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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

[Feature Article]

Card Number: 066
Rarity - C

Review Date: 10.04.06

Average Card Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Udon [Feature Article]

-low turn cost
-draw power
-mental power


Mmmm, udon is yummy. As for the card, however, I can not say the same.

It is Moegi all over again, so I'll make it brief. Udon, too, has no stats. The effect is a bit dfferent, though. Instead of trying to get a ninja, you are trying to get a Jutsu card. Why is this better you ask? Well if you get a jutsu you can play, you opponent may act differently, make mistakes, or even not attack. The chances that you get a jutsu, however, is lower, since decks typically have less jutsu than ninjas. Another thing that sets Udon apart from Moegi is that he has mental power, which means he can better block mental teams. I can't stress how important this is.

So which one is better? To be honest I think Udon might be, but they both still pretty bad.

Constructed: 1.5/5
Limited: 1.5/5
Playdoh Dude Udon [Feature Article]

Sorry about missing the first two days of my own review week. I'm at least here for the last 3! Udon is what I like to call poor mans Shika[F]. He has a pretty bad effect, only letting you grab a Jutsu on chance. And then he has only 1 MP, and has the worst stats in the game. And worst of all: He's NInja Academy. Ninja

Academy Students tend to lean towards circumstance, like Moegi, this guy, and in some way Kono[HG]. Plus, they can't use most cards, like 8 Trigram, and their stats always suck. But then again, in a strange, Fire/Lightning Disaster Ninja

Acdemy deck(like that'll ever work) a late-game combo of Kakashi Foresight. next turn: Disaster while you have teh 3 students in play, and use tomorrows card,

Konohamaru Ninja Squad Appears, you can face down that Zabuza with a team of 3!

Even in the most odd combos, Udon, Moegi, and Kono don't cut it. Kono is pretty okay, but the other two: no.

CONSTRUCTED: 1/5. DOn't play it.
LIMITED: 1/5. DOn't play it.
ART: 1/5. Don't play it.
OVERALL: 1/5. Don't play it.
Beastly Bruin Udon [Featured Article]
Element: Earth
Turn: 0
Power: 0's all around
Leaf | Ninja Academy Student | Male | Mental Power: 1

When this Ninja is put in play, show the top card of your deck to your opponent. If it is a Jutsu card, place it in your hand.

Like yesterday's card, there are no stats on this card, aside from the Mental of 1. That's about the only thing that sets this one apart from Moegi.

If the effect of this card read, "When this Ninja is put in play, search your deck for a Jutsu card. Show the card to your opponent, and place it in your hand.", it might see some play.

Sorry, but I just don't see giving up your summon for this card in competitive play, and there are enough good cards to use in your Mental build.

Limited could actually benefit once or twice from this effect, but don't bet the farm on it...

Constructed Anything: 1.2/5
Limited: 1.6/5
Art: 1/5 (That little snot drip has always annoyed me)


Udon [Featured Article]

Okay, short and sweet here, since this will look very much like Yesterdays. Udon and Moegi have very few differences.

Moegi is a girl, Udon is not.
Moegi is Wind, Udon is Earth.
Udon has Mental Combat of 1
Moegi gets Ninjas, Udon gets Jutsus

Otherwise every stat is the same. Now then, snagging a topdeck Jutsu is less likely (less Jutsu in a deck), and less effective (now that you drew in a Jutsu they know about, they can plan around it). All in all, less effective than Moegi, but not less useful in the Student deck since you need students to make it work.

Constructed (Student deck) - 5/5
Limited - 2/5
Art - Needs Kleenex/5

-Heartless Omega-

Leaf|Ninja Acadamy Student| Male| Mental Power: 1
Turn 0 Cost 0
Healthy stats: 0/0
Injured stats: 0/0
Element: Earth
Rarity: Common
Combat attribute: Ninjutsu
When this Ninja is put into play, show the top card of your Deck to your opponent. If it is a Jutsu card, place it in your hand.

So, today we look at the second weakest of the Ninja Academy Students, Udon. He' about as bad as Moegi, but his effect and Mental Power tratis make him semi-playable.

His effect is to simply look at the top card from youm Deck when you play her. If it's a Jutsu, you can add it into your hand. This isn't bad, since you can use the Jutsu right away. Also, his Mental Power is at least to take down some Ninjas. It's ok, but still not so playble.

Constructed: 2/5 I wish it had some Combat or Support.
Limited: 2/5 It's okay, but there are better choices.


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