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Written by: Andy Diehl
Price: $ 6.25 per volume
Purchase this from Sasuga Books

In the future Japan has a major problem and that problem is found in population. The government can not figure out how there are this many people, though. Finally, the government discovers the major reason for the over-population and that problem is Junta Momomari. Junta Momomari is also known as the "Mega-Playboy". The Mega Playboy is the man who had children with over 100 wives and with each of those children, the Mega Playboy gene was passed on.

So, all the government has to do is to find Junta, but the problem is that he dies several years ago. This is where Karin Aoi enters into the story. Karin is a DNA specalist who is able to alter people's DNA by shooting them with special bullets. So, it is Karin's job to go back into the past, before Junta became the "Mega-Playboy", and to alter his genes so that he can be a normal person. In return for her work, Karin is going to recieve a paycheck of 100 million dollars.

When Karin arrives in the past she finds someone who she can not believe is Junta. Junta is just a boy who is deathly afraid of girls and will throw up upon to much interaction with girls. So, Karin does her job and shoots Junta with the DCM(the bullet which will alter Junta's DNA), but there is a slight problem. Karin shoots Junta with the wrong bullet and the bullets effects are not good. She ends up turning Junta into the Mega Playboy.

This isn't the only problem, though, it seems that Junta is falling in love with Karin. Then we have Ami Kurimoto who has been Junta's long time friend, but she secretly loves Junta. Not only that, but Tomoko Saeki also is in love with Junta and says that she will not give up on him

So, what will become of Junta's love life and the fact that he is now the "Mega Playboy"?

Well, despite the fact that it was pretty short, only 5 volumes, I still enjoyed it a great deal. This is another great work by Mazakazu Katsura. The artwork and character design was extremely good and it added a lot to the overall story. The ending fits the story well, but in the ending a few things happen that you probably didn't see coming. As I said, this manga is shorter than I would have liked and I think that it could have gone on longer. You still have to look at the fact that a complete story was still told and all the ties were wrapped up by the end, though.

So, yes, I do recommend this magna. I found it very enjoyable and I know that if you like Katsura's other works, such as I's and Video Girl Ai, that you should also enjoy this.