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Drew's Deck Garage


Well, I'll give you a quick back story. I started in base set, and quit after the release of Neo Discovery. When I did play, I had the classic haymaker, but it seems that it's not performing as well as it did in '02. So, I need your advice. It's the basic haymaker...mixed together with hand manipulation. I want as much help as I can get....please help me out.

Pokemon: 10

Electabuzz x4 (Base Set)

Hitmonchan x4 (Base Set)

Scyther x2 (Jungle)


Trainers: 36

Rocketís Sneak Attack x2

The Rocketís Trap x2

Imposter Professor Oaks Revenge x4

Professor Elm x4

Professor Oak x4

Focus Band x2

Gold Berry x2

Pokemon Trader x3

Energy Removal x4

Super Energy Removal x3

Computer Search x4

Billís Teleporter x2


Energies: 14

Double Colorless Energy x2

Lightning Energy x 6

Fighting Energy x 6


Well Adam Lets See What I can do For You...


You Dont Have a good choice of trainers so lets fix them...


Rocketís Sneak Attack x2 (Take These Out)

The Rocketís Trap x2 (Take These Out)

Imposter Professor Oaks Revenge x4 (Dont Need This Many/ Bring it Down to 3)

Professor Elm x4 (Bring This Down To 2)

Professor Oak x4(Bring this Down to 3)

Focus Band x2(This is the best card/Up it to 4)

Gold Berry x2(This is good)

Pokemon Trader x3(Take 1 Of these Out)

Energy Removal x4 (This Is Good)

Super Energy Removal x3 (You Can Take 2 Of These Out)

Computer Search x4 (You Can Take 2 Of these Out)

Billís Teleporter x2 (These are Horrible take them out)


So It looks like this...

-2 Rockets Sneak Attack

-2 Rockets Trap

-1 Imposter Oak's Revenge

-2 Prof. Elm

-1 Prof. Oak

-1 Pokemon Trader

-2 Super Energy Removal

-2 Computer Search

-2 Bill's Teleporter


That is 15 Cards!!


We are Adding


+2 Focus Band


Now To Pokemon!!


Electabuzz x4 (Base Set)(This is Good)

Hitmonchan x4 (Base Set) (This is Good

Scyther x2 (Jungle)(Take This Out)


So We Are Taking Out the Sythers so we have 15 free slots... now lets look at your energies...


Double Colorless Energy x2(Up this to 4)

Lightning Energy x 6 (This is to 8)

Fighting Energy x 6 (Up This to 8)


So we gave up 6 of our slots...


Now Time To Add Cards!!!


Now We Have 9 slots Left...

I would add 3 Cleffa from Neo Genesis...

I would Also Add 2 Tyrogue From Neo Discovery...


I would also add 4 Erika from Gym Heroes... You Draw then you Revenge Them!!!




So The Final Deck List Would Look Like This



3 Cleffa (NG)

2 Tyrogue (N2D)

4 Electabuzz (BS)

4 Hitmonchan (BS)




3x Imposter Professor Oaks Revenge 

2x Professor Elm

3x Professor Oak 

4x Focus Band 

2x Gold Berry 

2x Pokemon Trader 

4x Energy Removal x4

1x Super Energy Removal

2x Computer Search

4x Erika




4x Double Colorless

8x Lightning Energy

8x Fighting Energy



There is the Final Deck List...

Drew Aka TheDarkTwins OUT!!!! is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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