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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Walking on Water Training

Card Number: 115
Rarity - U

Review Date: 11.20.06

Average Card Rating: 2.68

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Playdoh Dude Walking on Water Training

SOrry for slacking off so much lately. I'm becoming more and more like
Shikamaru! Anyway, todays card is Walking on Water Training. This is similar to
Tree-Climbing TRaining: you get 2 chakra for 1 chakra, in a net gain of 1

If you are just beginning, you may be wondering: how do you get two chakra?
Well, when you use a jutsu, the jutsu goes into your chakra area, and this card
gives you a chakra of choice. That means you gain 2 chakra, at the price of

This card has its uses, like in Fire/Water or Wind/Water: need more chakra for 8 Trigram or Giant Breakthrough? Play this and get the specific symbol you need.
But if that sounds good, you may need to go a bit more in depth.

This card may get you chakra, but you might not need as much chakra as you think you may. With most decks only running the bare staples, like 8 Trigram, you will only need the chakra for those,and the rest in you hand for missions.

* Chakra
* Water
* +1 chakra gain

* 1 water chakra, and you may not need it
* Not easily splashed without another water card

Limited: Nice to pull, and a nice amount of water cards in Curse will allow you
to fulfill the chakra cost nicely. 3/5
Art: Meh 2/5

Constructed: No. Unless you are playing 25 ninjas, Senbon, and all other waters
godliness, and have 2 or 3 spots left. 1.5/5

OVERALL: 2.25/5

Beastly Bruin Walking on Water Training

This is one of those cards that just begs for a tedious combo to be constructed with it. Because this card is a jutsu, and it only allows the card to go to your Chakra area, it's just not necessary.

It's awesome in theory, but fails in application. It would be almost godly if it were a mission, but alas...

It's much more useful in Limited.

Construced: 2.5/5
Limited: 3.2/5


Walking on water training

This card might be okay – but there are so many better choices. Definitely, the ability to add chakera to your pool during the jutsu phase, and any color you wish is amazing. I know most solid players make many many game decisions based on the contents of the chakera pool and the teams out, and this would be a great way to trick them. It also could make them burn a negation jutsu and then allow you to play the power card from your hand. However, there is very limited room in most decks, with water, you’ll probably want to run some hidden mist, or maybe a vortex or something like that. I guess if you were running a mono water deck there may be room. Mostly, it would depend on the player. So I guess I need to give this card a mediocre review.

Constructed - 3/5
Limited / 3/5

the bogosian explosion

well hello there, my fellow pojo-ers. it's time for the BOGOSIAN EXPLOSION!

Today we look at a somewhat nifty card here. Walking on water training; essentially it's used to just fill your chakra. However it requires a specific chakra, which already exempts it from most decks. But lets not dwell on that negative fact, let us assume you run a water heavey deck. Well what can we do with this then!? the first thing that comes to mind is the five prong seal/release, unfortunately this strategy is near impossible, and on the off chance you do pull it off without it being negated I believe you should be given the game.

Bottom line: if you are so desperate for chakra, then you would be better off with tree climbing jutsu, heck even cliff climbing since wind is on the rise.

5 prong deck??: 3.5/5
constructed: 2/5
limited: 3/5(hey it might help)


Name: Walk On Water Training
Type: Jutsu
Symbol: Water
Chakra Cost: 1 Water
Effect: Select 1 Symbol. Search for 1 Card with the selected symbol in your Deck and move it to your Chakra area. Then shuffle your deck

Review: Both deck thinning, and Chakra productive. Basicly, you spend one Water Chakra, to get another Water Chakra (since Jutsus go to the Chakra area once used), and another element of chakra of your choice. At this point I mostly see this getting play in mostly mono water decks, since you can gather another water Chakra from your deck. And it sets up nicely for tomorrows COTD.

Limited (Curse of the Sand draft): 3/5 There are plenty of water cards in this set, if you get enough of them, slide it in. but ONLY if you can get any useful Jutsu.

Constructed: 3/5 Meh


Walking on Water Training

Pro: One Chakra
Search Deck

Con: Specific Chakra Cost
Goes to Chakra Area

This is just one of those cards that is almost great. If you could send it straight to your hand this would be one of the best cards in the game right now and give people even more reason to run Water, but it doesn’t. So let’s look at what it does do.

If you’re running a Water/Lightening deck this will help you pull Orochimaru or The Third Hokage to your chakra pile to set up for a Great Ninja next turn. If you’re just one Chakra short on that Water Style: Giant Vortex it can give you that extra chakra you need. It’s another answer to Wind Scythe Jutsu if you just got off a Giant Vortex or Great Breakthrough and have a Water Chakra to spare to stop the negation.

Constructed: 2.5/5
Limited: 2/5
Art: 1.5/5 They could have at least shown him falling in the first time



Dark Brago Zeno

Walking on Water Jutsu

Pros: Inexpenisve quick Chakra charge

Cons: the card searched card goes striaght to chakra

This is card can be a very good and quick way to charge chakra for your jutsu with spefic costs. It can also be useful against chakra drain decks it can help you out my making sure you have enough chakra. Though not a great card it can be used to help you when you need that one extra symbol chakra i don't use it personaly but i might stat siding it for my my water deck.

Construced: 3/5 depends on the deck your going against

Limited: 2/5 since your less prepared than Constructed


Hello, all! This is Dekoichi. I play naruto around my area, where the metagames may be different, but there are still good players.

Oh yeah, this is what I do for costs, like in magic:

Ok. Todays card:
Name: Walking on Water Training
Cost: B
Effect: Select one symbol. Search for one card with the selected symbol from your deck and move it to your chakra area. Then, shuffle your deck.

Ok. First off, it doesn't add it to your hand, it adds it to your chakra. This is good, because technically it's a +1 for chakra, but normally you'd use missions or something for that.

Constructed: 2/5 (Better choices)
Limited: 2.5/5 (Better here because you don't always get missions you can play, and this is a way to add to chakra)

If anyone wants to E-Mail me anything, you can reach me here:


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