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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Naruto Uzumaki

[Fragment of Power]

Review Date: 8.18.06

Average Card Rating: 3.43

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Naruto Uzumaki (Fragment of Power)

good source of chakra
good injured stats
turn 0 ninja
clone status

no health stats

Last card of the week. Its another Naruto Uzumaki. This is the 2nd out of 8 total we reviewed so far. So here we go

This card's stats are not as good as some other versions of Naruto. He has no power when he is healthy, which means he cant chump block against team of 5 power. His injure stats is as good as another Naruto though. He also has "clone status," which is nice, but useless. As of now, I think there is only one card that needs it(Harem Jutsu).

His stats, however, is pointless. His effect really shines when he is in the chakra zone. When you use him as chakra, he count as 2 lighting. Of course this effect have their rules. He is counted as 2 lighting chakra only when the jutsu you are playing costs exactly 2 (one lighting and one anything, 2 lighting, 2 anything, whatever). So if you play Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, ([lighting] [X]), it has to be [lighting] [1]. Also, if you play, lets say, Kunai, which only cost [1], you can only use Naruto as one lighting chakra. But if you use Naruto for Sexy Jutsu, or Harem Jutsu, then this card is perfect. Works well with Anko also.

So in the end, this is a ok card. If you want 0-turn Narutos, "nine-tail chakra" is better. If you want clone status, use "imposter" or "strength in a crisis."

Constructed: 3.0/5
Limited: 2.5/5
Stegy We wrap up the week with, of course, Naruto Uzumaki [Fragment of Power].

Naruto Uzumaki
Turn Cost: 0
Hand Cost: 0
Healthy: 0/0
Injured: 3/1
Leaf|Genin|Male|Clone Status
[Fragment of Power]
Counts as 2 Lightning Symbols when in Chakra area.

I'm so up in the air over this card. I mean, he really helps Lightning decks use Jutsu like Sexy Jutsu and Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu (Using Naruto means Clone Status+2 power for 1 Chakra. Not bad), but he's not that great as a Ninja. If he was a 1/0 then I'd probably feel a lot better using him, but on Turn 1 a lot of players are able to create a 5 Power team, and blocking with this Naruto means that he dies.

I personally love the new [Strength in a Crisis] Naruto. Sure, he's a Turn 1, but he's a 5/0 Ninja when he attacks and becomes blocked, AND he can be paired with other Ninja. Drop Shikamaru Nara [Lazy Bum] Turn 0, next turn drop Naruto Uzumaki [Strength in a Crisis], and grin as your opponent comtemplates whether or not to block.

I would play Naruto Uzumaki [Fragment of Power] only if you're planning on using him just for Chakra; otherwise, run the [Nine-Tailed Chakra] or the [Strength in a Crisis] Naruto instead.

Constructed Rating: 3/5 He DOES have Clone Status as a Turn 0, so Harem Jutsu could be used.

Limited Review: He'd be useful as both Chakra and an attacker. Not many Ninja would kill this Naruto in the early game, so he'll essentially be a 3/1 beatstick on Turn 1/2. I'd nab him if you need a decent hitter and/or playing Lightning in any form.

Limited Rating: 3/5
Playdoh Dude Naruto [Fragment of Power]--

This is one of the best NArutos out there right now. It is basically two Lightning Chakra, which is good for massive chakra payments, like Shadow Clone Jutsu. Also, whencombined with an Anko+Water Clone, its completely devastating.

His stats are horrible as regular, but combiend with Dreadful Scars, he can come in as a 3/1 beatstick. He already has clone status too, which is useful in certain positions.

DRAFT: Nice. Double chakra is also good. 3.5/5
CONSTRUCTED: Also nice. Its nice to make your deck with an Anko+Water Clone Jutsu+Naruto combo. 3/5.
ART: Best art of a Naruto card yet. 4.5/5
OVERALL: 3.3/5

See ya' next week,

Beastly Bruin Naruto Uzumaki [Fragment of Power]
Element: Lightning
Turn: 0
Leaf | Genin | Male | Clone Status
Power: (Healthy) 0/0 (Injured) 3/1

Effect: This Ninja can be treated as Chakra with 2 "Lightning" symbols when placed in your Chakra area.

See? Now why would I lie to you? This card combos SO well with Sexy Jutsu. Outside of the effect, he's your basic Naruto card. Hurt me...blah, blah blah...you'll be sorry...blah, blah, blah.

But, you wouldn't be using him for his power. Nope. You'd be running him because of his self-replicating Chakra value and his built in "Clone Status". Lightning builds should run at least one copy of this if cards like Sexy and Harem are being run.

Sorry so short, but nothing more really needs to be said. Clone Status = Good. 2 Lightning Symbols on one card = Good.

In limited, this card can be a godsend.

Constructed Lightning: 4/5
Limited: 4/5
Art: 4/5

Apprentice of Anubis

To wrap up the week, we look at Naruto Uzumaki [Fragment of Power]

Naruto Uzumaki
Entry Cost: 0 | Hand Cost: 0
Leaf | Genin | Male | Clone Status
[Fragment of Power]
This Ninja can be treated as Chakra with two “Lightning” Chakra when placed in the Chakra Area.
Healthy: 0/0 | Injured :3/1 | Ninjutsu

This card, I must say, I’ve fallen for from the first day I saw it. The pure ability to cheap-shot into a Sexy Jutsu or Leaf Instant Move Jutsu is just pure sexiness to me. On top of that, he has a built in Clone Status, making it MUCH easier to play Harem Jutsu. Plus, for a turn 0 drop, he isn’t all that bad, despite the fact that he has no offensive power when he’s played.

A couple decks I can see this card being splashed into is for one, Fire based decks, seeing as Mozuku can bring a discarded Naruto back from the discard pile for useage as Chakra. Another use would be in Water/Lightning control decks that utilize A Tool called Ninja, seeing as you can play one mission, heal one of your ninja’s and essentially net 4 Chakra from the mission. (The Mission itself, the discarded card and Naruto Uzumaki [Fragment of Power]) Plus, with the new Growth cards coming out in the next set, you can expect to see this guy being played alongside his Growth Counterpart.

Having said that, the only drawback is that he has no offenceive power until he becomes injured. But in all honesty, unless they’re playing Harem Jutsu, who’s gonna deploy this guy unless they need a Chump Blocker?

Constructed: 4/5 (3.5/5 for decks with Lightning splashed in.)

Limited: 4.5/5 (For the love of GOD, if you’re going to play Lightning in a Booster draft, TAKE HIM WHILE YOU CAN!)

Dylan Fox

Naruto fragment of power is not one of the best Narutos so far. However, since Lightning cards can use a lot of chakra (Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, anyone?) that can be a useful effect. However, starting out with 0/0 is a pretty big blow; he can easily go straight from healthy to dead past the first few turns. 3/1 seems to be the standard for injured Narutos, but having 0 mental power is also going to put him down a notch. (Granted, other Narutos have 0 (or less : r) but they have an excuse.) Use Nine-Tails Chakra or preferrebly Imposter over this.

2.5/5: Slightly below average.

Art: See above

It must suck to have your sole purpose in life as fodder for others, huh?


Alright, a card I think is totally awesome! Now then, his stats are nothing special 0/0 and 3/1 and his effect doesn't help if he's in play, however he has one key aspect that instantly bolsters his helpfulness. A Built in Clone Status. As the game goes on, Naruto's powerful cards require Clone Status. Having it built in means no need for using a Clone Status card first. Currently only Imposter! Naruto has built in Clone Status.

So what makes this a more fun choice than Imposter! Naruto (ASIDE the not a Super Rare aspect)? His effect, he counts as Two Lightning symbols in your Chakra pool. Now this means he is two Lightning AND two generic. So you can pay for Sexy Jutsu (Two Lightning), Harem Jutsu (Lightning, One Generic), or Shadow of the Dancing Leaf (Two Generic) with just this card. However it only counts as 1 when paying for an X Jutsu cost. This is a wonderful thing to discard for Might Guy or Broken Seal to set up for paying a Jutsu.

This is never a bad thing to have.

Naruto Uzumaki rating - 4/5
Constructed (Lightning) - 5/5
Limited - 4/5
Art - 3/5 (Nothing special in the way of art here)


Naruto Uzumaki
Leaf|Genin|Male|Clone Status
Turn 0 Cost 0
Healthy stats: 0/0
Injured stats: 3/1
Element: Lightning
Rarity: Uncommon
Combat attribute: Ninjutsu
This Ninja can be treated as Chakra with 2 “Lightning” symbols when placed in your Chakra area.

I LOVE THIS NARUTO! Sorry, had to get that outta the way. On to the review!

This version of Naruto is by far my favorite. As with many of the Narutos, his healthy stats are bad, but when injured, he gains a much needed boost in Combat and Support (true to the anime). What I like about this Naruto is that he is a Turn 0 and already had Clone Status! I LOVE THAT! It makes Harem Jutsu so much easier to play. And, his effect is truly something to look at; he is considered 2 Lightning Chakra in the Chakra area. Wait, not one, but two?? Meaning Sexy Jutsu can be paid with just this ONE CARD?! AWESOME!

This card can be useful in many decks. Naruto can be used in, obviously, a Naruto-themed deck. It also works well in decks that have many Lightning Justsus or Missions. This Naruto can be ferocious with Anko Mitarashi. Naruto ver. COS has so much potential.

Of course, not everything is without its weak points. The most obvious is that his Healthy stats are really bad. He can be killed instantly with one blow from a Team with 5 or more Power (if Naruto is by himself). I want ot try him in a Taijustu themed deck.

Constructed: Any deck: 3/5
Naruto Deck: 5/5 Duh…
Lightning Deck 5/5

Limited: 3/5 I think he could be helpful.

Overall: 4/5 VERY good Naruto. His effect and Clone stats are too good to pass up.

Dustin Snyder

Naruto Uzumaki (Fragment of Power)
Leaf/Genin/Male/Clone Status
Turn Drop: 0
Hand Cost: 0
Healthy Status: 0/0
Injured Status: 3/1

Effect: This Ninja can be treated as Chakra with 2 "Lighting" symbols when placed in your Chakra area.

Well another Naruto Uzumaki card, how are we to choose which one is best for your deck. Well this one will most likely not be sent out into your
village. His effect gives you 2 Chakra for the price of 1 card. This could be very useful. Teamed up with Jutsu like J-005 Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu,
these counts as 2 for its cost, giving the Ninja you use it on x4 damage
with this one card, after using another Lighting Chakra for its first cost.
An interesting way to use it is in a Water Deck. Water has some costly
Jutsu. If you use N-083 Anko Mitarashi, then if can really come in handy.
Her effect allows you to use Lighting Chakra for the cost of Water Chakra.
She maybe a Special Jonin, but there are still some nice Water Jutsu that
doesn't have a Jonin requirement.
Now if you stuck with having to play him in your village, he has some
advantages. First off if you play him as your first Ninja on Turn 0, then
use him to block, he goes from 0 Combat, to 3 Combat. Also he has Clone
Status, so he can use cards like J-004 Harem Jutsu, without using another
card to give your Ninja Clone Status. This could give you the edge.

Constructed: 2.5 He's ok, but he will only be good in the right deck, unlike some of the other Naruto cards that can be splashed into most any deck.

Limited: 2.0 Really only good if you get a lot of Lighting Jutsu cards, and
you have to be lucky at that point, but still a semi-ok 0 Drop Ninja.


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