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Pojo's DBZ CCG Apprentice Patch and League Page

Get the Program you need: 
How do you play DBZ:CCG online? First, download Apprentice from Glitch's site is a good place to get the program, since dragon Studios is down once again. Just click on online play and you'll see APPR link. And the patch is located  

After you download the patch and Apprentice, install Apprentice. Unzip the Apprentice patch into the Apprentice folder, and let the files overwrite. When you get the new dbz ccg patch their will be a couple of files when you unzip it. When you do this also open up your APPRENTICE folder that's located in your C drive. Now you add the Cardinfo.dat into your APPRENTICE's SETS folder and the other 3 files go into the APPRENTICE folder. After you added in the files close up all the folders and start your apprentice program. Click File then click on DECK EDITOR when you do so it will open another window that will have the DBZ CCG card list
Where can I play on the internet?
You can play online through a chat program called mIRC. You can download it here @ or you can use our java chat *add in link* here! Once you get mIRC install it then open it up. Type in the chat window /server  after you are connected to the server type /join #pojodbzccgleague and you're in.
Pojo's Dbz CCG league:
You can sign up for our new DBZ CCG League Ladder @ once you have signed up you can go ahead and find someone to battle in the channel #pojodbzccgleague - or visit our DBZ CCG Chat room

How do you play on the internet?
Here's how:
1. Start your apprentice program
2. Go to "File".
3. Select "New Game.
4. Make sure you have your deck and instead of checking off "Solitaire" check off the circle next to "Connect via the Internet".
5. A pop-up box will appear and it will ask for your opponent's IP number. On the bottom of the box is your IP number, if you want to play against someone just ask them their IP number and type it in. Then click "ok". The person who is getting called by YOU checks off "Waiting for call" and clicks "ok". You should be playing in no time!!! Enjoy!!!!



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