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Kimagure Orange Road

Written by: Andy Diehl
Kimagure Orange Road
Go to A Whimsical Trip for all your KOR Merchandise info.

Kasuga Kyousuke and his family have a unique power and that power is the power of ESP. As a result of their power they have had to change schools a total of seven times so far. Upon moving into his new school, Kyousuke runs into a girl by the name of Ayukawa Madoka. Kyousuke immediately falls in love with Madoka. Madoka, however, has the reputation of being a tough girl and isn't looked upon very highly by here school and other classmates.

One day Kyousuke is sitting in the gym, he thinks he's alone, when he uses his ESP powers to make an impossible shot. There is someone there, though, who sees Kyousuke and falls in love with him. The girl's name is Hiyama Hikaru and Hikaru is Madoka's best friend.

One day Hikaru asks Kyousuke to go on a date and he agrees. While waiting for Hikaru to show up, though, Kyousuke sees Madoka and ends up spending the day with her. Kyousuke has a good time, but at the end of the day, Kyousuke realizes that he's over three hours late for his date with Hikaru. Kyousuke runs to meet Hikaru, but when he gets there he is met with a sign that is calling him a jerk.

The next day Hikaru and Madoka are together and Hikaru tells Madoka about how she likes Kyousuke and was supposed to go on a date with him. Madoka already knows this, though, but doesn't let Hikaru know that she knows. Madoka agrees to give Hikaru all of her support.

The next day at school Madoka pulls Kyousuke aside and tells Kyousuke to apologize to Hikaru. Kyousuke ends up telling Hikaru that he missed their date because he was helping his dad. The two agree to go on another date after school. How will this date turn out?

Since Kyousuke is unable to turn down Hikaru, he must hide his affections for Madoka from Hikaru. Madoka, however, seems to be taking a liking to Kyousuke. She may not let him see this, but it appears that she is starting to like him.

How will this love triangle unfold? Is it true that Madoka does actually have feeling for Kyousuke? Also, will Kyousuke's and his families power of ESP be revealed for an eighth time causing the family to have to move again?

At first I was a little hesitant to start reading this one. Why you ask? Well, the art and character design was a little different that that of manga artists such as Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura's. I decided to start reading this one, though, because these are the kind of manga stories I enjoy most; the love comedy manga's.

Right from the get go I enjoyed this manga. I found it to be funny and also very entertaining to read. I actually grew to like the character design.

Kimagure Orange Road is a manga comprised of 10 volumes (10 volumes for the hardcover wideban and 18 volumes for paperback tankouban) that contain 156 chapters in all. The author of KOR is Matsumoto Izumi and I feel that he did a wonderful job with KOR.

This is a manga that I highly recommend for all of you to read. I loved it and I am sure that you all will enjoy it also.