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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Kabuto Yakushi

Card Number: Ninja-045
Rarity - Rare

Review Date: 8.24.06

Average Card Rating: 3.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Kabuto Yakushi [Information Collection]

-a water card
-mental power
-better draws


Today we will review one of the more interesting characters in the anime, in my opinion. Like any recurring, there is a good possibility that there will be other versions of this card.

This card's effect is unique for water, but common for wind. It lets you see the top card and put it either on top of bottom. Sometimes the effect can come in handy. Lets say you played Kabuto this turn and look at the top card. If you think the next card is not going to help you, then sending it to the bottom could just save you. Instead if you don’t have that effect and drew that wrong card and the wrong time, you would have just lost one turn.

Another good thing this card has is mental power. This is less useful then it sounds. While it has the second best mental power for water at the moment (2nd to orochimaru), it is not going to save you from mental decks. Perhaps the best this card can do is to be chump blocker and stall for time.

All in all, this card, while have an interesting effect, may not be very useful. If the card you see with the effect is good then this effect is virtually useless. Further more it is weak for a 1 turn ninja. There are certainly some better 1 turn ninja out there. Still this card is worthy side deck card.

Construction: 2.5/5
Limited: 3.0/5

PM me about anything, ill help as best as I can- dust2dust.
Hello once again, Pojoers! ZanarkandAce here with a review of a card of a Ninja whom I like a lot!

Kabuto Yakushi [Information Collection]
Leaf/Genin/Male/Mental Power: 2
1 Turn Cost, No Hand Cost
1/1 Healthy
0/0 Injured

Information Gathering: When this Ninja is put into play, look at the top card of your deck, and return it to the top or bottom of your deck.

Alright. First things first. It's Kabuto. Turncoat, Backstabber, Medical Nin, and all around good guy! I would say more, but that would require spoiler tags... Anyways. Kabuto is a 1/1 Healthy, 0/0 Injured. Not the best in the world for a 1 turn ninja. In fact, that's pretty terrible. It might be for the fact that he has an interesting effect when he is deployed. You get to look at the top card of your deck, and return it to the top or bottom of the deck. Why is that so good in this game? Well think about it. You get a card that is great. You know you are going to win if you pull this card. BUT... You still have to get through your opponent's turn... What if they split their teams, and they get more teams then you, and you can't block them all? Your great card that was on the top of the deck has become a battle reward... UNLESS you are willing to save it and put it on the bottom of the deck... Gotta wait longer to get it, but it's safe. How about this: The card sucks.... You don't need it... It's a high turn cost, hand cost ninja that just isn't going to help you right now. Send it to the bottom of the deck! What if it's great, and you know that you won't lose it to a battle reward? Put it right back on the top of the deck! The choices are endless! What else makes up for this ninja's weak attack and support scores? 2 Mental Power. Higher than most of the ninjas out there! Remember, if there is no printed Mental Power, it's assumed to be 0. Thus comes Cheating! Use it, and watch their 6/2 Zabuza wet his pants. Kabuto wins!

Constructed: 3/5. I can't in good consience give this card a higher score than this. He's not got the physical part to back his great effect, and decent Mental Power...

Limited: 5/5 Use him! He's great to have fun with!
Timekeeper Kabuto Yakushi [Information Collection]
Ninja; Water
Turn Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 0
Leaf|Genin|Male|Mental Power: 2
Effect: When this Ninja is put into play, look at the top card of your deck and return it to the top or bottom of your deck.
Flavor Text: "These cards have been Chakra-encoded with everything I've learned over the past four years."

Kabuto here has mediocore stats, so if you play him you're going to make use of either: his Mental Power, his Effect, or possibly his Water attribute.

Having a Water class doesn't really help ol' Kabuto out here...especially considering there are better first turn drop Water Ninja.

Being a Male Leaf Genin doesn't help him out at all really here, as much as it helps any other Male Leaf Genin. Being water throws off the whole point of being a Leaf Genin, because the majority of other Leaf Genin aren't water. His Ninjutsu classification doesn't help (or hurt, for that matter) much either.

His Mental Power is nice here, especially since plenty of Ninja have a Mental Power of zero. Any Mental Power deck could take advantage of Kabuto to control what they're drawing.

Kabuto's turn cost is okay, but doesn't really help. To me his effect makes him seem more as a late in the game, topdecking for help type Ninja, but his stats don't seem to agree with that.

The hand cost is good, as if he had a hand cost at all it would've severly impaired his playability, which isn't that high to begin with.

His stats are [1/1] when not injured which makes him a bit of a laugh. Once you see his injured stats [0/0] it makes him more of a laughing stock. Again, however, Kabuto isn't a ninja you'll be playing to do battle with.

This card's effect is where most players will make use of the card. Here you have the oppurtunity to control what will be coming into you're hand, which is never a bad thing. The only way this card could've been improved in the effect area would to allow it to work on your opponent's deck as well.

Constructed: 4/5 in Mental Power decks, 2.5/5 Elsewhere
Limited: 3/5, He's a pretty good way to control your hand somewhat
Art: 2/5 It's okay, however it could've been alot better, instead of focusing on his cards.
Stegy Today we review Kabuto Yakushi, the old Genin with a Pokemon name. ;x

Kabuto Yakushi
Turn Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 0
Healthy: 1/1
Injured: 0/0
Leaf|Genin|Male|Mental Power: 2
When this NInja comes into play, look at the top card, then put it on top of deck or bottom. [rough version]

Meh. I mean, the Mental Power is nice, and it helps Water Decks combat Mental Power decks a bit better (Kin Tsuchi has 1 MP--anyone else notice that? ^_^). Looking at the top card of the deck is nice as well.
You're able to control what card you draw next, which is useful for, say, Appearance of Unknown Rivals or Bingo Book.

Thing is, if he was a Turn 0 I'm sure he would see more play.
Currently, however, he's in very litte decks, and if he's in any he's probably sidedecked in Water/X decks to combat Mental Power decks. In mono-Water, however, I would recommend running Kabuto because he's a "decent" early drop that helps set up for Unknown Rivals and Bingo Book.

Constructed Rating: 3/5 He's okay, but there are better options.

Limited Review: Unfortunately, Kabuto is a Rare (Believe it or not!), so the chances that you'll nab/draft him is slim. Still, a 1/1 that can control the next card drawn is pretty good.

Limited Rating: 3.2/5 Slightly better here. If nothing better, I'd grab Kabuto.
Playdoh Dude Kabuto Yakushi[Information Collection]

Unlike the way of most sound ninja, Kabuto is pretty good. His stats aren't amazing, 1/1 regular, 0/0 injured. But his effect and MP are nice. Water is probably the weakest MP element, with him and Orochimaru being the only real

Mental beatsticks. His effect allwos you to control your next draw: look at the top and choose whether to top or bottom deck it. Usually, you'll keep teh card  at the top, but if you were about to draw into somethign horrible, like a Kin, you'd want to see what the next card is.

DRAFT: Nice, as in draft you aren't as familiar with your deck as you would in constructed so its harder to guess your next draw. 4/5

CONSTRUCTED: Nice. Its always good to see what your next draw will be. Maybe we could get some good comboes with draw cards in teh next set. 3.5/5

ART: 4/5. He's got the dorky look down.

OVERALL: 3.8/5
Beastly Bruin Kabuto Yakushi [Information Collection]
Element: Water
Turn: 1
Power: (Healthy) 1/1 (Injured) 0/0
Leaf | Genin | Male | Mental Power: 2

Effect: When this ninja is put into play, look at the top card of your deck and return it to the top or bottom of your deck.

Hmm...this is an interesting card. It definitely has potential. I haven't had any experience with Mental decks yet, but I'm guessing this card would be a good choice. Outside of that, I can't really see throwing him in a standard Water deck. His Power is unacceptably low for a 1-Drop, and his effect nets no real advantage. Being able to see your next card and determine whether or not you use it next could be beneficial in some cases, but that utility is overshadowed by his weak field presence.

Bottom line, Mental Power decks have more fodder. Outside of that, there are better options available for Water builds...and in case you need to be told, his effect really doesn't warrant random splashing.

Constructed Mental: 4/5
Constructed Water: 2/5 (Bingo Book is a better card...even if it isn't a ninja)
Limited: 5/5 if you're going Mental, 2/5 if you aren't.
Art: 2/5
Dylan Fox Kabuto Yakushi

Bleh. A 1/1, 0/0 with turn cost 1? And only 2 Mental power for the young doctor. Hmm. As for the effect, I don't believe there are any combos as of yet, and he only gets it when he goes into play. Knowing the top card of your deck doesn't help a lot; next turn it will likely be irrevelant. He's only a genin, too.

1.5/5 Next to worthless.
Art: 2 Meh.

PS: In my Naruto: Fragment of Power review, I should have mentioned Naruto: Strength in a Crisis as another valid option.

Apprentice of Anubis

Today, we look at Kabuto Yakushi [Information Collection], one card that I have been waiting a while to review (Besides tomorrow’s card.)

First, let’s take a look at his stats.

Kabuto Yakushi
Entry Cost: 1 | Hand Cost: 0
Leaf | Genin | Male | Mental Power: 2
[Information Collection]
When this Ninja is put in play, look at the top card of your Deck and return it to the top or bottom of your Deck.
Healthy: 1/1 | Injured: 0/0 | Ninjutsu
Flavor Text: “These cards have been Chakra-encoded with everything I’ve learned over the past four years.”

I have to say, for a second turn drop (Turn 0 then Turn 1), this guy ain’t too bad. His stats are less then impressive, but his effect is definitely unique. Basically, you put this little guy into play, and you can see the top card of your deck and choose whether or not to keep it, depending on the situation. On top of that, 2 Mental Power is somewhat decent, considering the pool of Mental Power Battle cards we have out there.

I guess the best way to put how good he is is with an example from Magic the Gathering. A card called “Telling Time”, which allows you to look at the top three cards of your deck, place one into your hand, one back on top of the deck, and the last one on bottom. Card Drawing, while being good, manipulating what cards you’d draw is still a little better. Why keep a useless card in hand if you have the option to ditch it for something potentially better?

So in short, try this little guy out. You probably will like him. Besides, considering the current pool of 0-1 turn drops, giving up a couple points for an effect likes this doesn’t really seem too bad.

Constructed: 4/5

Limited: 4/5

Art: 3.5/5 (Kabuto’s a bad boy, yes, but what the heck’s with the cards?)


Kabuto Yakushi [Information Collection]

Ah yes, he was my favorite character till... ah, spoilers comin' if I speak more. Anyone shocked by leaf and Water symbol shouldn't be. Kabuto's stats (1/1 Healthy, 0/0 Injured, Mental Power: 2) is not special. Aside the Mental Power of 2 he's nothing special here. Is his effect worthwhile? Well, he lets you see the top of your deck, and choose to put it to the top or bottom of your deck. This is an okay thing to do if you're about to draw something you don't want, or let you know if you want them to get a reward outta the next draw without worry (or with the knowledge that it's a Rogue Nin and you have Unwanted Child in hand.

Note: When I review a card that I know has multiple prints of the same name, I will rate it based on the other cards you can run in place of it in addition to the Constructed, Limited, and Art ratings.

Kabuto Yakushi rating - 1/5 (This one won't be worthwhile later, trust me.)
Constructed (Water) - 3/5 (Just for having a mental of 2 he's worth it, since Water has some of the dumbest nins ever.)
Limited - 3/5 (Draw control when you have such limited resources, worthwhile at all times.)
Art - 4/5 (His outfit rocks, totally.)


Kabuto Yakushi
Leaf|Genin|Male|Mental Power: 2
Turn 1 Cost 0
Healthy stats: 1/1
Injured stats: 0/0
Element: Water
Rarity: Rare
Combat attribute: Ninjutsu
When this ninja is put in play, look at the top card of your Deck and return it to the top or bottom of your deck.

Alright! My first Ninja review (if only the Ninja was actually GOOD…)

Kabuto is an okay card. His stats for a Turn 1 are mediocre; 1/1 won’t get you far, especially not 0/0. His effect isn’t all that great either. Being a Yu-Gi-Oh player, I’ve learned that seeing the top card of your deck and placing it top or bottom isn’t a good thing overall. But, it helps if the card isn’t something you need RIGHT NOW and you can use it for later in the game. The thing that makes this card playable is its Mental Power, something new in Coils of The Snake. For Turn 1, his Mental Power is good. Then again, Shikamaru Nara, another Ninja in the same set, is a Turn 0 and has a Mental Power of 4! Kabuto is okay if you’re running a Water deck. Most of the time, he’ll be used as fodder to pay for other Water cards. This cards works especially well in a deck that focuses around Mental Power; try him in one.

All together, Kabuto can be a useful card, but you have to be smart with it. Don’t splash him in ANY deck; be wise WHEN to use him and HOW to use him. He shines best in a Mental Power deck, especially when combined with the “Ninja Info” jutsu card.

Constructed: Any deck: 2/5
Mental Power deck: 4/5
Water Deck: 3/5

Limited: 3/5 this is where Kabuto can come in handy. Since you only have limited cards to work with, getting a card to the bottom of the deck might prove useful.

Overall: 3/5


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