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Written by: Andy Diehl
Read this at Toriyama World

In Cape Bat a flu has broken out. When it is realized that only the monsters are getting the flu it is diagnosed as the deadly Monster Flu. The last time the Monster Flu broke out almost all of the people who caught it died.

There is only one way to get a cure for the flu. Someone must travel over 1,200 km to see the witch that lives on Mount Mimizuku. The witch will be able to create a cure for the flu. Paifu, who is the son of a vampire and were-koala, and his best friend Jose Rodriguez, Jose is a ghost, say that they will make the journey. The doctor tells them that this would not be safe, though. Since all of the male adults in the village are sick Paifu must find someone else to go with them. So Paifu runs and asks a human by the name of Maruyama to go. Mayuyama is an extremely strong man and used to be a sumo wrestler. Maruyama agrees to go if he is paid one million yen. Paifu says fine, but first Maruyama must get the medicine with them, Maruyama agrees. When Paifu tells everyone that Maruyama is also going, the parents agree that it is safe for the children to go.

As the group is about to set off, Apone shows up and says that he wants to go because he will not allow only Paifu and Jose to become heroes. So, the four heroes then set off for Mt. Mimizuku so that they will be able to get the medicine from the witch.

This manga was only fourteen chapters long, but when it came to entertainment it didn't fall short in any areas. I found this to be a cute and humorous story. it was very easy to get to know and like all of the characters, plus all of the characters were well drawn.

This is another Manga that was drawn by Akira Toriyama and I enjoyed more than I did some of his other short manga stories. He did a very good job here of telling and illustrating a story that was able to keep the readers attention.

So, yeah, I am going to recommened that you read this story because if you haven't realized it yet, I will make it very clear, I highly enjoyed this manga. this.