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"Strange Delusions"

Jan 8,2004

I’m a real sucker for decks that take a card that looks worthless and try to do something with it. They are real challenges and fun to play, even if they don’t win.

“Bull” has sent me a deck that tried to make use of a card that is not only seen as worthless, but goes to far as to help your opponent! Aquapolis Tentacruel lets you flip a coin to try to add extra Energy cards to your Opponent’s Active. What a crazy idea!! Why would we want to do that?

The answer is: When having a lot of energy hurts them.

”Strange Delusions” – Modified Format

Pokemon (20):
4 Ralts (RS 67) (stall)
2 Kirlia (RS 34) (attack)
2 Gardevoir
2 Gardevoir ex
2 Wynaut
2 Wobbuffet
3 Tentacool (AQ 113)
3 Tentacruel (AQ 38)

Trainers (23):
3 Prof. Oak’s Research
3 Copycat
3 Dual Ball
3 Prof. Elm's Training Method
2 PokePark
2 Town Volunteers
4 Rare Candy
3 Switch

Energy (17):
4 Multi
13 Psychic

Bull says, “I personally like this deck, one of my favs built so far.  It basically takes a proven superpower (Gardy and Gardy ex) and combines it with an unproven Pokemon that has some type of helpful quirk or power (Tentacruel).  So far, it's about 12-3, losing only to a Muk ex deck (5-3 against that deck).  The strategy here should be relatively simple.  Get out Gardy or Gardy ex with a Tentacruel or 2 on the Bench and just pound away. 

[Pop’s Note: Gardevoir’s attack damage increases with every energy attached to the defender]

I couldn't fit any real healing cards in this deck, and, frankly, they aren't really needed.  PokePark is in there more as an incentive for my opponent to attach energy rather than a self-healing mechanism.  The Multis are in there for Tentacruel just in case I'm stuck with him active.  His attack is fairly decent, enough to at least stall and do some damage for a turn or 2 until I can get a Wynaut or something out.  What I'm most concerned with this deck is the numbers of the cards in there, as well as different forms of TecH available for this deck.  GL with this...”

I playtested this a bit and the thing it seems to me that speed in getting set up is the only way this can get ahead of the opponent and work. If you don’t get set up fast enough, all that Tentacruel will do is help your opponent power up his beast. You need Tentacruel putting surplus energy on a low-powered Pokemon that can’t do anything with it. So, with that in mind, let’s see how we can get you up and running ASAP! My comments are interspersed in the deck fix.

Pokemon (19):
4 Ralts (SS 74) - I’d use this one instead since you get attack or stall with just one energy. If your Gardevoir gets KO’d, you can jump right back at them with a Psychic Boom.
3 Kirlia (RS 35) - I upped your count and felt that Life Drain is a better attack option, especially since you won’t want to keep it as Kirlia for long. Also, 34’s Removal Beam worked against your theme.
4 Gardevoir - Being able to use the Energy Burst for one P right away makes this a better choice to me. Also, you are focusing on the Energy on the Actives with this deck. There are better ways to get energy on Benched Pokemon than Tentacruel. Also, the bonus HP of Gardy ex is overcome, in my opinion, by the two prizes it gives up.
2 Wobbuffet
3 Tentacool (AQ 113)
3 Tentacruel (AQ 38)

Trainers (25):
4 Prof. Oak’s Research
4 Dual Ball
4 Prof. Elm's Training Method
2 Mirage Stadium – I don’t think good players would fall for the PokePark trick if it would hurt them, and often it will help them. Mirage keeps active the Pokemon that you are setting the extra energy on.
2 Fisherman – You want those Energy cards accessible right away.
2 Seer – Again, get energy cards into your hand and thin out your deck.

4 Rare Candy
3 Switch

Energy (16):
4 Multi
12 Psychic

I then tested the deck again and found it to be faster and easier to get out what you want. I doubt this will be a tournament winner, but I do agree, it is fun to play!

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