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Written by: Andy Diehl
You can read the manga at I's Scans.

I's is the story of Ichitaka and his attempt to find love. The title for the manga comes from the title of its three main characters- Ichitaka, Itsuki, and Iori. Ichitaka is in love with Iori who is a model that goes to Ichitaka's high school. However, because of past events, Ichitaka is unable to confess his love for Iori. When Iori and Ichitaka are paired up for a project, however, Ichitaka views this as his chance to get closer to Iori. During the project Ichitaka is extremely nervous around Iori, but Iori begins to realize how sweet and caring Ichitaka really is. Right as things seem to be going Ichitaka's way, Ichitaka's old girlfriend from grade school shows up and her name is Itsuki. Even though she keeps it reveled, Itsuki's purpose for coming back is to get Ichitaka back. How will Ichitaka handle this situation?

The story follows Ichitaka and friends throughout their entire high school life and into their college/adult lives. Itchitaka will make many new friends and most of those friends help Ichitaka out in his quest to be with Iori. Ichitaka's quest for love takes many twists and turns, but the question is still the same, in the end will Ichitaka end up with Iori.

This is probably my favorite Manga of all time and right off the bat I recommend it to all. This manga leaves you cheering for Ichitaka, but never sure of what will happen. A lot like Video Girl Ai, right when you think everything is going to work out, something news pops up.

The character development is great in the series and you feel as if you know each of the characters. By the end of the manga you will probably wish there was more to it, that is how good it was.

The overall story is extremely interesting and never is boring, somthing new is always happening. As I said, that story and character development is great. The artwork of the manga is also very good and enjoyable to look at. One thing that I found I liked about this anime is that it didn't end when the goal was achieved. Even when Ichitaka got what he wanted, the series kept going on and showed Ichitaka's hardships of keeping his goal and living with it.

As I said, this is my favorite Manga series and a highly recommend it.