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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

[Sonic Impact]

Card Number: 55
Rarity - R

Review Date: 11.24.06

Average Card Rating: 3.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Dosu [Sonic Impact]

-guarantee damage

-weak stats

Well I'm back with the COTD. Reason I left is a combination of school and the recent Gencon. Gencon is fun, with new challenges and new ideas in place, players learned from the newly crowned Jonin. With that in mind, we'll look at one of the cards the winner used.

Dosu is nothing spectacular. With his mediocre stats, both health and injured, he might not be the best choice when fighting against other ninjas.

Of course everything has a upside, and this one lays within it's ability. When Dosu is sent up to battle against a team of ninja, the head ninja of your opponent's team will receive 1 damage. This damage can not be negated. So even if Dosu leaves play, his effect will always deal a damage to the head ninja.

But for those who wants to combo him with tamari [violent temper], they are sadly mistaken. Because Dosu's effect resolves at the end of the showdown, his effect will not be valid with Temari. Nevertheless, Dosu will be the key to defeat some major teams or hinder your opponent until it's too late.

Constructed: 4.0/5
Limited: 4.5/5
Beastly Bruin Dosu Kinuta

What needs to be said about this card that players don't already know?

This boy wrecks your whole face. Have him as the only ninja in your village and watch your opponent debate with himself over whether or not he should send out his teams.

On offense, Dosu can spell free BR's. On defense, he makes your opponent play around him.

I run two to three of him in every deck i build. He's that good.

You don't have to run him, but he can augment pretty much any deck build out there that has the room.

Constructed: 5/5
Limited: 5/5


Ugh. I really should have written this before the tryptophan hit my system. Just say no to drugs, kids.

Let's see:
Sound Reflecting Speaker (Water)
Cost: (Water)(Water)

Target: User

Effect: The target's Combat Attribute is changed to
"Sound" during this turn. In addition, the target gets
the following text during this turn: "If the target's Team
is Defeated or Completely Defeated, give 1 Damage to
the Head Ninja that just Battled against the target."

- Er...

- Revenge. Kind of.
- Cost
- Deckspace

This falls into the same category as many of the other cards we've reviewed this week (tomorrow's is better. I promise). It's a) not worth it for the cose, b) too expensive to replace many of the better justsu that can be used in its place, and c) takes up space that you can use for better jutsu.

Also, I've never liked "last resort" cards. I.e. cards you play because you're getting your butt handed to you on a Thanksgiving platter, and you'd like to kick your opponent in the face before you go. It's just not worth the space it takes up, which is becoming more and more of a commodity as better cards come in to fill the space. Especially when it comes to Water.

Bottom line: I really don't like this. No, not even for beginners or in limited. There's an extremely good chance you're going to be able to find something better, such as the card we discussed on Tuesday (Water Cutting Blade). And since there aren't any really viable "Sound" combo's out there at the moment, I don't suggest using it for that either.

Constructed: 1/5 -> Again, ugh.
Limited: 1/5 -> There's better stuff out there, honestly. Last resort indeed.
Art: 2/5 -> He's a speaker, wrapped in a mummy, wrapped in a very angry enigma. And more hair than Jiraiya.

- Silas

A Happy Thanksgiving Nap to all!

Dark Brago Zeno

Dosu [Sonic impact]

Cons: good blocker for instant damage

Pro: turn cost

Now first let me say that i like this card of course because of it's effect which makes him a good blocker causing instant damage. yesterdays card gives one of your ninja's this guys effect but unlike the jutsu no chkra is involved and of course you can always heal the ninja and keep using his effect (Senbon ect..) all in all the only bad thing is his turn coost but it makes since because of his effect so my advice is to main at least 2 of him in your water deck .

Constructed: 4/5 this is a must in my opion for water

Limited: 4/5 definetly use him if you pull him


Dosu Kinuta [Sonic Impact]

Pro: Injure a Ninja After Attacking
Turn 1

Con: Low Attack

Possibly my favorite splash card in the entire game, no pun intended. Turn 1 drop Dosu and swing and possibly get a free battle reward because your opponent doesn’t want their ninja taking any early hits. Just about any deck should/could splash this and not get anything bad out of it. The only time he’s a bad draw is if you’re looking to pull a specific chakra to charge in a non-water deck and you pull him instead. He goes great with Great Ninja late game since he’d probably be taken out in one hit anyway. This is just a good card that goes in just about any deck.

Constructed: 4.5/5
Limited: 4.5/5
Art: 3/5


Finally, we get to the best card this week. This card is probably the best card for water, at least in my opinion. Haku's good, but this thing's a beast!

Name: Dosu Kinuta
Cost: Turn 1, cards 0
[Sonic Impact]
Effect: When this ninja is head ninja, your opponant's head ninja battling this ninja's team gets one damage after the showdown.

Ok. make this the head, and have 2 strong supporters, like kakashi or kurenei, and deal lots of damage. The good part is you don't have to lose the showdown, like yesterday's card. This card has a lot of potetnial, and a lot of use already. If you're playing water, play this. It's almost a staple.
In limited, play this. No matter what else you play, play this. It's amazing. (It's fun to play with boldness and underlines!)

Constructed: 4.5/5
Limited: 5/5

Email: Rlemay2465@yahoo.com


Dosu Kinuta [Sonic Impact]

Hey there, Pojo faithful, welcome to the last card of the week, and this water-themed week is wrapping up with a strong card from the last set, which happens to be Dosu Kinuta.

Dosu Kinuta-Rare Water Ninja; Costs: 1-0; 1/1, 1/0; Sound/Genin/Male
[Sonic Impact] When this Ninja is the Head Ninja, your opponent's Head Ninja Battling against this Ninja receives 1 Damage after the Showdown.

In my opinion, this happens to be the best sound Ninj out there, right after Orochimaru of course. While it's stats are average for a Ninja to be let out on turn 1, the effect is the main reason Dosu sees a lotta play in decks. The abilitiy to damage your opponent's Ninjas, free of cost is always a great ability, and Dosu does just that, whether you're blocking or attacking. This card can, and probably does make an appearance in most every deck, which makes him great, not being restricted to just Water decks of all kinds.

Constructed: 4/5 (always makes your opponent think twice, running up against this guy)
Limited: 5/5 (godly, especially if ya got an extra one)


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