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Patriarch's Palace

Hmmm, here's the last deck fix for the week, and may you all have a good 4th! We're going to check out an interesting fighting deck from a "SmallTownGuy", who just picked up the game! Here's his deck.

3 Tyrogue
3 Hitmonchan (Base Set)
2 Hitmonchan ex
3 medidite (Fighting type)
2 Medicham HL ( Meditate)

2 Computer Serach
4 Bill
3 Oak
2 Gust of wind
2 Switch
3 ER
2 Lass
3 Gold Berry
2 Super Energy Retrival
1 Magnetic Storm
2 Focus Band

4 Potion Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
12 Fighting Energy

I just started. My deck doesn't look like this yet but it will soon. I want
to know if I should do this or something else. Plz Help.

Patriarch Says:
Well, while I wouldn't necessarily run an all-fighting deck myself, I strive to help with your current deck, not just chuck yours right out the window! You'll find something better at a later time, so making your current deck the best it can be is a good thing.

"3 Tyrogue
3 Hitmonchan (Base Set)
2 Hitmonchan ex
3 Medidite (Fighing Type)
2 Medicham HL ( Meditate)"

So you're choosing to go a Hitmonchan/Medicham route? Interesting choice for a beginner, since Unlimited has massive hands (good for Medicham's 2nd attack, which deals damage based on the number of cards in the Opponent's hand). I'm not sure what you meant by "Fighting Type", since there are two-three versions of this guy, so let's go with ex Dragons Meditite, since its Meditate can help in a pinch. Only big problem is that you really could use the staple drawing card: Cleffa. Most reading this article know how wonderful a card it is, as it is THE baby of Unlimited; a new hand is a good thing to have sometimes! Also, no real need for Hitmonchan ex, since it really is no improvement to regular Hitmonchan. It's just a bigger loss when it goes down.

-2 Tyrogue
-2 Hitmonchan ex
+4 Cleffa
+1 Medicham

"2 Computer Serach
4 Bill
3 Oak
2 Gust of wind
2 Switch
3 ER
2 Lass
3 Gold Berry
2 Super Energy Retrival
1 Magnetic Storm
2 Focus Band"

You seem well-versed for just starting out! You know what cards work in Standard, so that's a very good thing. However, there are a few things that should not be part of your engine, such as Super Energy Retrieval. You may want to restrict your Gold Berries, if not completely remove them. On some of the better trainers, you may want to raise their count a little more. I think that, with your cost-efficient deck, you really can go all the way with the removal. To compliment this, you just need to add an extra counter gym in, and you're set against everybody, including the counter-removal players!

-2 Switch
-2 Super Energy Retrieval
-3 Gold Berry
-4 Bill
+1 Energy Removal
+1 Super Energy Removal
+1 Magnetic Storm/Chaos Gym
+1 Focus Band
+2 Gust of Wind
+3 Item Finder
+2 Copycat

That final fix should give you some good versatality.Plenty of trainers, both drawing and non-drawing.

"4 Potion Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
12 Fighting"

Potion Energy is just not that good in my opinion, especially for unlimited. I think just a slight fix could do the trick, and keep you properly teched against your opponent:

-4 Potion Enegy
+2 Recycle Energy

Now, for the final decklist!

Pokemon (14):
4 Cleffa (Neo Genesis)
1 Tyrogue (Neo Discovery)
3 Hitmonchan (Base Set)
3 Meditite (Ex Dragons)
3 Medicham (Holographic, Ex Hidden Legends)

Trainers (29):

4 Energy Removal
4 Gust of Wind
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 Professor Oak
3 Focus Band
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Copycat
2 Magnetic Storm/Chaos Gym (your choice...depending on the metagame for unlimited in your area)
2 Lass

Energy (17):
2 Recycle
3 Double Colorless
12 Fighting

Good luck with the deck, man! The deck was a pretty unique idea for unlimited, and Chakra Points really could be what gives you OHKO's when needed.

~Uncle Sam...errrr....Patriarch is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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