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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Konohamaru Ninja Squad Appears!

Card Number: 061
Rarity - C

Review Date: 10.05.06

Average Card Rating: 2.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Konohamaru Ninja Squad Appears!

-low turn cost

-everything else…

Here we go again. Today is the mission of the Academy Students.

I'm sure you might be figuring the reasons for these cards, they are for fun. This give +0/+1 to all Ninja Academy Students, which don't really help much. If you need support, why not play anything with 1 support power. On top of that, it cost 1 lighting card in your hand to play it.

I really don't see much point in this card. Remember when I said there are cards that are just there to fill space, this is one of them.

Constructed: 1.0/5
Limited: 1.0/5
Playdoh Dude Konohamaru Ninja Squad Appears!

Arrg! I chose the ninja academy theme this week because I thought it would be fun, but most of the cards are horrible! Take this card: it gives SUPPORT to WEAK cards. I know the game creators were trying to boost this cruddy archetype, but still: YOU WASTED SPACE! This card basically gives all Ninja Academy

STudents +0/+1. Like that helps! You should be running Temari over Moegi, and
SHikamaru over Udon. Both have better stats and effects, so just play them.
CONSTRUCTED: 1.5/5. The base of the NInja Academy deck has to be in that deck, but now where else.
LIMITED: 1/5. Don't play it.
ART: 2/5. Pretty good art.

REVIEW SUMMARY: Play it in NA, no where else.


Konohamaru Ninja Squad Appears!

Aha, and now the card that brings this ALL together. See, we reviewed the three ninjas on this card, this is the Mission card that makes the whole Studen deck work. For a Turn 1, Hand 1 Lightning mission, this is pretty good. However it works only if you can play at least 2 of them by turn 3, best to have 3 of them by turn 3. See as long as it's out all Ninjas that are Ninja Academy Student rank gain +0/+1 Which is 'okay' at one out, but making an easy 7 combat by turn 2 is what you want (Two out). They do stack, so three of them causes +0/+3 on any Student, however we only have 4:

Konohamaru (Hokage's Grandson or Konohamaru Corps. Formed)
Moegi (Report)
Udon (Featured Article)
Kaede (Relocation)

Having a few of them (probably the best of the choises is Corps Konohamaru) out to beef up teams, as high Support is hard to do is pretty neat. Student deck, nobody else.

Constructed (Students) - 5/5
Limited - 1.5/5
Art - 1/5


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