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Pojo's Naruto Site

Summary of Movie 2 The Great Clash - Written by LightSpeedDuelist1

An unknown enemy attacks the beach of the Hidden Sand Village in the middle of the night from the ocean. Is this another Hidden Village or something else? No one knows anything about the enemy except that they seem unstoppable, and are in a large suit of armor caring a large mace. Shuriken, kunai, and even swords don’t seem to have any affect on this enemy. When a Sand Ninja is cornered after his failed attempt to defeat the enemy with regular attacks he uses the puppet technique. Finally an enemy is defeated, but the Hidden Sand withdraws as the ground starts to rumble. Is this the enemy’s doing or someone much more powerful? It’s none other than Garra of the Hidden Sand using his Desert Funeral technique. A large number of enemy’s are crushed under the chakra pressured sand. Suddenly the enemy withdraws from the beach of the Hidden Sand. Three sand ninja pursue the enemy in a small boat. As the boat goes further into the ocean you hear the boat being wiped out. As Garra hears this he fires flare’s into the night sky. The lightened night sky reveals a large metal ship. It is nothing like the sand ninja have ever seen before. As they gaze on in amazement the enemy fires cannon balls. Garra uses his sand shield to protect his comrades. As that comes to an end so does the intro to Naruto the movie 2 - The Great Clash! The Phantom Ruins in the Depths of the Earth.
Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru are assigned a mission to retrieve a ferret for its master. Seeing has to how these ninja are skilled capturing the ferret was an easy task. On the way to delivering the ferret Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru must cross a bridge which is over a cannon. Not knowing what kind of condition the bridge is in one of the ninja tries to run across, and falls through the bridge and is holding on for dear life. Do you know which ninja it is? You guessed it! It’s none other that Naruto. Sakura runs to help Naruto, but still gives him a hard time and acts as though she doesn’t care about his life. As Sakura is giving Naruto a hard time she notices Shikamaru has a serious look on face. She asks is something wrong. He replies, “yeah, the client’s village is on the other side of that field. But doesn’t it look like there’s something wrong?” Sakura can not comprehend what Shikamaru is talking about. So he tells her that even in the middle of the afternoon there are no people. The three Hidden Leaf ninja hurry to find out if something is wrong. Shikamaru heads to the west of the forest, so Sakura and Naruto head the opposite way. Shikamaru finds the village in ruins. As he calls to tell his comrades he hears Sakura screaming. Why is she screaming? She’s screaming because she and Naruto are being attacked by three of the same warrior’s who attack the Hidden Sand. Naruto pushes Sakura out of the way and dodges the giant mace. Yet another heated battle is underway. Naruto hits the enemy but is thrown to the ground. Sakura throws kunai, but finds out that it is no use as the enemy is still running towards her. Sakura throws a kunai this time with an explosive tag attached to it. One of the enemies is defeated but she is attacked by the third strange warrior. Naruto uses the clone technique on his opponent. Using the Uzumaki Naruto Rendan in an attempt to defeat his foe. As the dust clears a man is standing there in his white suit of armor. Little does Naruto know this man will change his life. Naruto attacks this man thinking he is the boss behind these warriors. The man makes Naruto look like a novice as he dodges all of Naruto’s attacks from the clones and lands blows of his own. Naruto tries using the same attack which he used to defeat Hyugga Neji in the finals of the Chuunin Exam. Yet again this man dodges and lands another hard blow on Naruto. Wait just one moment, the mans mouth is bleeding! This means he can be defeated. Naruto throws Shuriken. The man blocks with a shield. Naruto tries to cut the man on his way down with a Kunai but the man blocks with his sword. The two keep on attacking with their weapons with no success. Sakura is taken hostage by the enemy. Or so it seems! The man in the white armors own comrade attacked him. This all thanks to Shikamaru’s Shadow Copy technique. Naruto decides to finish him off now and uses the Mass Shadow Clone technique. The man wipes out every clone with a green gust of wind which comes out of his sword. Naruto powers up for the Rasengan as he is coming down from the sky. The green gust of wind (which you find out is called Raging Thunder this time when he uses it) and Rasengan meet each other at full power! The attack ends in a massive explosion which sends but fighters off the cliff.
That massive ship which was in the ocean of the Hidden Sand is driving through the forest. Naruto awakens to a find himself next to his enemy and in a strange place. Kahiko, the leader of the caravan (or wandering people) saved Naruto’s life. The ferret is this mans pet. Meanwhile, Shikamaru is checking out the enemy’s base. Naruto and the strange warrior are now traveling with the caravan. A boy from the caravan was trying to get his ball down from the tree when he fell. He was falling towards the ground in a way were his neck would have been broke. The strange warrior saved his life and stated that his debt was repaid and left.
Nerugui the ferret went after the strange warrior. Kahiko told Naruto to go and retrieve Nerugui and that his mission was not done until he accomplished this. Meanwhile, Sakura searches for Naruto. Temujin the strange warrior takes Naruto to see his master after Naruto catches him. His master tells Naruto how they have journeyed to create a utopia. Naruto and Temujin go and check out an old ship of Temujin’s fleet. Once inside Temujin is attacked by Kanjuro of the sand. Two of Temujin’s comrades come inside the ship to rescue him. Suddenly Garra of the sand breaks through the wall. Garra and Kanjuro attack Temujin’s comrades. Kanjuro throws Shuriken at his new opponent but she seems to be as strong as Temujin. His opponent throws him into a Genjutsu. Garra’s opponent attacks with electricity and Garra’s sand shield protects him. Garra surrounds himself in a sand fortress and uses Rain of Sand upon his opponent. She dodges all of the attacks. Garra uses the Desert Coffin, but she still lives. Kanjuro gets free of his opponents Genjutsu by using his puppet as a substitute. Garra’s opponent has taken a weird and monster like form. Garra tries to fend of his opponent by uses the sand substitute. Garra now goes on the offensive with the Flowing Desert Dragon technique. This attack takes apart half the ship. Garr’s opponent is still alive! Garra decides to use the Thunder God of Sand attack. This attack puts sand like rods into the ground which absorbs his electricity. This puts his opponent in a large amount of pain since her body is flowing with electricity. Garra uses the Desert Funeral technique this time while she’s in pain and uses a large amount of chakra (this is the biggest it has ever gotten). Kanjuro’s opponent transforms into a bat and tries to escape. Kanjuro’s opponent escapes with Temujin but Garra’s opponent is not so lucky.
The caravan has been attacked by Temujin’s comrade. She is asking about the Stone of Gelel. Shikamaru catches the women in the Shadow Bind technique. She transforms into a werewolf and escapes. Old man Kahiko was injured but it was nothing serious. Kahiko asks them if they are Naruto’s comrades and would they give him their strength. Temujin is captured by Naruto and his friends. As they talk about the stone Kahiko tells Temujin that he a descendant of his caravan. Kahiko tells Temujin that the Stone of Gelel is nothing to fool with. Temujin says that Haido (his master whose name is just found out now) will use it correctly no matter what kind of power it is. Temujin breaks free and kidnaps Kahiko and makes him take him to where the Stone of Gelel is. Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru catch up with Temujin and the old man inside of some ancient ruins. The large metal ship breaks through the ruins and Haido and the two women warriors step outside. Shikamaru puts Haido into the Shadow Bind technique. Everyone starts asking Haido some questions. Haido breaks free of the Shadow Bind technique and the battle begins. Sakura attacks one of the women warriors, while Naruto goes after Temujin and the old man. Temujin and the old man make it down to the Sealing room. This room depicts their history. Shikamaru can’t keep up with this enemy who is transformed into a bat. Sakura uses large bells to send back the werewolf women’s loud voice and defeats her. Shikamaru throws a large amount of explosive seals which are attached to wires and Shuriken into the walls. This leaves his opponent with absolutely no where to fly. She starts bragging that his shadow can not reach her. But then down comes Kanjuro puppet and takes her in. She is then cut into many pieces by the Two Secret Black Ceremonies technique. You find out that half of Shikamaru’s explosive seals are fakes. Haido catches up with Temujin and the old man. Haido attacks the old man. Temujin steps in and !
stops this. Naruto saved the old man just in time before Haido killed him. Haido tells Temujin that he killed him parents and took control of his life. Temujin is injured and can no longer stand. Haido keeps on mocking him by saying that he did not even know who murdered his own parents. The newly enraged Naruto can no longer take anymore. He punched by the new transformed Haido who now haves the Glove of Gelel (has a large amount of power). Naruto uses his Clone technique. It doesn’t seem to work. Naruto throws shuriken but Haido blows them with a metal shield that is formed by his body. Naruto is being kicked around as if he is nothing. He struggles to get up and asks Temujin if he is going to give up. Naruto now powers up the Rasengan in an attempt to defeat this all powerful man. He lands a direct blow! Haido’s body is all twisted up and it seems he is dead. No, Haido’s body is healing its self. But how? He attained the Veil of Gelel, which increases his ability to heal and increases his power 10 fold. He tells Temujin to help him because he can not defeat this enemy by himself. Temujin’s soldiers jumped in the way to save Naruto and Temujin from Haido’s attack. Temujin now gets to his feet. Naruto powers up the Rasengan and even Temujin helps power up one in Naruto’s other hand. Naruto has one Rasengan which is normal (the one Temujin helped create) and one with the nine-tails chakra! Haido attacks but Naruto and Temujin just run through his attack. Naruto attacks with the normal Rasengan but it is not working so he used the nine-tails Rasengan and defeats Haido. The Veil broke because of Naruto’s attack. This is a really bad thing. The Veil is the source of life. Since it is now going out of control the whole word can be wiped out. Temujin goes and opens a black hole by using his ancestors sealing technique. The only downfall is that when the black hole is opened the person performing the technique will die. He performs this technique. As he falls and is about to die Naruto makes a latter with his Shadow clones and saves his life. The movie is almost at the end. It shows how he and his comrades are trying to make the world a better place, while Naruto heads back to the Hidden Leaf.

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