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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Sexy Jutsu

Card Number: Jutsu-003
Rarity - Common

Review Date: 8.22.06

Average Card Rating: 3.43

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Sexy Jutsu

Pro: one of the best lighting jutsu released

Con: it needs 2 specific elements (2 lighting)
There is a requirement (user to be male)

Welcome to our first jutsu review. Today we will review an okay card.

This card is somewhat popular among lighting deck users, but lighting decks are not very popular right now. For 2 lighting chakra, you can change one of your opponent's ninja's combat to 0, making it easier to kill. This can come in handy when you are lacking that extra power. The way to use this card is to reduce a 5+power ninja and score a outstanding victory. This is of course if the ninja using the jutsu is still here when the jutsu resolves.

To those with more experience the game would probably know what I mean. Like any jutsu, if the user is gone when jutsu resolves, then the jutsu goes away. This is a weakness share by all jutsus, with some special cases of course. Besides easily countered, there is also a requirement to use the card; the user needs to be male, and the target must be a male as well. Requirements usually mean a powerful effect. This is not a hard requirement, but there is one, nevertheless. For a requirement jutsu, it does not have a game breaking effect.

To sum up, this jutsu can help solve some tuff spots. The problem is most lighting decks these day involve taijutsu, and if you are using the "no talent" Rock Lee, then the Sexy Jutsu is even more limited use. So in the end, this is an below average card all together.

Construct 2.5/5
Limited 2.0/5
Any concerns/comments please PM me (dust2dust).
Sexy Jutsu ((Ninja Centerfold, for you English Manga readers))
Cost: Lightning, Lightning
Requirement(s): "Male"
Target(s): 1 "Male" Ninja Battling against the user.
Effect: The user changes from "Male" to "Female". The Target's Combat becomes 0 during this turn.

What more can we say? Naruto, or in this case, any of your male ninjas, becomes a smoke-covered, pig-tailed, naked blonde. The result? Well, would you feel like battling someone who turned into the above? This Jutsu comes with little drawbacks, aside from the spacific 2 Lightning Cost, and the fact that if, for some strange reason your opponent uses a team of all female ninjas, this Jutsu won't effect them. There is little to really say on this card aside from needing a lot of spare Lightning Chakra to pull it off. But, if you are running this, typically it will be in a Naruto based deck, and those tend to be half lightning based anyways.

Constructed: 4/5 if by constructed, you mean Hardcore Go out and win a tournament decks

Limited: 4/5 if by limited, you mean have fun decks.

Overall: 4.75/5, factoring in a nice 5/5 for artwork... *Nose Bleed*
Iceburg Another Installment of Iceburg's review!

a kind of perverted card.....but I like it!

Sexy Jutsu

2 lightning

target:1 male ninja battling against user

effect: makes oppoment 0/0 during battle, to sum it up.

this is a great card, because using it against Zabuza murders him. mainly using this in a lightning deck and for counters against bug hitters as well. 2 lightning is meeeh, but I'll let it go. that's what we have tree-climbing training (1 chakra for 2 off the top of the deck) for! for a sheild, it's good. untill the oppoment plays the Escape jutsu!!!!!! DANG!!!!!

it has it's good, and it's bad's...

Constructed: 3/5 it's got tooo many counters...

Limited: 4/5 if the opponent dosen't counter-DOH!

for now, Iceburg out!
Stegy Sexy Jutsu
Lightning Jutsu
Cost: [Lightning] [Lightning]
Requirement: 1 "Male" Ninja
Target: 1 "Male" Ninja battling against the User
Effect: Target's Combat drops to 0 until the end of the turn.

Now, I personally love this card, but let me clear up something:
"Combat" is NOT the same as "Power". A Ninja's "Power" is both the
Combat/Support added together. For example, the vanilla Naruto
Uzumaki's Injured Status is 3/1. Therefore, his POWER is 4 (3+1) while his Combat is 3. So, Sexy Jutsu would cause an Injured Naruto to become a 0/1 Ninja.

There was a discussion about whether or not this card was better than Shadow Posession Jutsu. Sexy Jutsu can only be used by Male Ninja while Shadow Posession can only be used by Shikamaru Nara (Ninja with a "Mind"
Attribute). I personally believe that Sexy Jutsu is the better card.
Sure, it does cost 1 more specific element type, but it can be used by ANY male Ninja.

Constructed Rating: 3.5/5 Nice card, but costing 2 Lightning cards hinder it a bit.

Limited Review: I do really like this card in Limited. Most of the strong Genin are Male (probably all ;x), so this card can wreck havoc.
Unfortunately, you'd need to be running a fair amount of Lightning cards to make this thing work, and you have to watch out for the Common Escape Jutsu, too.

Limited Rating: 3/5 Useful, but 2 Lightning hurts it again.
Playdoh Dude Sexy Jutsu--

Well, I'm reveiwing cards now. The first card I'm reviewing is Sexy Jutsu, J-003
for collectors. Sexy Jutsu can be used by all popular ninjas except Sakura, Ino,
and Temari, which is always nice. It's also Lightning, which is one of the
better elements in PtH, but Earth and Wind pass it up in Coils. Anyway, it
lowers your opponents stats to zero! How about that? Wait, don't we have other
cards like that? Yes, we do and they go by the names of Crystal Ice Mirror and Water Prison. Which is the best? This card. Why?

First of all, even though Haku owns, only running 3 max(of each) would mean having to draw 2 out of 6 cards you have. Basically, it'll only work a third of the time. Water Prison only lowers the Combat, not the Support, so popular ninjas like Shika[Lazy Bum], Temari [Violent Temper] and Kurenai are uneffected, which means trouble if you only lower a injured Konohamaru or something. Sexy Jutsu is truly a force to be reckoned with out of the three.

DRAFT: Play it. In draft, almost any card is better than in constructed, including this card. It can save you at the right time. 4/5.

CONSTRUCTED: Pretty(pardon my pun) nice, but considering Water has two similar cards, and Water is a dominationg force, they might get thrown in over this one.

I'd play it and others do, even if Harem is so much better. 3/5.

ART: I'm not even gonna rate this, as most people will think I'm sick and disgusting. 0_o

OVER ALL: 3.5/5
Beastly Bruin Beastly Bruin here, with my review for Sexy Jutsu.

Sexy Jutsu
Card Type: Jutsu
Element: Lightning
Cost: 2 Lightning Chakra
Requirement: Male
Target: 1 Male Ninja battling against the user.
Effect: The user changes from male to female. The target's combat becomes 0 this turn.

When I first started playing this game, I got a shiny copy of this in my first booster. I was excited, and threw it in my first deck. I never got to use it. I didn't really know that you had to have a decent amount of Lightning cards to use as chakra in order to use this card effectively. I know that now.

As we all know from the anime, (the original Japanese, not the dumbed down American version), this is Naruto's comical sig move. It's highly effective in a dedicated Lightning deck, possibly centered around Naruto. It combos well with an upcoming card for this week.

Personally, I prefer Shadow Possession Jutsu with Shikamaru, but in it's deck, this card can cause just as much damage. I'd run it over Harem Jutsu, even though Harem has an easier cost because of the requirements to activate Harem.

In limited, if you've pulled a bunch of Lightning cards, this card could be game breaking. Once again, the cost of two Lightning may seem small, but it isn't always.

All in all, in a dedicated Lightning deck, run this. Even consider it in a Lightning hybrid deck, but there may be better choices available with the other element(s) involved.

Constructed Lightning: 3.8/5
Limited: 4/5 if you have the cost to cover it.
Timekeeper Sexy Jutsu
Jutsu, Lightning
Cost: Two Lightning
Requirements: "Male"
Target: 1 "Male" Ninja battling against the user.
Effect: "The user changes from "Male" to "Female". The target's Combat becomes 0 during this turn.

This card is one of the first staples of Lightning decks. Let's take a look at what makes Sexy Jutsu just so...sexy.

The cost is relatively easy to pull off, and it itself essentially becomes chakra for another Sexy Jutsu later on. The only downside is that non-Lightning decks find no playability in this card, as the cost is just too difficult.

The requirements are pretty easy, as the majority of Ninja in the game so far are male. Again, if you run a deck that doesn't make use of male Ninja, you'll see no use in this card.

The target is as simple to acheive as the requirement, for they're basically the same. Again, most Ninja in the game so far are male.

The effect is where this card boils down. The chance to give you a Combat difference of 6 or more is amazing. You just can't deny that it's a major edge in the shift of battle. Also, it can't be used against you if you use one first, as your Ninja is no longer male.

Constructed: 3/5
Sealed: 4.5/5
Art: 3.5/5...Better than Average

Apprentice of Anubis

Sexy Jutsu
(Lightning) (Lightning)
Requirements: “Male”
Target: One “Male” Ninja battleing against the User.
Effect: The User changes from “Male” to “Female”. The targets combat becomes 0 during this turn.

I can’t tell you how many times this little guy’s gotten me out of a jam. Quite honestly, he’s the only reason outside of Zabuza that I got the Naruto Starter deck.

Chakra-wise, this card isn’t all that hard to manage in most decks. With the usage of Kunai, Cross-Shaped Shuriken and the likes out there, Lightning Chakra really isn’t that scarce.

As far as requirements and targets go…How many decks have LOTS of Female ninjas? My guess is not a whole heck of a lot. The same applies to the opponent.

As for the effect of this card, it can be a game winning card, for sure. Basicly, with one card, you can make the opponent’s team combat power drop from a beastly 10 to 5-4 depending on the head ninja. It can basicly take a HUGE problem, and while not getting rid of it completely, it can make it somewhat more manageable.

Constructed: 4.5/5 (Literally, this card can turn the tides of war. The only one better then this would be Harem Jutsu/Water Prison Jutsu.)

Limited: 5/5 (Again, cards this good are hard to come by, so when you get one, for the love of God, USE IT!)

Note: Sorry for the short review this time around, but there really isn’t much else to say about this card…It’s good…Use it…That’s about it.


Alright, Sexy Jutsu is a fun little Naruto trick that is pretty limited to Lightning Decks. A cost of 2 Lightning Chakra does that. The requirements for use does not hurt that badly (user being male, target being male). And the effect is pretty nice too.

First thing it does is make the user Female, dodes this do much for your team? Not especially. It does give you a guard from Sexy Jutsu or Harem Jutsu being used against you. Second thing it does is far more important, makes the enemy male ninja's COMBAT a big ol' zero for the turn. This means that generally you'll need the target to be a head ninja for this to help. They can up their combat after this card resolves. Or just Escape Jutsu out of it. Heck, they can even cut in with a Sexy or Harem Jutsu and then they become an improper target AND your ninja takes the fall.

Constructed (Lightning) - 4/5
Limited - 3/5 (Add a point if you got 6+ other Lightning cards, lose a point if you got 3- Lightning)


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