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by John Hornberg

The type II cards have been hogging the spotlight here in the Single Card
Strategies, particularly cards from Invasion.  I say we give one of the
older cards a run.

Cataclysm is another one of those "Blow up EVERYTHING" cards.  In a way,
it's better than Jokalhaups and/or Obliterate, because each player keeps one
of everything (One land, enchantment, creature, and artifact) all for two
white and two colorless.

That's the same cost for a Wrath of God, except Wrath get the one or two
creatures Cataclysm doesn't.

Doesn't Cataclysm seem like the better deal?

It's best with cards like Soltari Priest (2/1 White Shadow for Two White
that's Pro Red), and more recently Thermal and/or Nightwind Glider's.

The best Enchantment to keep around would be something like a Worship, or a
C.O.P. of some sorts.  Or, for much more offense, keep an Empyrial Armor,
the meanest white card aside from this card and Orim's Chant.

Again, like how I feel about Warped Devotion, this card is a sleeper card,
then again I've only been playing since around June 2000.  Someone did
actually go into Worlds '98 and got I think 8th over all with this style

Just remember when building this deck, you need to have some creature that's
pro-something, ANYTHING, and an enchantment that is as defensive as Worship
or as offensive as Empyiral Armor.

Signing Out,
John Hornberg

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