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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Bingo Book

Common - Path to Hokage
Card Type: Mission
Symbol: Water
Card #: Mission-011
Entrance Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 1
Look at the top 3 cards of your Deck. If ther are 1 or more Ninjas among the cards, select 1 of the Ninjas and place it in your hand. return the rest of the cards to your Deck and shuffle it.

Review Date: 8.28.06

Average Card Rating: 4.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Bingo Book

-turn 1

-not guaranteed

Hi and welcome to this week’s COTD. This week we will review some really strong cards in the meta, and other cards worth noting. Today’s is Bingo Book, an old favorite of everyone’s.

So what’s so good about Bingo Book? Well here it is. Bingo Book lets you look the top card of your deck and pick a ninja from the three to keep. This effect is very similar to (for those who play magic) Sensei’s Divine Top, but instead of rearranging the cards, you can keep one. Sure, the rest will go to the bottom of the deck, but no matter, you still have the one you picked to keep you alive. What’s better is the fact that its only a turn one mission. So if you find yourself low on ninjas on the first turn, this is going to help a lot.

This card, however, has some competition for the best water mission card in the game. The other mission parallel (if not better) is Appearance of Unknown Rivals. In my opinion, those two work differently, and is hard to choose. Most people just go with AoUR. One is faster, the other one have a better chance for advantage, you figure which is which.

Ok, ok. So we have a good mission card today. It is a card that is most worthy for water decks.
Constructed: 4.0/5
Limited: 4.5/5

Searching for stuff is always good.
Hello Pojo Naruto Fans! ZanarkandAce here after missing the last Card of the Day to bring you my review of the mission: Bingo Book

Bingo Book
1 Turn and Hand Cost

Effect: Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. If there are 1 or more Ninjas among the cards, delect 1 of the Ninjas and place it in your hand. Return the rest of the cards to your deck and shuffle it.

To truely appreciate this card, you must first understand the actual Bingo Book. The Bingo Book is basically a hit list for high ranked Ninja. Jounins and ANBU are usually on the look out for anyone in their Bingo Book. Typically, the contents were Missing Nins. Outlaws. High ranking Ninjas from other Villages. People to be mentioned. Kakashi was ranked in the Bingo books of other villages as mentioned by Zabuza. These are high class people if you make it in the Bingo Book

Now, with this card, you get the general idea, but it isn't quite the same. Don't get me wrong. This card helps in a pinch. You get to check the top 3 cards in your deck, and if there is 1 or more ninjas in there, you get to take one of them to your hand. Need that ninja cause you got crap on your Opening hand, and even with a mulligan 2 times? Ack... In addition, any time you get to change the order of your deck is a good thing. Maybe you wanna use that Orochimaru again sometime before the last card of the deck... Use Bingo Book. You get that deck shuffle, and odds are, you'll get it before the end of the game again. If you are lucky, that is. I think that in a water deck, this card is a good addition, but not a MUST. I do run a Water/Lightning deck, and of the 3 missions, 2 are Bingo Books. They are handy for getting that Haku: Kekkei Genkai into my hand and let it simmer till the time is right... lol!

Constructed: 4/5, as it can't be thrown into any deck. But the big decks are half water at the moment, so that's why it's higher than 3

Limited: If you are building a deck from scratch, and this card comes up, you can usually still make good use of it as long as you have a water card in your hand to get the play off. 3.75/5

And as always, thanks to D-Hero for someone to chat with. Damn that Judge....

Bingo Book

1 turn 1 discard pick up top 3 of the deck. if any are ninja, add 1 and shuffle the rest of them into the deck.

I find this card to be really useful. when I was in a tight jam, I pulled it and got a winning lead with a Zabuza (to be reviewed later in the week.) man oh man can this card come in handy.

but then there's the thing of the discard. if you top deck it, ur screw'd. beyond that, this card is teh RoxoRz. I love it and should be used in almost every deck. scracth that-EVERY deck.

Constructed-4.9/5 a staple, but if you have no hand, it's dead.

Limited-read above.

Art-2/5 It's Kakashi-sensei. wow.

Till later (or tomorrow.)

Iceburg out~

Playdoh Dude Bingo Book--

Well, here begins staple week! Bingo Book is by far the best Water Mission, the effect allows you to look at the Top 3 cards of your deck and take one ninja there. Then you shuffle. Its amazing. Usually, with at least 20 ninja in your deck, every 3 card chunk will have a 13.3 chance of pulling one of your ninjas. And considering your odds get better as you draw, this card gets better as you go later in the game. It also can be played very early:
Turn 1! This is one of teh earliest missions an done of teh best missions all-around.

You should positively play it if you even have a smidge of water. Packing your deck with more ninjas to take advantage of it is also fun to play with.
If you don't run three in your Water deck, its because you don't have three.
That is the only excuse.

CONSTRUCTED: Holy cow. When you can make a deck fine-tuned to this card, its much better. When I say fine-tuned, I mean a deck that runs a nice amount of ninja so it can actually get a nice 3 card chunk. 4.5/5

LIMITED: Still nice, but not as nice. Considering if you play it in Limited you have to have teh Water cost in your deck, plus you need a decent amount of ninjas, it hinders its playability here. 3.5/5

ART: 4/5. Kakashi looks awesome.

OVERALL PLAYABILITY: 4/5, plus an extra .5 because it deserves it, 4.5/5.
Timekeeper Bingo Book
Mission, Water
Turn Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 1
Effect: Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. If there are 1 or more Ninjas among the cards, select 1 Ninja and place it in your hand. Return the rest of the cards to your deck and shuffle it.
Flavor Text: "Your profile was in our Bingo Book."
Today's card features everyone's favorite Jonin...Kakashi Hatake...but guess what? It's not a Kakashi card! Bingo Book is really good because it's choiceful draw power, which is awesome. Being Water doesn't hurt it in this case, and Bingo Book(s) are great early or late game cards.

BB is a water, as I said above, which puts brings up it's playability and helps it earn a tough to earn slot as a mission card that is splashable.

Both the Turn and Hand Cost provide nice advantage that would kill the card if it were any higher in Hand Cost and hinder the card if it were higher in Turn. This card, personally, I find superior to Mission of Capturing the Missing Pet "Tora" only for the free shuffle and the choice you are presented, though I still run an extra Tora.

This card has no target, which is neither good nor bad here. Its effect however, is what makes it the most splashable, (like all mission cards, it relies 95% on its effect) and it is good draw power. Bingo Book is a smart choice in a deck with alot of Ninja and a water deck.

Constructed: 3.8/5 Really a pretty good card with the current small card pool.
Limited: 4/5 This card really shines in limited.
Art: 2/5 Really makes Kakashi's hair look ridiculous.

Apprentice of Anubis

Today, we look at a certain mission called “Bingo Book”

Entry Cost: 1 | Hand Cost: 1
Effect: Look at the top 3 cards of your Deck. If there are 1 or more Ninjas among the cards, select 1 of the Ninjas and place it into your hand. Return the rest of the cards to your Deck and shuffle it.

Let’s take a quick look at the pros/cons of this card.

On the Pros side, it’s a fairly early Mission, capable of grabbing some good ninja’s to start your game off. Pretty straight-forward, though the only deck’s that will REALLY love this are the kinds of decks that max out their 25 ninja a deck.

Though, on the con side, you only have a CHANCE to grab something good. If you run any less then 20 ninja, chances are that you’ll run into Jutsu’s/Mission’s 75-80% of the time. And even if you DO manage to get something, it does put you at a disadvantage somewhat, concerning how much you put into it. At best, it’ll be a 2 for 1 (The mission and the discarded card for 1 Ninja) and at worst, you’ll have just wasted 2 cards in hand to see what you COULD’VE gotten.

To sum it up, if you have the ninja to support it and enough water to run it, then give it a try. You probably won’t be disappointed.

Limited: 3.5/5

Constructed: 4/5 (As opposed to the Limited format, you actually have control as to how many Ninja you can have it deck. In the other format, it’s primarily relying on the luck of the draw.)


Bingo Book

This is Tora for a water deck, but better. For a lowly 1 water card, you can get up to 3 cards to your hand (usually one or two, but that's still good.) This card will usually end with you having at least one ninja in your hand, and charges two cards. This is a good card.

Constructed/Limited: 4.5/5 A staple for a water deck.

Art: 2.5/5 Meh. What's Kakashi doing on a water card?


Bingo Book

Alright, a Mission that isn't so bad. This card isn't so bad in a low ninja opening hand. A turn 1 Mission to check the top three and put a Ninja in your hand, then shuffle. If you're low on ninjas you can snag one (hopefully). Now then, not a shurefire snag, but it is our best draw tech for Water. Also if you don't get a Ninja you get to shuffle which is a nice side bonus. All in all it's good, but not great.

However, it is one of the better draw techs out there compaired to what else is around. Like Missing Pet or even One Morning. Simple mission reviews won't get much here either.

Constructed (Water) - 3.5/5 (Unknown Rivals is better.)
Limited - 4/5 (No Unknown Rivals in Path, and you really gotta work with every resource you can in Limited)
Art - 3.5 (Kakashi rocks.)


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