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Perfect 0ne's Rehabilitation Center

1.1.04  Here's another deck fix for everyone to see!  I chose this one because of its originality and the puffball theme ^_^.  First, take a look at the original deck, and then I will get to to the fixings.
2 cleffa (promo 31)
3 E card expedition clefairy
2 clefable (jungle)
2 igglybuff (promo 36)
3 jigglypuff (jungle)
2 wigglytuff (jungle)
2 chansey (base)
2 blissey (neo revelation)
4 recycle
4 dce (double colorless)
4 full heal
4 holo water (a touch of bling bling)(how lame huh?)
1 comp search
1 item finder
2 super energy removals
2 prof. elms
2 gold berries
2 plus power
2 lenette's net search
2 prof. elm's training method
2 town's volunteers
2 bill
2 energy removal
2 gust of wind
2 potion
2 switch
First I noticed the weaker version of cleffa- so those will become NG cleffa.  When I took a look at this decks pokemon, my first thought was- every pokemon is weak to fighting!  That's the first point that needs help- so I thought of Scyther (jungle), Gligar(NG), Mewtwo Movie promo, and mewtwo ex(ru/sa) off of the top of my head.  Another possibility would be to fight fire with fire with Ditto(fossil) (keeping it pink ^_^).  Anywho, I also noticed the 4 water energy thrown in to just act as colorless, so why don't we leave that up to choice between potion energy, warp energy, and cyclone energy in any combination.  Next is the trainers.  First off- Lanettes Net Search will only get one pokemon for this deck- so Pokemon Fan Club (expedition) is a better choice since it gets 2 pokemon.  Im also going to do some surgery on the numbers of certain cards here when i post the final draft.  One more important flaw with this deck is that it the opponent is using slowking and has a sprout tower and benched unown N, this deck is totally immobile.  Pichu and another type of pokemon can fix that.  Next I will post a final draft with explanations about the choices I made in fixing it up.  Keep in mind- this was supposed to be for competitive play!
2 cleffa (NG)
3 clefairy (Exped.)
3 clefable (JNG)
2 jigglypuff (JNG)
2 wigglytuff (JNG)
2 Scyther (JNG)
2 Pichu (NG)
4 recycle energy (NG or Promo)
4 Double colorless energy (Base)
4 full heal energy (TR)
4 Warp(AQ)/Cyclone(SK)/Potion(TR)
4 professor oak/elm (Base/NG) - love oak for speed and search- but some love elm -
4 comp search (Base) - instead of elms training and other search cards, use a CPS ^_^ -
2 item finder (Base) - reuse Comp search or something before oaking and get back anything necessary-
4 super energy removals (NG) - Use your recycle energy to use them for free this card deserves 4 spots in any deck -
3 gold berries (NG) - they're berries and they're gold! -
1 plus power (Base) - use a CPS or something to get this to KO something that normally would survive -
2 Pokemon Fan Club (Exped) - fill the bench for Wigglytuff -
1 Town volunteers (Exped) - refill the deck later in the game -
4 energy removal (Base) - make them waste their one energy per turn! -
3 gust of wind (Base) - draw out that Unown N or sneasel powering up -
I took out the Blissey line since it was too bulky and made room for a sleeker trainer engine to use.  The potions aren't necessary with the gold berries, and item finder can get back the berries if necessary anyway.  I raised the number of ERs and SERs in order to buy time for wigglytuff or to use Zzzzap or Eeeeeek.  Anyway, I think it will run smoother and easier this way, but everyone has personal tastes, and you may not LOVE it, but its my view.  I, myself, love to use Sneasel, Raindance, Erikas Jiggly, and Slowking decks.  Hope you enjoyed the fix- c'ya! is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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