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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Kakashi Hatake
[energizing the brain]

Card Number: 123
Rarity - R

Review Date: 11.27.06

Average Card Rating: 3.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Kakashi Hatake N-123



Our next card may not have growth, but it can easily get a growth coin. He can easily over power any other turn5 with just this little coin.

To get the power boost, you'll need to simply flip a coin. If it's heads, you get the small power boost. This small power boost gives you an edge when it comes to equal teams. It would also make your opponent want to waste their jutsus first.

On the other hand, if you get tails, he is just a 6/3 kakashi with not effect. He'll be no better than kakashi [late arrival]. You also would have wasted a fire card.

I think, to play safe, other versions of kakashi would be a better choice. If you're feeling lucky, this kakashi is the way to go.

Constructed: 3.0/5
Limited: 3.5/5

the bogosian explosion

Kakashi Hatake (energizing the brain)

I'm sorry folks like a real Explosion i need to make this quick but devastating.

Kakashi...theres a million of them. This one, can either be really good or really dumb. Jirayia, or no effect discard...mmm dumb. I would run late arrival before i ran this, cause at least you can splash late arrival. Play copy ninja or early settlement Kakashi bottom line.

constructed: 2/5
limited: 3/5


Kakashi Hatake (FIRE)
Leaf | Jonin | Male | Sharingan Eye
Turn Cost: 5, Entrance Cost: 1
6/3, 5/2 Injured

[Energizing The Brain]
When this Ninja is put in play, flip a Ninja Blade
coin. If it's heads, place a growth coin on this ninja.

- Kakashi, and all that that entails (stats, fire, etc.)
- Card advantage.

- Chance
- Takes up a Kakashi slot.

The pros on this one are mostly self-explanatory. The stats speak for themselves, as does his Fire affinity, Jonin status, and ability to use PtH Sharingan. Card advantage (and skill) win games, no exception.

The element of chance here isn't its biggest problem per se, but paired with this card's other problem it can easily become one. There really isn't any drawback to the coin flip - it doesn't, after all, have any "if it's tails, do X" element to it - but paired with the fact that it takes the place of one of the other, perhaps better, Kakashi's, the unreliability of EtB just becomes too much of a liability.

Yet another "use it until you get something better" for beginners and those who don't have access to a lot of cards.

Constructed: 3/5 -> See above.
Limited: 4/5 -> Look at the "Pros" section. Good draw here.
Art: 4/5 -> Kakashi Goodness.


Kakashi Hatake [Energizing the Brain]

Pros: Potential 7/4 beater

Cons: Luck Required

Belated Happy Turkey Day everybody and now that everyone has developed their own orbit from over eating lets look at our card of the day.

If you’re out of shape and like to play with fire this is the card for you, almost. I like Kakashi and fire decks and he’s a must if you’re wanting to negate using Sharingan Eye but there are other Kakashi’s that are better. Growth is cool but [Copy Ninja] or [Early Settlement] are so much better. In short, go and work off all that turkey and energize your brain.

I apologize, shoot me for the bad pun.

Constructed: 2.5/5 (There are better Kakashi out there)
Limited: 4/5 (He’s huge drafted)
Art: 3.5/5



Hello! Today's caard is a card I do beleive we've already reviewed, and isn't too bad. It is my personal Favorite Character.

Kakashi Hatake
Cost: 5 Turn, 1 Card
[Energizing the Brain]
When this ninja is deployed, flip a ninja blade coin. If heads, put a growth coin on this ninja.

Well, we have a possible 7/4, which is not too far from the super rare valued Gamabunta. This ninja is fire, and jonin, so it can use 8 triagram, and it has sharingan eye, so it can use sharingan eye. A ninja with the Possibility of being a 7/4, and I don't like it. Why? There, again, are better choices. Copy ninja is better than this, as it can be powered up by opposing force cards, Sharingan Eye Kakashi is better because you can actually have an effect be used. The vanilla 4 drop is better because it's support. This is a card that has many better choices. would you rather have a 6/3 ninja with the possibilty of using an effect, or a 6/3 with no chance?
It has possibility of being high, but I don't want to leave much more of this game to chance.

Constructed: 2/5
Limited: 3.5/5

If you have any questions,

N. Jolly

Kakashi Hatake(Energizing the Brain)

The Good

-Stats 6/3 Possible 7/4
-Biggest ninja on turn 5

The Bad

-No other effect

Here we have the Kakashi based around growth, and a beast at that! A possible 7/4 is incredible, but it does give that ninja a target. I personally don't like having a ninja that my opponent looks to get rid of with every turn, and this card screams "Bounce me" as hard as it can. Other than that, if it doesn't work, you'll have a Late Kakashi that can attack and took a charge to play. It's not a bad card, but there's so many better options for a fire Jonin...named Kakashi...

Constructed 2.75/5
Limited 3/5


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