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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Escape Jutsu

Card Number: J-020
Rarity - Common

Review Date: 8.31.06

Average Card Rating: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Escape Jutsu

-cost only 1, anything
-shuts down decks

-earth type

Welcome the taijutsu’s worst nightmare. There is no doubt about it, escape jutsu is the ultimate answer toward rock lee and his kicks.

This card cancels every thing that increase or decrease power, excluding support power that is. The good part is that any deck can use this; it only cost one of any chakra. Against a taijutsu deck, which really is base on increasing one’s power and run over them, escape jutsu will stop everything and make the team a weakling again. At least form what I know, here is a list of stuff it shuts down:
-Rock Lee [genuine effort]
-Might Guy’s support boost
-Naruto [Nine-tail chakra], [Power in a Crisis]
-Konoha Hurricane/Whirlwind
-sexy jutsu
-water prison
-kunai/ cross-shaped

these are just a few. So there, escape jutsu stop lots of things. Yet an observant person will see that most of the cards listed above belong in the taijutsu decks. In other words, if you are not playing against a taijutsu deck, and there aren’t many out there, chances are this card is not going to help you.

That’s not all, if you randomly put a escape jutsu, you may ruin the chakra you already have. You may have a earth chakra sitting around doing nothing at all, when you really need a water to play vortex jutsu. Of course, this does not affect earth decks. But an escape jutsu is not going to help you all the time, so putting into the side deck maybe better. That’s where it belongs.

Constructed: 2.5/5
Limited: 2.0/5
Hey, Naruto Fans! ZanarkandAce here with today's review of Escape Jutsu.

Escape Jutsu
Jutsu/Earth Type
1 chakra cost, any type

Target: 1 Ninja
Effect: Negate any additions or subtractions to the target's power.

Now right off the bat, I don't really care for this card. And not just because it's got a close up of Sasuke in Bondage... It's because all it really does is negate power changes. While it can be good against something like a Taijutsu deck, it can be avoided by your opponent by having them pump their supporting ninja. The alternate of this card is that if you are fighting against someone, and they manage to take down your power, you can bring it right back up again. But it would be in better interests to use this card in taking down the additions in power of a opponent's Taijutsu user like, say, Rock Lee...

Constructed: 2/5. A card like this would be better played in the side deck. Wait till you know that you are going to go against a Taijutsu user.... Though in my opinion, Sharingan Eye would be better.

Limited: 4/5. This is a card that's best used in a sealed draft (I can't think of the right word... I think that's it... me think no good so at 1am...) when you have no chance of really pulling off Sharingan.

Art: 0/5 Wait... Cant put 0... Fine. 1/5... I don't like Sasuke...
Stegy Time for the Jutsu that caused us all so many problems. XD

Escape Jutsu ftw
When you play this card, laugh as the Judge tries to resolve it.
(no, seriously, I'm j/k on this one XD).

Constructed Review: Pumps have started to die down. People don't run Kunai
in every deck like they used to. Now it's just damaging Jutsu. Escape
Jutsu is really only good against Taijutsu/Rush decks which need their pumps
to win. Still, how often do you play one?

Constructed rating: 3/5 It's now a sidedeck card. Real shame. =(

Limited Review: Pumps are more common here, and more game breaking. A
simple Kunai could put your Neji Hyuga/Sasuke Uchiha [no text]/Tenten team
at 7 Power, just enough to kill/injure a Kakashi Hatake/Zabuza Momochi [no
text] by itself. Escape Jutsu is bascially the "holy crap I almost lost"
button. XD

Limited Rating; 3.5/5 Unless you open a pack with no text Kakashi/Zabuza,
Escape is a nice pull.
Beastly Bruin Escape Jutsu
Element: Earth
Cost: 1 Card (No Color)
Target: 1 Ninja

Effect: Negate any additions or subtractions to the target's power.

Short review today. For the Yugioh players out there, in my opinion, this card is Waboku. Meaning, it's good, but it's not all that necessary.

Easy cost, devastating effect when used right.

Even with it's ubiquitous utility, there are just better options for most decks.

Side deck it if you find you don't need it in your main deck. There are opponents out there who love to use boosting abilities...

This card is awesome in Limited, where more power-ups tend to show up...

Constructed: 3/5 (Better options abound for most Elements)
Limited: 4/5
Art: 2/5

Apprentice of Anubis

Today, we’re looking at one of my favorite Jutsus, Escape Jutsu!

Escape Jutsu
Target: One Ninja
Effect: Negate all additions and subtractions to the target’s power.

Simple, straight-forward and to the point. Basicly, it’s an Anti Kunai/Cross-Shaped Shuriken/Sexy Jutsu/Water Prison Jutsu/Harem Jutsu/The Demon Windmill, Shuriken of Shadows/Anything you dang well please.

You have to admit that when you look at this card and see (1) for it’s Chakra cost, you think it’s a pretty good card. Just imagine this after a HUGE jutsu war, most of the opponent’s jutsu’s targeting a single character of yours. Ownage, anyone? :D

Though, on the negative side, at least from what I have seen, boosting cards are on a bit of a decline, at least in my meta, so you might be best main-decking one of these and siding the other two, as to not get caught with dead-draws. Though, if your’s isn’t like mine, and those things are running around rampantly, go ahead and main 3 if you can.

Limited: 4/5

Constructed: 4/5

Art: 2/5 (Sasuke?…Tired up in rope?...With Duct Tape over his mouth?…I think Bandai just scared the minds of at least 200 fanboys. c_c; )

‘Till next time.


Escape Jutsu

Seeing as how a lot of the game as of now is based on physical power, Escape Jutsu is very good. For a mere one colorless, you can stop a kunai, a Sexy Jutsu, whatever and surprise your opponent.


Can often lead to a surprise victory.

Costs one colorless.


Can be negated by Shadow Shuriken Jutsu.

Doesn't affect mental power.

Constructed: 3.5/5 Good, but with so many mental power cards, not that good.

Limited: 4.5/5 Excellent, cheap, can be used by Rock "Bushy Brows" Lee (I run a lightning deck, so I may be a little biased.)

Art: 3/5 Eh.


Escape Jutsu

Ah, yes, our first Trump card. Escape RESETS all Power changes thus far made on a ninja. All bonuses by any Jutsu/Mission/Ninja effect, good or bad. GONE. They return to their printed value. With a generic cost any deck can use it, and any ninja can use it but a summon like Frogs or Snakes. As long as you attempt to change your Power this will make it fail. However the problem is the Jutsu is not useful if they don't TRY to pump up and just use strong teams (Zabuza/Kakashi/Third is 13 NATURALLY) and will just deadweight against them.

Good sidedeck, decent maindeck.

Constructed (Sideboard) - 3.5/5
Limited - 4/5 (This is good to have here, they won't have much to work with.)
Art - 2/5 (Hehe, Sasuke bondage is silly.)

Playdoh Dude

Escape Jutsu

Sorry for missing Shika. COuldn't have time to do all 5 on Saturday so I just wrote up Bingo and Zabuza, and missed the deadline for Shika. So I'm back for Escape JUtsu. If you've played this card, you know how good it is. You stop popular Jutsus like Kunai and Cross Shaped, and it can be a lifesaver. Sorry for the short review, I'm in a rush. Here's the scores:

CONSTRUCTED: Nice, but more of a sidedeck card. 3.5/5

LIMITED: Its very nice, as common cards usually do something to stats. And when they pull all commons and you pull this: nice. 4/5.

ART: 4/5(It's funny seeing Sasuke trapped like an idiot.)




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