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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Paper Bomb

Card Number: 067
Rarity - U

Review Date: 10.19.06

Average Card Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Paper Bomb

-low cost

-potential negation.

Unfortunately for me, and you, that there are no negations for lighting. What’s a guy to do? The next best thing of course. Paper bomb might not always negate jutsus, but it’s a good card nevertheless.

Paper bomb is one of the few, and the only lighting, card that can damage you opponent’s ninja before the showdown. If your opponent decides or cant use a jutsu, the person who got the paper bomb is damage. This could be dangerous in the hands on lighting. If the whole propose with lighting decks are to over your opponent’s team, what’s better than a damaging the team and lowering their team power.

Looking deeper into this, there are potentials in trying to waste you opponent’s most deadly jutsus. If you use some weak ninja to use paper bomb, they might be force to use their jutsu to stop your weak ninja, thus wasting one of their jutsu.

This card may not be a negation card, but when played correctly, it could get rid of your opponent’s jutsus just as good.

Constructed: 3.75/5
Limited: 4.0/5

Ok this card is definitely not the card I thought I was

going to review for my first card of the day but hey I am certainly it was a

card as interesting as this one, lets take a look at it now shall we?


Paper Bomb- J067


Jutsu Card - Lightning Type


Cost- 1 Lightning , 1 Any type




Target: 1 Ninja battling against the user.


Effect: If the target of this card does not become the user of a jutsu card

this turn ,

the target receives 1 damage at the exchange of jutsu step.



      Ok now I realize this is negation week and such but as lightning does not

have any negation we will look at something equally evil. Lightning decks

right now in the current meta are sub par …at best. However I believe this

card definitely gives a boost to lightning especially in a control aspect.


      First off it only requires 2 chakra which is the average cost for a jutsu, and either forces you opponent to use a jutsu or damage their ninja. This card can be amazing early game when your opponent has that Nine-tails Naruto

on the field that’s taken it’s one damage and is staring you in the face

with a massive 6 power or, after your opponent chump blocked with Konohamaru

and is expecting to still get to use his effect. Chances are in the first

two turns your opponent won’t have built up enough chakra to negate this or

will have to waste the chakra they have built just to use a random jutsu to

keep them alive.


      This card is the most control lightning has at the moment because it is a

beat down type which is what makes this splash of tech such a good idea.

Play 3 of these in your deck and see how annoyed your opponent gets at you

forcing his moves or killing his ninja outright. The best part of this card

is still to come the damage hits them at the end of the exchange of jutsu

step which is before the damage step. OMG are you kidding…? Picture this if

you will………..


Opponents field :


Kakashi early settlement ( healthy) + Ebisu (Healthy)

Chakra Zone :  Empty

Team Power : 8


Your Field :


Might Guy (Healthy)

Chakra Zone : 1 Lightning , 1 Earth ( or any type doesn’t matter)

Team Power : 6


You attack with your team who’s weaker , then activate Paper Bomb , your

opponent cannot respond he takes one damage reducing him to 3/2 if I

remember Kakashi’s stats correctly. Now your opponent’s team power is 5 to

your 6 now the damage step happens and Kakashi takes one damage for being

weaker and is now killed , all this and more for only 2 Chakra.

Awe……Lightning finally has a great jutsu to use.


My ratings:

Lightning deck: 5/5 Perfect

Any other deck with splash of lightning: 4/5

Any other deck…umm why play it? N/A


Thanks a lot guys for listening to me yammer on.


Sincerely Jeffthebear




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