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Hehe, I feel like making a rebuttal myself, to Mr Prime that is…a counter-rebuttal! As opposed to a usual setup, where I would glance at the article and give a full-fledged opinion all at once, I’ll do kind of what I do in the deck fix section, in that I would like to dissect Matthew Riddle’s argument, and just present the opinion to you all. Note that I’m not going to use any rhetorical questions (for example, “Is this the truth?”) so that this doesn’t blow up into a pile of meaningless garbage, and when you all read back at this stuff a year from now, you’d think, “Wow, Prime and Patriarch are IDIOTS!!!” So…yeah =x

“The winner was Lia Van Bemmelen, also known as Rainbowgym. Congratulations to him. He really has spoken his mind on the issues that do matter in his country”
-She, not he

“I was surprised to not find much from Martin, and thus lead me to question myself, "Why was Martin even nominated?" ”
-That’s funny, because he does indeed speak plenty. Although he doesn’t have as high a post count on “Pokegym” as you or I, that doesn’t mean anything. To the question of why he earned a nomination, I reviewed it with my panel again. Levi Canfield, panel member and owner of 2nd place “Poke-Neo” said that, “he was always the life of the party,” and always had, “New inventions.”

“I even checked his post count, and found a nice 9 posts under his Martin account.”
-Total Posts: 117

“He was voted 3rd least washed up player and he was nominated for "Sexiest" player.”
-He lost to 2nd place by a slightly healthy margin, and a much wider margin to 1st. Also. He got second to last in the JOKE category =/

“Now, I can't comment on either category, as I don't consider any player washed up or "sexy", other than the females of course”
-Yes, you actually could comment! Unlike the awards for various people in the thing John Schweppe did, all three of these nominations were geared so that they would not be serious votes at ALL

“But I find it weird how someone was nominated in three categories, unlike most who were just nominated in one.”
-Well, if the panel felt somebody should be nominated for all three, then nominated they were.

“The categories of “most sexiest” and “least washed up” are very much influenced by popularity.”
-Colin Moll is popular, but not as popular as some of the people nominated, but he won! Chris Fulop, on the other hand, is HIDEOUSLY unpopular, compared to Dallas “Strike” Dalton, who got last place. Had he been nominated for sexiest, all of the older players would have voted for him =P

“But I would like to see some reason for Martin Moreno to be nominated for "Most Outspoken"”
-Your reasons for why he shouldn’t be nominated were all disproved (117 as opposed to 9 posts, and a full treasure chest of deck fixes to 2 articles). The panel beliefs were shown through my Levi C. quotes. Also, no need to make something out of Pojo articles, when you yourself have only one, and Lia Van Bemmelen has never been featured. That’s just kinduva “ehhh” point to make -_-

“I would like to see my article posted on Pojo and also a response from the people that ran the award contest. But I highly doubt either will happen.”
-Hurhurhur, very funny.

“The entire follow-up”
-Please check your facts next time. That’s what got your synonymous Pokemaster1110 into trouble.
-Don’t feel wronged; it’s not like anyone will respect Colin for being sexy, or you for being outspoken.

“someone that has the 5th highest post count on Pokegym.”
-Posts mean nothing. The second-highest poster is certainly not outspoken.

“Rise over popularity, and maybe then I might when the award for “Most Outspoken”.”
-I think the BEST way to solve your problem would be to contact the GUY WHO RAN THE CONTEST before you rant wildly and madly over nothing =/

~Johnny K.(age?), also known as Patriarch is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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