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Patriarch's Palace

Right now, we have an emergency on our hands! The next two Stadium Challenges are about to start, so it's time to help some players with their decks..pronto!

Here's our deck today:


Pokemon: 12

4 Mewtwo EX (ruby & sapphire)
4 Clamperl (hidden legends)
4 Gorebyss (hidden legends)

Trainers: 21

4 Jugglers (aquapolis)
4 TV Reporters (dragon)
2 Pokemon Fan Club (aquapolis)
2 Deset Shaman (sky ridge) 4 Switch
2 Ancient Ruins (sky ridge)
1 Pokemon Park (aquapolis)
2 Crystal Shards (sky ridge)

Energy: 27

20 Psychic
4 Double Rainbow Energy (Team Aqua & Magma)
3 Multi Enery (Ruby & Sapphire)

My strategy is Mewtwo EX starting as the active while having suficient psychic energy in hand with a Juggler(TV Reporter). Play Juggler(TV Reporter) discarding 2 psychic energy(or just one energy). If there is a threat like wynaut active switch the Mewtwo EX out of there. Hopefully changing to a Gorebyss evolved by second turn. Playing a Double Rainbow Energy on Gorebyss and doing (20+ 20 more from Double Rainbow and then -10 [after applying weakness and resistance]) 30+ 10 more damage for each energy on my bench(bonus if they're playing psychic deck a lso). In this case it would be doing 30(Gorebyss base damage) +30 for my Mewtwo EX on the bench and then the opponents side. 60+ damage!!! on second turn.This is my strategy! Any sugestions would be appreciated. This deck has won the majority of the games that it has played. I have access to ALL cards and as many as I need. Thanks, Lars."

Patriarch Says:
Well Lars, you have a mighty cool deck here! ^_^

I think today, I'll do my editing a little differently:

Energy: 27

20 Psychic
4 Double Rainbow Energy (Team Aqua & Magma)
3 Multi Enery (Ruby & Sapphire)"

First off, the Multis absolutely have to go in place of water. The Multi energy are going to only weaken your strategy, since they revert to colorless, if attached alongside DRE. Second, you have WAYYY too much energy; let's convert that normally useless energy into power in the E-on format!

-3 Multi
-7 Psychic
+3 Water

"4 Jugglers (aquapolis)
4 TV Reporters (dragon)
2 Pokemon Fan Club (aquapolis)
2 Desert Shaman (sky ridge)
4 Switch
2 Desert Ruins (sky ridge)
1 Pokemon Park (aquapolis)
2 Crystal Shards (sky ridge)"

Interesting...however, you need to make it all last much longer! I see Gardevoir tearing your deck to pieces in its current state, so we'll keep on preparing for the Pokemon grand finale...however, let's tweak this just a tad. First off, a very useful tool to this deck would be a playset of Reversals. Since your goal is to strike hard and fast, you want the basics which could become their best supporting and attacking Pokemon dead...errr...KO'ed. Also, Desert Ruins is not a good choice for your deck. You want a much more useful gym all-around, since Mewtwo's a vulnerable ex.Apricorn Forest would, at first, be a valid candidate, but it helps Gardevoir too much, so go with Mirage Stadium. Lastly are a couple fixes to fit the tastes of disruption:

-2 Switch
-2 Desert Ruins
-1 Pokemon Park
+2 Warp Point
+2 Mirage Stadium
+1 Desert Shaman
+4 Pokemon Reversal
+2 Briney's Compassion

With Pokemon, I have no changes but to add in a tech Wobbuffet: while it isn't a truly serious idea, it could work, and work well at that.

The final list would look a bit like this:

Pokemon (13):
4 Mewtwo ex
4 Clamperl
4 Gorebyss
1 Wobbuffet

Trainers (27):
4 Pokemon Reversal
4 TV Reporter
4 Juggler
3 Desert Shaman
2 Crystal Shard
2 Pokemon Fan Club
2 Mirage Stadium
2 Switch
2 Warp Point
2 Mr. Briney's Compassion

Energy (20):
13 Psychic
4 Double Rainbow Energy
3 Water is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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