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Mage Master on Naruto
Narutard Day
September 5, 2006

If you’ve been hanging around the Pojo message boards in the past few weeks or even browsing other websites there is a good chance that you will have heard the phrase Narutard Day or National Naruto Day pop up on one or two occasions. Don’t know what it is? Don’t panic, this article will reveal all and a little bit more.

On September 22nd everyone who is supporting this day will wear their Naruto headband as they go about their daily business (School, work, etc). Some have even decided to dress up as their favourite characters in support of this special day. Basically the day is going to be lots of fun for all involved as they celebrate their love of all things Naruto in their own special ways.

The easiest way to show your support for this day is by simply wearing a Naruto headband. These can be worn in a number of different ways; the most common ways being around your forehead or around your neck. However, some people have chosen to wear their headbands in different places, such as around their arms or even around their waists. How you wear yours is completely up to you, the possibilities are practically endless.

Narutard Day (Or National Naruto Day) is seen throughout the Internet and the outside world. When people ask about your headband on Narutard Day, just tell them about this special holiday and teach them about Naruto. The holiday has gotten so big, generous Naruto fans have even given out free Naruto merchandise such as headbands, rings and various other items of clothing to commemorate this special day."

The day started out as an event exclusive to the United States but has quickly turned into a worldwide event with people from the United Kingdom and various other countries around the world choosing to celebrate the day as well. The day really has turned into a major event from its humble beginnings and will continue to grow with the ever increasing Naruto fan-base.

In my opinion, Narutard Day is a great way to honour the creation of Naruto by wearing our headbands in honour of Naruto’s greatness even if we are laughed at for doing so. It is of great importance to celebrate the greatness of such a funny and action packed anime and manga that Naruto is no matter what others may think.

I ask that after you have read this article that you spread the word so we can truly establish this day of celebration as a thing of greatness. You don’t have to do much to support the clause, telling some of your friends about it is enough as they will most likely tell their friends and so on and so forth. Pretty soon there will be many more people who will be celebrating this day.

I hope that this article has given you an insight into the celebration that is Narutard Day, I also hope that you will participate now that you know a little bit more about it.

Any questions, feel free to email me at gd-fan06@hotmail.co.uk


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