of weak, let's take a look at Kiba's stats: 2/0 0/0. WEAKLING!
Sure, he's better than others, but I'd rather play them.

CONSTRCUTED: 2/5. Play him only as a filler.
DRAFT: 2.5/5. Meh. I don't play much Draft, so I really have a hard time
rating these. Um... I guess you'll see your opponents plans, so thats
ART: 3/5. God, I HATED the other KIba art.
OVERALL: 2.25/5
n00b Factor: OMG! HE HAS A DOG! 3/5
Beastly Bruin Kiba Inuzuka [Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry]

The first Kiba we got wasn't all that great or playable, and this one isn't much of an improvement...even with the Growth boost.

This is tragic, really, because Kiba is thorough on the show.

His base stats are the same, with a respectable 2/0 Combat for a 0 drop. He has no injured stats, so he's basically just a blocker. He's fun to team with Akamaru, but not worth the trouble in a competitive match.

Try him if you absolutely need some Fire nin, but otherwise, max out Sasuke and be creative with the rest...

Constructed Fire: 2/5
Limited: Starter/5
Art: 2/5
Jeffthebear Kiba Inuzuka - N091

Type : Fire
Turn : 0
Leaf / Genin / Growth / Male / Animal
Effect: Ninja art of beast mimicry

“ When this ninja is sent out to battle and opposed, look at the cards in
your opponents hand. “

Ok so today’s card is Kiba Inuzuka and honestly being a fire fan I think
he’s well, he’s pretty suck. I mean I am probably gonna get hate mail or
spammed for this but I don’t feel looking at your opponent’s hand or knowing
what they have in there hand is that important in this game. Everything can
be determined by chakra I mean when I’m facing a fire deck and they have
three fire chakra, I pretty much know what’s in their hand I don’t need to
be shown.

He does have growth which I feel is going to be a nessecity in this meta
right now just because a +1/+1 can do wonders however there’s no real need
for a turn 0 growth card? I mean you want to play a ninja turn 0 then use a
turn 1 growth character , meh whatever.

All and all he’s sub par kind of like Robin, lol nobody likes robin. Sorry
for the short reviews but Bandai had only showed us a few of it’s cards and
most of them are pretty bad I promise next week the reviews will be better,


Fire Deck : 2/5
Splash : 1.5/5
Constructed : 1/5 ( I wish I could give lower)
Overall : 1.5/5

See you next week same bat time, same bat channel...


Kiba Inuzuka

This card is something I again have mixed feelings about. I mean the ability to see you opponents hand, even if you just dropped this guy late game to chump, you can chump and then see what your opponent has been saving for you all game. This information could be enough to allow you to make the play you’ve been needing to make to break the game open. However, as fire zero drops go, sasuke has always been tops, both in stats and effect. Well him or everyone’s favorite ninja academy student. In a heavy fire build this might be the card you would want to fill out your zero drops, but I don’t know if he’ll be splashable. Knowledge is a great thing, and taking away your opponents ability to bluff for a turn can be so huge. I’ve seen many player bluff their way past someone, or bluff about having a vortex, which can hold off another player until the bluffer has the ability to draw said vortex. All in all, this will be an interesting card to watch out for. I think the best way to play him, is to send him out as a lone chump blocker on your opponents turn, that way he won’t waste anything from his hand on your chump, and you’ll be able to plan your next turn.

Constructed 4/5
Sealed 4/5


-Not too bad stats
-hand control

-No support
-No injured stats

Today we look at the new Kiba Inuzuka. I must say i somehow see this card in fire wind, because of the hand control. I mean every time he blocks or attacks, you see what your opponent might be planning? Pretty darn good. I must say that i'll run this as a splash in my fire lightning. So, find combos, put him to use. Good card, if you find him.

Constructed: 3/5
Sealed: 3/5
Art 3/5 (I love kiba)


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