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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Water Cutting Blade

Card Number: 117
Rarity - C

Review Date: 10.21.06

Average Card Rating: 2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Bruin Water Cutting Blade

One card that makes my Zabs a 10-combat home wrecker? Where do I sign!?

Ehh...honestly, I don't have room in my deck for a pump card, no matter how awesome it is. However, not too many people run Escape Jutsu in their main deck anymore, so it could serve as a good surprise.

But, when it comes down to it, this card loses to Senbon. Sure, this card will generate larger pumps, but Senbon's versatility is unrivaled.

Bottom line, it's a good card. If you have the room, run 1 or even 2. This card really shines in Limited. It's cost is insanely low for a potentially tide turning effect.

Constructed: 2.5/5 (I'm just not a fan of pump cards)
Limited: 4/5


First, I'd like to say a big hello to all you Naruto fans out there, and give a big thanks to Pojokage-sama. I'm glad to help out here, and glad that I was given the chance. If you've seen me around the forums (as Cataphractor), hey.


Water Cutting Blade

Requirements: Ninja with the "Water" symbol.

Target: User

Effect: The target gains +X/+0, during the turn.
X = the target's original X - the target's original
"Injured Status" combat.

- Possible double attack
- Many good water ninja out there

- Cost
- Deckspace
- Easy Negation

I prefer not to play Water myself, but I like this, as it allows head ninja with little or no support to become real monsters. Now there's a problem with that last sentence, and in my mind it's Water Cutting Blade's biggest weakness. Spotted it yet?

Yep, it's "head ninja." If you're already using a ninja with no support, they're either really useful (Dosu [Sonic], perhaps) or deck filler. Either way, it gives your opponent one more way to negate this sucker, and at two chakra I'd rather be using any of the better and more mainstream water jutsu out there. And that's the second problem - deckspace.

You'll find it's not a great idea to load your deck up with too many jutsu. And when there are better jutsu out there for your particular element, the more unreliable justsu such as Blade just aren't worth it, IMO. It might be a good substitute for beginning players who can't get their hands on many rares just yet, but I'd dump it sooner rather than later as there are much better jutsu for the cost.

Advanced (of 5): 2.5/5 -> Useful, but I wouldn't take it to tournament.
Limited: (of 5): 3/5 -> It's common, so I can definitely see a use for it here.
Art: 3/5 -> Stabbity H2O.

Dark Brago Zeno

Water Cutting Blade

Pros: good power boost

Cons: Can only be used with water

This is a realy good card for water decks since (Depending on your ninja) this card can give you a good sized boost it is also inexpenisve i mean come one 1 water and 1 colorless it can become pretty dangerous especailly if used with Zabuza, Suein, Orochimaru, Haku etc... my only major complaint is it's water spefic but with all the new water suport that's not a big deal so overall a very good water deck card

Constructed: Water 4/5 not much more to say

Limited: 3/5 if you can get some other water cards like Suein



Water Cutting Blade
Type: Jutsu
Symbol: Water
Requirement: Ninja with the “Water” Symbol
Target: User
Effect: The target gets +X/+0 during this turn. X-the target’s original X- the target’s original “Injured Status” Combat.

And the weak get stronger…..

Now to clear this up, the “X” is what would be the Combat of the selected Ninja if it was Injured, So that Naruto Uzumaki [Strength In A Crises] just became a 5 without being Injured for example, The strength of this card is really only as good as the Ninja using it. REALLY the only Ninja that can gain any true benefit from this card is the Fourth Hokage, but he’s Uber enough as is.

Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 1/5

P.S. My very first review came in late, on the Water Walking Trainning, so it may not be there. :(

the bogosian explosion

Water Cutting Blade

Salve, my good freinds. That means "Hi" in latin, i think. No matter no to the review for today!

Hmmm, yep i have about a million of these. And do you wanna know what i say to each and every one of these...mmmm when does the garbage man come? I know i know your probably all crying out, "Come on Bogosian, if you use it on the fourth hokage he'll be super strong." Yes, yes he will. From the perspective of someone who pumps up there ninjas this is a very sweet card. On the other hand let us take a look at the thousands of ways to turn this into a major flop:
-sexy jutsu
-shadow possesion
-water prison
-sharingan eye
-sharingan eye(the sasuke one)
-wind scythe jutsu
-8 trigram
-anything that returns to hand or injures/discards

All these things are run in every single deck, and most ninjas have very low injured status. It could be used effectivly late game with jirayia or any jonnin, but lets face it, if you have a lot of water chakra wouldnt you rather save for vortex/silent killing or water prison?

mono-water: 2/5
constructed: 1.5/5
limited: 2.5/5 (soo many water cards)


Water Cutting Blade

Pro: Two Cost, Only One Water
Power Boost

Con: Must Be Water Ninja
Few Ninja Make It Worth It

Again another “almost great” card; for only two chakra you can give one of your ninja a power boost equal to their original power – their injured combat power, that’s if I’m reading the card right since the image I’m using is a little fuzzy. Talk about amazing, if a Giant Snake could use jutsu cards. That would make an 8/0 snake, that’s a lot of bite. But, alas, they can’t. The only ninja that I really want to use this with are all less than 2 turn drops and are Vanilla flavored or just don’t have that great of an effect. You’re better off running Kunai and getting a +2 for just one chakra of any kind than this if you ask me.

Constructed: 2/5
Limited: 2.5 (Just in case you’re drafting water and you can’t get any kunai)
Art: 2/5




Hello you!

Todays card, water cutting blade, is not that bad, in my opinion.

Name: Water Cutting Blade
Cost: B1
Target: User
Effect: Target gets +X/ +0 during this turn. X= the target's original "injured status".

Ok. I don't really think this game is extremely like VS., where pumps are amazing. For kids just starting out, this could help to fill a spot to increase Zabuza, which is in a deck, but otherwise, I don't see much use in constructed. I limited, it's better because if you somehow don't get anything enough to fill a deck, and would otherwise have to fill the spot with some Random elemented card, then this is better.

Constructed: 2.5/5

You can still catch me here:


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