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Patriarch's Palace

12.22.04  Results in Patriarch's Palace 12-30


Well everyone, Patriarch is planning to do something special for the year's end...what's that? Special Olympics cake bake? Not quite...However, it is just as competitive! I am pleased to announce that I am going to revive John Schweppe (RaNd0m)'s old award article from 02! If you would like to vote, then please do so, by all means! The more people we have that vote, the better. At the end of the article, I will give you all the information you need to send in your ballot!!!


Now, without further adieu, the categories, and their nominees!!!


1. Best Deck (E-ON):

When I say "best," vote however you wish. May it really have been the strongest, or your favorite...whatever constitutes "best" for you is fine by me! These decks all made a previous impact in the past!

(P.S.: E-on STRICTLY relates to the e-on era. BEFORE red/green was legal! )


-Blaziken: Dominated the states and gym challenges

-Gardevoir: Always a step behind blaziken until the National Championships, where not a single Blaziken T4'ed

-Swampert: The all-knowing "counter" to Blaziken. Had solid matchups vs every deck on this list other than Gardevoir and Walrein.

-Magma: The BEAST that took America by surprise, and won the world Championships.

-Walrein: pioneered by Martin Moreno, and did will with Kyle Sucevich (2nd at Nationals) and John Wetz (3rd at East Stadium).

-Shiftry: The deck that had just started to surface at Nationals, T8'ed South Stadium Challenge, and WON the East SC! For a long while, it was considered the unopposed top deck in the format, until Worlds and the format rotation.

-Metagross: A stable deck that was also a shocker during the stadium challenges, placing 2nd twice.


2. Best Deck (RS-on):

Similar to the 1st category, only with pretty much different choices, and in the CURRENT era. So, without the set to be released in February in consideration, or the E-on sets, vote away!


-Blaziken: One of only two E-on era decks in this nomination.

-Nidos: Nidos king and queen are quite the force out of RG! Doing nice in the City Championships of 04/05

-Magma: One of only two E-on era decks in this nomination.

-Blastoise: The much hyped-up turtle is doing well for himself (and also my favorite deck)

-Zapdos: Turn Two 70!!! Heeeyah! =P

-Dark Dragonite: in Combination with Electrode, this is the most popular deck out of the newest set.

-Dark Tyranitar: A severe underdog in the new format, but seems to be doing well in Canada/elsewhere


3. Best Rogue Deck (RS-on):

In my humble opinion, the most successful decks, as of right now, are ROGUE. If you can think outside even this box, there's no telling where you'll go! But, here are the more noteworthy rogues.


-Flygon: Metagame madness! Not too popular, or high up in tiers, but eh, who can resist godly magnetons???

-Wailord ex: Fossils...then Bellossom...then Slowbro...AGH!!! How can I kill this crazy thing?

-Jumpluff: An amazing/cheap attack, and a Focus Band power. I think you've just been pwn't! KILLS Blastoise!

-Slaking: Popular in Japan with Blaziken, this big dude can be a lethal force with Surprise! Time Machine and switching.

-Salamence: Also popular in japan (with the unreleased Salamence ex), gusting is not too shabby.

-Dark Ampharos: Evolve...take damage. Get ATM Rocked...evolve...take damage. >_<

-Lanturn: This guy is just insane. A non-ex who basically can do slightly limited damage to what Rayquaza could!


4. Best Event (03/04 season):

-World Championships: Considered by many as the most successful world-class event ever.

-National Championships: Despite software problems, a late start, and fishy side event results, this was Nintendo's first big event.

-West Stadium Challenge: California's event of the year!

-South Stadium Challenge: Texas' event! EEEEE ^_^

-East Stadium Challenge: Maryland's do-hicky.


5. Least washed-up:

Mmm, don't you just love these guys? They all were-and are-great players who have since restored their names, some having written for Pojo, too!


-Jason Klaczynski: Ness' Nest, TMB and STS fame...nice to know he T8'ed Nintendo Nats after being absent for a year! :O

-Alex Brosseau: A mizer of many, "Big Chuck" won the best player award two years ago, and is still kicking butt and taking names!

-Chris Fulop: After some disappointing Nintendo results, about to quit, Fulop comes back in full force, taking the silver at ESC!!!

-Dallas Dalton: As his last Pokemon event (and the first in a LONG time), he T4's a gym challenge.

-Martin Moreno: After screwing over screwing, Martin Moreno FINALLY wins his trip tournament! Jehovah blessed, he is!


6. Biggest Upset:

-Wailord ex being good: Andrew Newman's fossil/wailord deck took a bunch of heat on 'Gym.

-Magma winning worlds: Tsugoyoshi Yamato did the impossible, and went undefeated in both Japanese Nats AND Worlds 04!!!

-Hidden Legends: Turned the format upside-down for the longest amount of time.

-Nationals: A surprising event, with an even more surprising outcome! NO BLAZIKEN, WHAAAAT?!

-POP Rewards: Professors and Players can now earn FREE SHTUFFZ for their long hours of dedication. Meaning, you win without even winning! =O


7. Best Pokemon Site:

-Pojo: well, you're reading it!

-Pokegym: The #1 source for up-to-date info on US pokemon

-Poke-Neo: Largest concentration of deckbuilders The official nintendo site; still young!

-Pokemon Trading Cards Online (PTCO): Largest trading site on the net

-Pokebeach: Has the best, and most complete scans of the newest cards.

-Pokemon Zeo: A collaboration of insanity!


8. Most Outspoken:

-Lia Van Bemmelen (rainbowgym): Netherlander with a passion for Pokey!

-Chris Fulop (Tyranitar666): He likes getting into fights at pokegym ;p

-Martin Moreno: You know his opinions VERRRRY well by now! No need to explain.

-Matthew Riddle (Prime): One of Pokegym's heaviest posters; has gotten into deep debate more than once.

-Drew Holton (JediDrew): Whether it's his morals or beliefs in question, people always want a Do for the Drew!


9. Best playing area in the US:



-Oregon/Washington State


-East (Maryland, VA, Florida)


10. Funniest Pokemon-Related Happening/Prank:

-Scavenger hunts for Pichu: take an obsessed pokefan's toy away at a national or world event, and you've got a SERIOUS problem.

-Dropping a bag of worthless Unknown A's on somebody's head: OUCH, and a cruddy card killed you too? =(

-Asking out the 10- World Champion: Silly Martin...

-Dumping 7 empty pizza boxes on a pokefan's doorstep at worlds: Poor Newman...

-Losing a Pokemon card bet, and being forced to eat packages of spice: Poor Tom...

-Sucking on a Phanpy nose in a provocative way: Teehee!

-Sucking on an officer Jenny a provocative way: mmmm, yumMY! ^_-


11. Sexiest Player:

-Levi Canfield (Monkeyman8889)

-Martin Moreno

-John Kettler (Patriarch)

-Kyle Sucevich (Pooka)

-Colin Moll (Swanton1717)

-AJ Deloye (TheAnswer3)

-Faisal/Freddy Khan


12. Best Era in Pokemon TCG:

-STS days

-Worlds 02

-Super Battlezones

-03/04 Nintendo season

-04/05 Nintendo season



SOOOOO, now you've seen the categories and nominees! Now you're asking, "how, oh how do I vote?!"


Well, it's very easy. Just send an e-mail to me, Patriarch! I do not want to sort through "omits" or whatever, so I would like you all to vote for all twelve categories, even if you aren't too sure of what/who should get the win. Also, I want the specific e-mail title! Here is an example, including everything you have to have:




"Mail to:

Topic Title: Pojo Award Vote




First Name: Gilbert

Nickname: Jimbo-Bob Valdes

#1: Metagross

#2: ZapDOS

#3: Flygon
#4: National Championships

#5: Martin Moreno

#6: POP Rewards

#7: PTCO

#8: Lia Van Bemmelen

#9: Oregon/Washington State

#10: Sucking on Phanpy

#11: AJ Deloye

#12: STS Days"


as shown in the example, my e-mail is, sooo....hop to it!!! ^_^


I will be collecting votes until Tuesday, December 28th, 2004! People who send their ballots to me on THE DAY OF December 28th might not be counted, and any ballots sent in 12-29 OR LATER will be deleted. I will tally up votes as they come in, and guarantee to have the results in by the 30th. If Pojo and co have abandoned the fort for the holidays, then it'll be done before the 30th, but not posted 'til the start of the new year.


Good luck to all nominees, and may the best man, deck, or other, win!


~Patriarch is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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