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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Striking a Deal

Card Number: Mission-074
Rarity - Rare

Review Date: 8.23.06

Average Card Rating: 2.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Striking a Deal

Pro: among the few healing card in the game so far
Game turner

Con: lose battle award

Well, today we have our first mission card. It is not the best one, but one worthy of note

This card let you exchange battle reward to iruka noodle shops. This card may not be as bad as some would think, its just not as good as Appearance of Unknown Rivals. This card is more for late game purpose. lets say you have the advantage with some powerful ninja. Then they play something like Disaster of the Nine-Tail Fox. This card will then be perfect to put you back to shape.

The thing is, however, that when you are in an disadvantage, and try to use this card to gain advantage, chances are you are too far back behind. In other words, if your opponent has a powerful ninjas, this card is most likely not going to help you beat those ninjas. And of course, you need to discard a water card just to use it, which is usually hard to do.

Like I said before, Appearance of Unknown Rival or Bingo Book is a better choose. And if you need to heal, Senbon may be a better choice. It takes one any chakra, and you can choose between 2 effects.

Well this is brief, but I still hope you benefit from it.
Construct: 2.0/5
Limited: 2.5/5
ZanarkandAce Here with today's review: Striking a Deal

1 Turn Cost
1 Hand Cost

Target: (1) X number of your Battle Rewards
(2) X number of you Ninjas

Effect: Discard target (1) to the original Owner's Discard Pile and heal target (2)

Alright. This, in my opinion, a terrible exchange. Give up your Battle Rewards to heal that many Ninjas? Terrible. Now, if you are in the lead, and you can afford to lose a few battle rewards, go for it..... Wait, what am I saying?!? Use an After the Battle! While the turn cost might be 1 more, the hand cost is the same. Granted, this is a Water Jutsu, and if it's used, it will be in a Water deck. After the Battle is an earth. Won't be used in a Water Deck... But still. The exchange of Battle rewards for healing ninjas is terrible. I don't suggest this card in a Water deck. Even for it's healing possibilities.

Constructed: 1/5 as it can't get lower (Again, from the basis of using this card in a competetive deck)

Limited: 1/5 (Still... It's a bad card to use...)

Good Game, America.... Props to D-Hero for letting me bounce ideas off him.
Stegy Today we review a new Mission from Coils of the Snake, Striking A Deal.

Striking A Deal
Turn Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 1
[Don't feel like typing effect XD]

Basically this card is an over-costed After the Battle for Water. I mean, yeah, healing Ninja is good, but why do we have to get rid of our hard earned Battle Rewards? Besides, who wants to heal Ninja on Turn 1?
I sure don't. ^_^

I just don't see how this card can be useful. I mean, early game you have very few Ninja, and late-game you're trying to get those last few BR to win, so why even play Striking A Deal? I don't like it at all.

Constructed Rating: 1.5/5 Healing IS good, but the other effect really hurts it.

Limited Review: Pass on this unless it's the last card passed to you in a Booster Draft. Ugh.

Limited Rating: 1/5 You really need the Battle Rewards here.
Playdoh Dude Striking a Deal

Today we have a 1/1 Water Mission. You basically discard BRs to heal ninjas. Now why would you give up keys to winning the game to heal an injured ninja? YOU

WOULDN'T. Unless you have some terrible situation where you somehow have a injured Zabuza that must be healed so he can own the field, its not worth your time.

However, as Water is short on healing, you might want to sidedeck it, as it might come in handy at Gen Con, where Fire Balls and Water Dragons are every where. You don't play at Gen Con? I would still side deck it at small tournaments.

DRAFT: Meh. Sometimes you get a feel for Draft and think you should play it, but its really not very good here. 1.5/5

CONSTRUCTED: Better. Still not great, but if you need a side-deck card, this may  be what you are looking for. 2.2/5.

ART: 3/5. Dosu would look much more threatening if he shaved his back once in awhile.

OVERALL: 1.9/5
Beastly Bruin Beastly Bruin, present and accounted for. Today's card is Striking a Deal.

Striking a Deal
Type: Mission
Element: Water
Turn: 1
Cost: 1 (Water)
Target: (1) X number of your Battle Rewards
(2) X number of your Ninjas.

Effect: Discard target (1) to the owner's discard pile and heal target (2).

I like this card. A lot. My Water/Fire hybrid deck is centered around getting Zabuza [DotCV] and Kakashi [Copy Ninja] out. More often than not, my opponents spend most of their resources trying to injure or kill both of them. Striking a Deal will fit nicely right next to my Bingo Books.

If you run a Water Deck, or a deck with at least 10 Water or more, this is something to consider. Sometimes, Battle Rewards you stand to win are more valuable than the ones you've already accumulated. Of course, it's a very situational card, and shouldn't be used frivolously. Just because you can discard three BR's to heal your whole team doesn't mean you should. Conversely, you shouldn't be afraid of the cost either.

Moderation and timing are the keys to this card's success.

Constructed Water: 4/5
Limited: 4.4/5 if you have the aqua to spare...obviously, you don't run this if you don't...
Art: 2/5 I liked that guy in the anime, but because of how Gaara handed his bottom to him in a Transformer's Lunchbox, the rating drops...

Cogito Ergo, Sum...
Timekeeper Striking a Deal
Mission, Water
Turn Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 1
Target: (1) X Number of your Battle Rewards (2) X Number of your Ninjas
Effect: Discard target (1) to the original owner's Discard Pile and heal the target (2).
Flavor text: "We'll strike a deal. I give you this scroll and you let us go."
Striking a Deal is a little complicated, so let's break it apart. Esentially you discard some of your battle rewards and heal that many Ninja...which is basically a risky trade off.

Being water this card fits in with decks like Zabuza Control and Fire/Water Control, which is a small, but important, plus. As a mission card, however, there are better choices to fill the regularly small amount of mission slots in your deck, like Bingo Book and Ichiraku Noodle Shop.

The Turn Cost is a nice advantage, but doesn't ultimately matter because you won't have alot of Ninja or Battle Rewards to make good use of this card that early in the game.

The hand cost is small, but bothersome,,,esentially this is atleast a -2, +1 (as you're gaining a healed Ninja but not losing two cards minimally) and that's not a good thing.

The Target, as I said early on, contradicts the Turn Cost. You won't be able to meet the target or make good use o fthe effect if you play it as soon as the Turn Cost permits.

The Effect is where this card shines. Sure, it is quite situational and it has more drawbacks than good points, but used correctly and this card could save you the game. However, the chances of you being able to correctly put this card to use are a bit slim.

Constructed: 2.5/5 There are better missions out there.
Limited: 3/5 You're starved for options here, so it's a bit better.
Art: 4/5 It's great to see Dosu on a mission card, and the pose is nice too.

Apprentice of Anubis

Striking a Deal
Mission | Entrance Cost: 1 | Hand Cost: 1 | Element: Water
Target: (1) X number of your Battle Rewards
(2) X number of your Ninjas.

Effect: Discard target (1) to the original owner’s Discard Pile and heal target (2).

Flavor Text: "We'll strike a deal. I give you this scroll, and you let us go."

Basically, imagine it like a late game Mass-Ichiraku Noodle shop. I actually have taken quite the liking to this card. It’s a Water Element, so Pure Zabuza decks aren’t left high and dry without healing. (Disregarding ‘A Tool called “Ninja”’ and ‘Senbon’.)

Now, to look at the requirements. A turn 1 entry cost definitely isn’t a bad thing. And like most mission cards, it has a 1 for a hand cost. The real drawback to this card is that you must give up upwards of 2-3 Battle Rewards in order to make this card REALLY devastating. Though, in the shadow of it’s secondary effect, it doesn’t seem like all THAT big of a problem. While lengthening the game by a small amount, it can give you a second shot at victory. Still, there are better cards to use.

For example, A Tool called Ninja, while making you sacrifice a Ninja to heal another, nets you 3 chakra as opposed to two (The Mission itself and the discarded card.) seeing as it sends the sacrificed ninja to the Chakra Area instead of the discard pile. Plus, it combo’s nicely with Naruto Uzumaki [Fragment of Power]. Also, Senbon just owns this card so hard, it’s not even funny, basically baiting your opponent into blocking the injured Anko Mitasrashi [Forbidden Jutsu] that was teamed with Shikamaru Nara [Lazy Bum] and Temari [Violent Temper]. “Oh, I’m sorry. My team suddenly rockets from 4 to 8 Total Combat Power with the help of a Needle.” Situations like that just make me laugh. J

So, in short, Striking A Deal’s good, especially in a Pure Water deck, but there are better choices out there. Or to put it in even simpler form…

Senbon > Ichiraku Noodle Shop > A Tool called “Ninja” > Striking a Deal

Contructed: 3.5/5 (This card is decent, but there are better choices out there.)

Limited: 2.5/5 (I’d rather use A Tool called “Ninja” over this in any booster draft tournament.)


Striking A Deal

Ah yes, Water support. It can heal ninjas by burning your battle rewards.You discard Rewards to Heal ninjas. Healing is a good thing. Losing rewards is a bad thing. However this is one of the few healing cards for Water. So it wins by default in this area.

Sorry this is short, but a 'healing' mission wont' get much talking.

Constructed (Water) - 3.5/5
Limited - 1.5/5
Art - 2/5 (Nothing special)


It's time for another Iceburg's review!

Striking a deal


1 turn/1 card from hand

effect: choose

1- X amount of battle rewards

2- X amount of ninjas

discard 1(X) amount to graveyard to heal 2(X) amount of ninjas

this card isn't worthy of firestarter. usually the point is to get battle rewards, not lose them!!!!

plus, it's a waste of a mission card. I hate this card, only because like 1/5 chances are they ever injured...heh. then again, others may like it, but I sure as hell don't. really unless your running a deck out, this card is kinda pointless.

constructed + limited: 2/5

lamness on a card, and they dishonor the great sound ninja Dosu.

oh, and for those of you who care, today's my b-day!!!! WOOT!

Iceburg out~



Striking a Deal
Water Mission
Turn 1 Cost 1 Water
Rarity: Rare, M-074
Target: (1) X Number of your Battle Rewards
(2) X Number of your Ninjas
Effect: Discard target (1) to the original owner’s Discard Pile and heal target (2).

First, I want to say that this is my first review and I feel somewhat honored to be doing these reviews. So let’s begin!

Striking a Deal is a semi-good Mission card. You can play it anytime during/after Turn 1 and you must discard a Water element card to use it. The effect is simple: by discarding one of you Battle Rewards to your Discard Pile, you can heal one of your Ninjas. This effect might prove useful late-game, especially if you’re running similar to Zabuza Control and he gets injured. But, experienced players know that there are cards better than this: After the Battle and Ichiraku Noodle Shop. Not bad overall, but due to the fact that you are losing a BR just to heal a Ninja makes this not really worth running. This card can be useful with other Ninjas like Asuma Sarutobi. I would personally stay with After the Battle. Besides that, there is nothing more to say about this card. Keep it for your collection.

Constructed: 2.5/5 If you don’t mind losing Battle Rewards…

Limited: 3/5 Good when you REALLY need it!

Overall: 2.5/5


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