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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Sasuke Uchiha

Card Number: N-020
Rarity - SR

Review Date: 8.18.06

Average Card Rating: 3.43

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Yamivash 0
(Alfred Perkins)
OK looks like the first review is a good one.
Sasuke Uchiha
Leaf|Genin|Male|Sharingan Eye

This Ninja cannot be sent out in the same team as a "Genin" or lower rank ninjas.

Healthy stats:

Injured stats
Elemant: Fire /Combat atribute: Weapon
Now as most can see sasuke here is a beast Very high combat stats for a genin and still keeps 1 combat even while injured wich is more than most sasukes.

As you can see he isnt much of a support character having 0 support while injured or healthy he will be the one leading the charge most the time.

This Sasuke has two drawbacks but one is VERY minor one being he can't be in a team with other genins were most 0 drops are genin so he will be a loner for the most part.The second drawback is his combat attribute being weapon most of the sasukes have teh attribute Flame wich allows many more interisting jutsus to be used such as Fireball Jutsu.

In all Sasuke Uchiha[IP] Is a VERY good choice for 1 drop in ANY deck using fire.Sharingan eye is another major advantage he has being able to use Sharingan eye (jutsu) is a very large advantage plus other jutsus are only usable if you have a character with sharingan.Four healthy combat is very high and few are able to bloch him by themselfs except higher drops such as 3.

More Often then not Sasuke will be in a team of 1 but he isn't ba dto throw someone behind.

Sharingan eye deck 5/5
Fire deck 4.5/5
Limited 5/5

AND this concludes yamivashs first review thanks LIKE IT HATE either way post it on the boards and let me know what you think
dust2dust Sasuke-Individual Play

Pro: the most powerful turn one ninja in the game

Con: its turn one
Its ability
Expensive ($15+)

There is not much to this card, mostly just lots of power really fast. Back when there is no Coils,
many crave for this Super Rare card in their fire/water deck, and sometimes the 3/1 Sasuke was used instead (turn0). Now, when Coils is available, more versions of Sasukes are released. I think more people would rather play Sasuke- Analysis of Competence or NO.1 Rookie. They are cheaper with better abilities, plus they are both turn 0 ninjas. I guess there is no problem with having one for any power you may lack in the beginning, but any more may ruin the over all flow of the deck.

Welcome to Pojo's First Card of the Day, Naruto CCG!

Today, we look at one of the three main shinobi in the series, Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha
[Individual Play]
4/0 Healthy
1/0 Injured
1 Turn Cost, 0 Hand Cost
Sharingan Eye

This ninja cannot be sent out to battle in the same team as "Genin" or lower ranked Ninjas.

Alright. First off, this card really captures the essence of Sasuke. He has been a loner since he was left the sole survivor of his clan. The essence carries over to the card game, putting this Sasuke card as a loner. He cannot be sent into battle in a team that has any genin in the team. Which means no support from anyone like Shikamaru, who can really boost a team power early in the game. While Sasuke can keep his own well early in the match, once your opponent is willing to let a hit go by to make a stronger team, Sasuke really needs the help of Jutsus. If you can't raise his strength, then you are going to be left with a sitting duck. While injured, Sasuke becomes nothing more than a Konohamaru. But... As his effect does not state the key [Valid], he can then be teamed up with other shinobi. But sometimes, you look at that as "Too little, too late, buddy." While Sasuke does face the hardships of fighting alone, he does have the advantage of the Sharingan Eye. This has the advantage of a few Jutsu cards in itself. Sharingan Eye from Both of the sets, which all have different effects, all that can be useful in all parts of the game. All in all, I can give this card a 7/10, since he is strong early in the game, but weak after being hit only once. You do really need to build a deck based on using Sharingan, and fire styles to really use him well.
kerokero Sasuke Uchiha
Fire Symbol
Leaf Ninja/Sharingan Eye
Super Rare (3 Dots)

What can be said about Sasuke Uchiha. He's a Genin Ninja from Leaf village with a revenge vendetta. He's out to kill the one who "wrong him in the past" and won't go quit until he complete's his goal, no matter the cost. He specialses in Fire-Style Jutsu's such as Gret Fireball jutsu and Dragon Flame Jutsu. His bloodline limit, the Sharingan, let's him mimic the moves of his opponent's ninjutsu skills and can see through genjutsu tricks. He also specialises in Taijutsu--hand-to-hand--fighting. While he seems to be cold and selfish, he cares for his teammates and even begins a rivalry with fellow genin teammate, Naruto.

His various cards reflect his nature throughout the course of the show as well. This Sasuke Uchiha has the effect "Individual Play" which prevents him from going into battle with a genin team or lower rank ninja's. If Sasuke want's the job done, it's gotta be done good.

His Hand cost is zero and his Entrance cost is one, so dropping him pretty early should be quite an easy task to fulfill. He starts out with 4/0 Healthy status, but goes to 1/0 as soon as he's injured.* While not a bad card, I'd rather the other Sasuke Uchiha with the "Open Your Eyes" effect. It prevens itself from becoming the target of your opponents jutsu which require 2 or less to play. But doesn't provide the same power.

Ao to wrap up today's review, I list the rates that Sasuke Uchiha recieves from me:

Playability:4/5. The fact that it comes out so big at 4/0, it's not that horrible. It's to bad it weakens as time goes on.

Art:4.5/5. Sasuke Uchiha with the Demon Wind Shuriken against Zabuza was such an amazing fight.

Effect:2.5/5. There are better cards then this. However, it's not bad on it's own.

Overall:3.6/5. It's not the best card in the world, but it definately get's the job done, and done well. If you see it being played a lot in your area, then don't be too surprised.

Closing Comments: Sasuke Uchiha has such a large following in the Narutoverse. I can imagine the same happening for the CCG as well. He's an impressive character. And for any Sasuke fans out there; well, just wait untill the series really starts rolling.

And that concludes my review on Pojo's first Naruto COTD. Hopefully, I'll be around long enough to detail more cards and go in depth about various card strtegies and plays in this fascinating game.

*As you'll come to see as the series progresses, Sasuke can't take a hit for his life (not literally, of course). His number one weakness seems to be his nose.*
Stegy Stegy here, hopefully doing COTD for the Pojo Naruto site. ^_^ We start off the COTD with Sasuke Uchiha [Individual Play].

Sasuke Uchiha
Fire Element
Turn Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 0
Healthy State: 4/0
Injued State: 1/0
Leaf|Genin|Male|Sharingan Eye
[Individual Play]
This Ninja cannot be sent out with "Genin" or lower ranked Ninjas.
Weapon Attribute
Super Rare

This is a very nice card--VERY nice. When Path of Hokage came out, this card made for an excellent beatstick in Aggro/Rush decks. Also, he sports the Sharingan Eye ability, which allows him to use the notable Jutsu cards Dragon Flame Jutsu and Sharingan Eye (all).

Constructed: Before Coils of the Snake came out, Sasuke was played in many Fire/Water and Aggro/Rush decks alike. Unfortunately, he had to compete with two other Sasuke Uchihas--one that is a 3/1 Turn 0, and a 3/0 Turn 1 [Open Your Eyes]. Because of this, the [Open Your Eyes] Sasuke was chosen over [Individual Play] (better ability) in Fire/Water, but not necessarily in Aggro/Rush decks, but the Super Rare Sasuke still saw play. Heck, I played him! =D

Constructed Rating: 2.5/5 There are just better Sasuke out there right now. Shame. =(

Limited/Draft: If you pull this Sasuke while drafting or a sealed event, consider yourself extremely lucky and fortunate! This card OWNS in limited. Who wants to face down a 4/0 on their Turn 1? I wouldn't! Amazing card here. What more can I say?

Limited/Draft rating: 4/5

Overall Thought: This Sasuke is indeed a very good Ninja, but there are just better versions of him out right now. Still, Aggro/Rush decks should highly consider Sasuke Uchiha [Individual Play].
Beastly Bruin Fire and Beatdown decks, meet thine lynchpin. Sasuke happens to be one of my favorite characters from the show, and his cardboard representations have not disappointed so far. All of the Sasukes have their advantages and disadvantages, and this one, in my opinion, has the biggest margin between the two.

As for the advantages, well, yeah. Sharingan eye? Check. Fire element? Check. Early droppage? Check. Diabolically balanced power and effect? Check. Pretty much sums up it’s effectiveness. At best, you get to play your 1 drop first, you drop this, and your opponent’s 0 drop must take a hit, forego battle, or waste a good jutsu early. Worst case scenario, you play second, your opponent has Shikamaru and [Insert Random 0-1 drop ninja here] and matches/bests your Sasuke, and your faced with a tough decision.

As for disadvantages, ehh…not being able to pair him up with Shika sucks, but you just have to wait until the next turn to back him up with the omnipresent Demon Brothers to have a two ninja wrecking crew. That’s about it.

If you have him, (which I don’t, unfortunately), run him where he belongs. Heck, even splash him in a few other decks that could use the early firepower and have the space to spare.


Casual Play: 4/5

Tournament Play: 4.3/5 (I really don’t like not being able to team him up with his inferior brethren, but like I said, the Demon brothers and Kurenai can make up for that.)
Timekeeper Sasuke Uchiha [Individual Play]
Ninja; Fire
Turn Cost: 1
Hand Cost: 0
Leaf|Genin|Male|Sharingan Eye
Effect: This Ninja cannot be sent out to battle in the same team as "Genin" or lower Rank Ninjas.
Flavor Text: "Groups of three...that'll just slow me down."

Sasuke here is a good card. 4/0 with a turn cost of 1 is beautfiul, and that alone gives this card more than a passing glance. Being fire he has some relatively good support, especially with the current meta.

The Sharingan Eye sub-ability makes him splashable in any Sharingan Eye deck, and also allows cards with Sharingan Eye requirements to be splashed into more decks. Sharingan Eye is beginning to trickle into lots of Sasuke and Kakashi cards, which makes both staples in a Sharingan Eye deck.

On to Combat/Support. His Combat (prior to injury) is amazing for a card that can be played on the first turn, and makes Sasuke formidable in his own right. His Combat (after injury), however, is quite the opposite. Luckily, his effect (see below) isn't a Valid effect, something that actually helps here, so he could be slapped with a Shikamaru Nara [Lazy Bum] and another basic Genin with little Combat to do a little damage. His Support (both prior to injury and after injury) is one of two points that this card is severely brought down by. 0 Support makes him almost always forced to be a Leader, because otherwise he's just deadweight.

Sasuke's effect...the second area that majorly brings down this card. Sasuke loses the advantages that could be provided by Shikamaru Nara [Lazy Bum] and other great Genin supporters. While this might not seem like a big deal, it greatly hinders his playability teamwise. He doesn't suffer as much from this, as his effect is not valid, but once he's injured it isn't worth keeping him as a Team Leader anyway.

Being Leaf puts him in the same boat as alot of the other Ninja from Path to Hokage and Coils of the Snake, being the primary village of the Naruto series. Not much to say here, but it does give Sasuke a bit more playability.

At the average Ninja level, Genin, Sasuke is given even more playability. Again, not much to say here.

The "Weapon" combat attribute sort of hinders Sasuke's playability. Weapon doesn't have much support yet, this Sasuke would've benefited if it were Fire.

In Any Deck: 3/5
Fire Deck: 4/5
Sharingan Eye Deck: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5
Art: 2.5/5 (Could've been better, but the generic action pose was cool)

Apprentice of Anubis

Sasuke Uchiha [Individual Play]
1 Entry cost/0 hand cost
Leaf | Genin | Male | Sharingan Eye
This Ninja cannot be sent out to battle in the same team a “Genin” or lower rank ninjas.
4/0 Healthy
1/0 Injured
Weapon Combat Attribute
Fire Element
Super Rare

Let’s take a quick look at his pros and cons.

On the Pros side, He’s already equip with Sharingan. This makes his VERY useful in Fire Control decks. Though there are other Sasuke’s out there with Sharingan already equip. Among them, I’d rank this version second best. On the subject of his power/support values, This guy is ridiculously powerful for a second turn drop. And to add to that, he’s of the Fire element, which makes him VERY useful in any Fire control decks. On top of that, he can pretty much be splashed into any little to no Genin decks.

Though, we must look at the Cons of the card as well. For one, he can’t be sent into battle with ANY other Genin ninja. Basicly meaning, this guy wont be much use until turn 3 or 4 unless you have some Water/Lightning Chunin on hand. Also, on that note, Rock Lee [No Talent] and Sasuke Uchiha [Power of the Curse Mark] both do ALMOST the same thing. Rock Lee almost has the same attack power as him and can't use jutsu that require certian symbols, but can be placed into a team immediately. As with the Sasuke Uchiha [Power of the Curse Mark], he comes a turn later, yes. But, his ability gives him more potential then this version.

In short, if you have a lot of ninjas with decent defence values, this little guy will be your GOD. To anyone else, you’re much better off sticking with Sasuke Uchiha [Power of the Curse Mark] or Rock Lee [No Talent]. Also, these two are MUCH cheaper compared to the upwards of $20 bucks you’re going to need to shell out for a single copy of this puppy on Ebay.

Casual: 4/5
Tournament Play: 3.5/5
Splashability: 3/5


Card Review: Sasuke Uchiha (Individual Play

Sasuke Uchiha, in the game and the show, will have a leg up in any class he's put in. In the game this is shown by him having a Turn 1 with a 4 Combat is pretty alone in the game. However, this is not an 'effect that helps' card.

Individual Play cannot be on a team with Genin or Academy Student ranked Ninjas. With the exception of Haku (a no rank nin), Akamaru (Puppy Nin), and Tortoise Ninja, you need to wait till Turn 4 to give him help. However factor in his built in Sharingan Status and Fire Jutsu love of Sharingan Status you shouldn't have too much issue.

Personally, I like the entire set of OTHER Sasuke Uchiha more than this one card, but he's a downer effect. Their effects help you more than just hurt themselves.

-- Fire based Deck: 2/5 (There are SO many better choices in terms of Sasuke)
-- Rainbow decks and teched in beatstick: 3/5 (He's a 4 Combat on Turn 1, this is not a bad thing if most of your deck is Chunin ranks or non-ranks like Anbu).


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