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Wednesday, March 14, 2001

     What more can be said except it's a Random Beating day.  Spike, staying within the recent topic of the site, talk about How to Not Sound Like a Scrub.  If you are thinking about writing an article for the site, please read this....please.

     In the Strategy Guide today, we have an all "D" lineup.  Three decks are out there for your perusal:  Double Trouble, Denier, and Disruptor

     Moving onto Single Card Strategies, we have two well written ones: Plague Spitter by Paul Hagan and Warped Devotion by Chris Magner.  

     That Tournament Report prize is still up for grabs and getting even bigger with more submissions.  Today we added in two more, giving us a total of nine for the competition.  I'm still looking for more, as this prize hasn't been given to anyone yet!

     Now THIS is the kind of turnout I know you all are capable of.  It's good to have a nice range of submissions to post.  If we keep this up, then everyone else will have no choice but to take notice!  Thanks guys!

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

     Hey everyone.  It seems one of our fellow sites, 7towers.net had a real life catastrophe.  Their real world shop got robbed.  So, if you shop for Magic on the internet or are anywhere in the Danville, Kentucky area, please read this so we can help them recover their losses.  Thanks.

     We have added another 3 Single Card Strategies: a good one about Cavern Harpy, Goblin Game, and Cataclysm.

     Seems people are gunning for that Tournament Report prize.  I've added another 5 today, giving us a total of 7 entries in the contest thus far.  Go ahead, get yours written up, and send it in!

     Hey guys!  I was just surfing the net when I came across this little article.  Seems our site is getting almost no notice from the other websites, and the one thing that we got notice for, was bad.  Do I like this?  No!  Do I want to change it!  Heck yes!  So, here's the new deal.  I am going to give something...let's call it an Undermine, to the first person who makes that site's BEST of the Net.  I don't care if it's a Tournament ReportStrategy ArticleSingle Card Strategy, or even a Feature Writer article.  I want us to get noticed for doing something great and get Pojo known for what it's working toward becoming - the best Magic site on the net!!!  For reference sake, here are the two articles that are referenced in the article:

Paul Reinhardt's Cavern Harpy Strategy

Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar's Death or Glory Strategy

     Now, that you have read both, which one tells us more about the cards and provides the best strategy.  Clearly it's Jay's.  Now I'm not saying you have to be THAT long winded when talking about every single card, but look over some of the things he does.  He goes into depth the various uses of the cards, and even provides viable deck listings for it.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Remember, if we want to be the premiere strategy site on the net, we have to compete with articles like that.  Now I know you can do it - we have some really good writers out there.  Let's get writing!  Again, a free Undermine to the winner. ;)


Monday, March 12, 2001

     So, it's Monday again.  Is there really anything good about Mondays?  Oh yeah, it's The Monday Grind.  So, did you get your butt whooped at the tournament this weekend?  Maybe you picked the wrong deck.  John talks to us some about Picking a Deck - Aggressive vs. Control.  

     Well, I am thus far blatently shocked at the few Tournament Reports we have gotten thus far considering I'm away something.  A mere...two.  Yeah, that's it.  Two.  One from Spike and one from Jason Imperiale, so go read them, and then go write one!

     By the way, Mikey of  A New Plateau was just letting me know how much he wants to do fixes, but is not getting any decks.  Let's get in there and e-mail him and our other mechanics - keep them hard at work, okay?

Sunday, March 11, 2001

     Sunday morning once again.  Last day of the weekend so get out there and have some fun before we're back to Monday and the work/school week!

  • After writing several well-received articles, Miguel Caron now has his own Biographies section.  Each week he'll tell you a little more about the world of Magic and the stories behind the cards.  This week he details the lives of Belbe & Greven.
  • The Strategy Guide got a couple more additions this morning.  Today we look at a Kavu and Blue Skies deck.

Saturday, March 10, 2001

     We gave the Strategy Guide and Single Card Strategy sections an update, check them out.  We still need tournament reports.  As a matter of fact, let's run another contest:

Contest Alert!!!!

     I want tournament reports.  There will be a reward given to the best written tournament report between now and, oh, lets say next Thursday.  It needs to be real - fictional reports will be disqualified.  I promise the book value of whatever I give away to be at least $10, maybe more.  Probably one of the premiere t2 rares, maybe 2 - who knows.  Depends on how I'm feeling and how generous I am.  It also depends on the number of entries.  Low entries means bad prize.  High entries means good prize.  Make sense?  Good.  Check out the Tournament Reports page for submission information, and good luck!

Friday, March 9th, 2001

    DeQuan has given us another of his now famous Dragon Den's.  Today he looks at one of the most shrewd characters in all of Magic - Mr. Mulligan

     You know, as Friday rolls around, I am reminded about how very few tournament reports we're getting in.  That needs to change.  It's the weekend.  Go out there, kick some butt, and tell us about it!  

  • Profpoke has worked up a 7th Edition Apprentice Patch.  We at the Pojo do not support this patch, but for those who need assistance with it, please write to profpoke@usa.net.  He is the creator and can assist with any technical problems.
  • Kevin is back with more Better Tomes & GoblinsToday he tackles two decks, plus writes a very personal editorial, simply entitled, Please.  Check it out.

Thursday, March 8th, 2001

     Tim's been working on some more Techsas for everyone!  This week's article is entitled, Freeze! where he talks about his newest Orim's Chant deck and how it's been doing.

     We're getting some ideas in on trivia questions.  Soon we'll have another one up.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2001

     Middle of the week?  That means it's time for some beatings.  Some Random Beatings that is.  This week Spike recounts his latest Random Tournament Report.

    You're not gonna believe this.  We did not have a single correct answer to the trivia question.  Not one.  We had a lot of people who were close, and one who actually had all the correct sets, but listed too many - some were not booster sets, thus disqualifying him.  This first one was a little tricky, as you'll see - some will be easy, some harder.   I am going to start up a trivia section and we're gonna post the answer to this question in there.  If you guys out there have any ideas for some good trivia, gimme a write at MagicWebmaster@pojo.com.  In the meanwhile, I'll work on another Trivia question.  Maybe we can make this a weekly thing.  Who know. ;)

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