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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Naruto Uzumaki
[Battle Decision]

Card Number: PR001
Rarity - Promo Card

Review Date: 8.21.06

Average Constructed Card Rating: 3.13
Average Limited Card Rating: DNA

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Bruin Naruto Uzumaki [Battle Decision]
Turn: 1
Power: (Healthy) 1/0 (Injured) 3/1
Effect: If this ninja is healthy, you may injure it at the start of the battle phase.

I must say, options of this nature are bittersweet. I like Naruto's cards. They're centered on him being more valuable when he's injured, which really is an accurate translation of his role in the anime.

This is Naruto in 1-Drop form. The reason, you can choose whether or not to make him a 3 Combat workhorse, or a 1 Support sidekick. In my honest opinion, I'd rather run [Nine-tailed Chakra], because i tend to have a lot of cards in my hand, but you always run the risk of losing him before you actually get to use his effect. The beauty of [Battle Decision] is that you can manually injure him and possibly avoid losing him to an Outstanding Victory.

His value decreases as the turns progress and you run into better options for teams, but if he's injured, he can at least support a team that needs it, he can head a team if you absolutely need him to, and he can take a hit when a sacrifice is needed.

All in all, I'd think hard before replacing [Nine-Tailed Chakra] with him. He comes out a turn later, and in this game, that can make all the difference. (Or, just run him alongside [NTC]. Shouldn't hurt)

Casual Play: 3/5
Lightning Deck: 3.5/5
Genin Rush: 3/5
Overall: 3/5
Art: 2/5 Standard fare...
Timekeeper Naruto Uzamaki [Battle Decision]
Ninja; Lightning
Turn Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 0
Effect: If this Ninja is healthy, you may Injure it at the start of the Battle Phase.
Flavor Text: "Let's go wild!"

This card is...situational, atleast at first glance. If you injure Naruto for the combat and support boost, send him out as head ninja and end up losing the fight due to say, a Kunai, then Naruto is injured again and discarded.....rather than just being injured the first time. Being a Lightning attribute Ninja, he's in quite a powerful crowd, especially Genin-wise.

Naruto has no sub-ability, which sort of is a drawback but at the same time, there are no decks that would desperately need to run this card that make use of a sub-ability.

Naruto's Combat (prior to injury) is nothing short of problematic. If he's forced out alone and for some reason can't use his effect, he's mincemeat. Of course, being a genin he can make the most of other's effects to help his combat, but alone he is still just bad in the Combat area. His Combat (after injury) is moderate for a Genin with a Turn Cost of 1. 3 can go head to head with alot of genin, and fall to others. His Support (prior to injury) is a quite a bit of a drawback. 0 will usually force Naruto as the team leader if you're going for sheer overall power, and don't happen to have a Combat 6 Jonin on your team, which in the first few turns...you won't. Naruto's Support (after injury) is a measly 1. Still an improvement from the 0 he had prior to injury, but also not as good. if you're playing this Naruto for support, you'd be much better off with Shikamaru Nara [Lazy Bum] or any other high supporting genin.

Naruto's effect only helps him, because it basically gives him an injury for +2/+1. Combine that with a Cross Shaped Shuriken and you've got a 5/1 first turn drop for a turn. There's not much to say about this effect, as it's not really all that veratile. It's got one major use..and that's to boost up Naruto here.

Let me rephrase something from my Sasuke Review: Being Leaf puts him in the same category as alot of Ninja from Path to Hokage and Coils of the Snake. Not much to say here, but it does give Naruto more playability.

Being a Genin doesn't differentiate Naruto from any of the other Naruto cards or even the Sasuke cards for that matter. It helps him depending on who you use him with in a deck.

Being Ninjutsu combat styled doesn't really make a difference to Naruto yet. We'll see as time goes on whether this was a smart choice or a not-so-bright one.

In Any Deck: 2.7/5 There are better choices out there.
Lightning Deck: 3/5 He gets a bit more shine time here.
In a Leaf Deck: 3/5 Leaf Decks have alot to pick from, however.
Overall: 2.9/5
Art: 2/5 It was okay, for a Promo atleast.

Apprentice of Anubis

Today, we’re looking at Naruto Uzumaki [Battle Decision]. Now class, can you say “Filler”?

As you can tell, I’m not a very big fan of this card. Granted, you can instantly injure him to gain his 3/1 stats. While that is somewhat decent in it’s own sense, there are still better choices out there as far as Naruto cards go.

For example, Naruto Uzumaki [Nine-Tails Chakra] has potential to go higher as his power when he’s injured depends on how many cards you have in hand, Naruto Uzumaki [Fragment of Power] can be used as a double Lightning Chakra, making it much easier to play the likes of Sexy Jutsu and Leaf Instant Move Jutsu, and Naruto Uzumaki [Strength in a Crisis], while only having 0/0 while healthy (2/0 if blocked.), he is a 5/0 when blocked when he’s injured while using his ability.

As far as his Stats go, there really isn’t anything special here. He’s still a 1/0 Healthy and a 3/1 injured. But then again, which one isn’t. Heck, he doesn’t even have Clone Status built in, while to my knowledge, two others have.

In short, Play him if you like, but there are better choices out there. Believe me, I WANT to like this card, but there really aren’t any redeeming qualities about him, at least in my eyes.

Casual: 2.5/5 (Even though it IS casual play, there are better alternatives out there.)
Constructed: 2/5 (I feel I should be giving this a 1/5, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of a doubt, and hoping that maybe I just missed something with this card.)

And Finally…You knew this was going to happen.

Believe it!

…I should be shot for saying that, shouldn’t I? e_e;;

Note: Before anyone comments on inaccuracies in this review, my computer’s acting funny and will only load half the picture of Naruto (The top half. I only managed to see his Lightning symbol, the ninja symbol and his face. That’s it. Hence, there will be no card stats in the review like the last one.) , So I’m going purely on memory.


Rakath here, My COTD review starts here:

PR001 Naruto Uzumaki (Battle Decision)

Okay, this Naruto has the stats EXACTLY the same as the Turn 0 No effect form. However, this has a slight advantage, it can injure itself. Now then, Naruto ALWAYS (As far as I've checked up through set 10) has better Injured stats than Healthy. No exception here.1/0 - 3/1 isn't so special except for the advantages having strong injured status is. Effects that 'use injured status' or 'shift to injured status' don't effect Naruto. He plays out as a very strong attacker when everything is injured.

Now, as a Naruto, he's low on the useful list. As a Turn 1 ninja, he's not too bad, he can Chump block for a turn at Healthy and then he gets good stats, or you can just insta-raise him when you need it. He's better than Lee since he can use Jutsu cards, and he's got a support score when injured. He's like Friday's card, average in all ways.

Naruto deck 1/5 (BAD CHOICE)
Generic Lightning deck 2.5/5 (Decent Choice)
Throw in card for Non-Lightning decks 3/5 (Slightly better than decent choice)

Bob Joe

ok so we have Naruto, the main star in the show...


Healthy-1/0 Injured-3/1

can injure himself at the start of the battle phase

sounds pretty good for a Naruto card,and porbably the best Naruto (character, not the whole game) ever. pretty powerful 1-drop, but it has to be injured to do anything. I dunno about this card, since I lost my copy before I even got to play with it!!!! being the master of the sexy and harem jutsu give him a good 'ol +1 to use him with. I like him, and he good to play with...I just wish he wasn't so dang stupid.

Clone deck 5/5
Lighting deck 5/5
Limited 4/5 he can die easy against Steam decks

th-th-th-that's all folks!!!!

Adam Trunzo

Hey, all! Today we're looking at Naruto Uzumaki [Battle Decision]

Naruto Uzumaki
Lightning Element
Turn Count: 1
Hand Cost: 0
Ninjutsu Attribute
[Battle Decision]
If this Ninja is healthy, you many injure it at the start of the Battle Phase.
Healthy: 1/0
Injured: 3/1

I'm not a big fan of this card. I mean, yeah, a 3/1 beatstick Turn 1 is nice, but the vanilla Naruto can be dropped Turn 0 and become a 3/1 if he blocks a Ninja that's at least a 1/0.

Constructed: I'd rather drop Rock Lee [No Talent] on my Turn 1.
Granted, this Naruto is an "okay" card, but I think there are just better versions of him out there [Nine-Tailed Chakra and Strength in a Crisis, for example]. What _is_ nice, however, is that YOU get to choose when he gets injured. Need another beatstick early in the game?
Drop Naruto. Chump Blocker that gets bigger when Injured? Drop Naruto.

Constructed Rating: 2.5/5 Decent card, but again, there are better versions of him out there. Not a terrible card, though. Not much else to say. ;x

Limited: Ah, can't draft promos. XD

Jason Toca

Today, we Review one of the first Promos to be released for the Naruto game, None other than Uzumaki Naruto himself!

Naruto Uzumaki
[Battle Decision]
1/0 Healthy
3/1 Injured
1 Turn Cost, No Hand Cost

If this Ninja is healthy, you may injure it at the start of the Battle Phase.

This game wouldn't be around without Naruto. This is the first card that was released in Shonen Jump, and it seems to really hold the essence of Naruto. Naruto is really a dunce when it comes to being a ninja, and this card proves it. While at the start of the battle phase, he can injure himself, if he so chooses. "Why in the heck would you want to injure him? That's stoopid!" I can hear it now. The reason: Why not get an extra 2 in there to give your team a little advantage in the fight? You could always heal him next round if things go well for you. The drawback? If things don't go well for you, you just got Naruto killed on a gamble. But hey! Sometimes it takes that gamble, right?

All in all, if you are going to use this card, be sure to not get too attached. He dies easily. But again, Naruto can be a bit of a bungler.

Playability: 3.5/5 You risk a fast death on that decision...
Lightning Deck: 3.5/5 It's the same risk, even in that deck. If you support him, you might bump this to 4/5
Artwork: 3/5 It's pretty standard Naruto. Nothing super flashy.

Master Gundam 7000

Hello everyone, welcome to a week of Naruto Reviews... starting with naruto Uzumaki, Battle Decision. Below is the card's stats and effect:

Naruto Uzumaki, Battle Decision

Entrance Cost:1
Healthy: 1/0
Injured: 3/1

Effect: Is this ninja is healthy, you may injure it at the Beginning of the Battle Step.

Hello everyone, welcome to a week of Naruto Reviews... starting with Naruto Uzumaki, Battle Decision.

All of Naruto's ninja cards have much better stats when he is injured, and this effect lets him get that way fast. He can be really good for a fast Rush Deck., utilizing Shikamaru for his 2 support, and stat-altering Jutsu, he can turn out to be quite the fast vicious ninja. If you don't have Nine-Tailed Chakra, you can always use this one as a solid second instead in other decks, the others just don't mesh well with the game as it is now.

Low-Cost Rush Decks: 3.5/5 - It can be solid here, because it can get injured fast, and with Shikamaru, its a second turn 5-powered team. Pretty good I thinks.

Everywhere Else: 2/5: He may be able to fit in other niche decks if you can find room for him, but overall, he just cant keep up.


Naruto Uzumaki- Battle Decision

Pro: Good injure stats

Con: Bad beginning stats
Turn 1 ninja

Here we go with our 2nd COTD, only problem is the cards don’t seem to go toward a good direction. You’ll see in a moment.

This card is only available in one issue of Shonen Jump, which makes it somewhat hard to get. Don’t worry though, you are not missing much (that is if you are not a collector). Rarity aside, lets talk about the card effect. He allows you to injure himself to make a strong ninja, very unique ninja. However, after the effect, he can be killed easily with fire ball jutsu. Most would not waste their cards just to do it, but I’m putting it out there as a possibility.

Further more, this version is a turn one ninja. Compare to other versions of him, he is far from any good. Most other versions of him are turn 0, better effects, some even have clone status. He, in my opinion, is the 2nd worst Naruto so far (worst is the mental -1 version).

So if you need a Naruto in your lighting deck, I would choose the “nine-tail chakra” or “Strength in a Crisis.”

Ok so seeing the fact that it is not the worst naruto, I think it desire:

Any concerns/comments please PM me (dust2dust).


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