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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Cyclone Energy - Skyridge

Date Reviewed: 05/30/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Cyclone Energy - Skyridge
If you attach this card from your hand to your Active Pokémon, your opponent chooses 1 of his or her Benched Pokémon (if any) and switches it with the defending Pokémon.
Cyclone Energy provides (C) Energy. (Doesn't count as a basic Energy card.)
Modified: OOH. Some interesting stuff here.  This can help and hurt here. You may be able to get by babies by attaching this or if this is the only energy in your hand and you need to attach your opponent may be able to save their active pokemon from damage.  I recommend playing this and then double gust in that situation. Here is one of the "combos" I use. Scizor:  Sure Heavy Metals a great attack and with a HEADS you can KO a baby. How about getting passed that flip? Sure people know the combo with snatch (Snatch + Strength Charm = 30 = Free Baby KO- for all of you who don't know), but how about using Cyclone Energy and then snatching in the baby you just might have put back for a free KO.  I play one of these in my SMF. It works alright and most of the time gets me that free KO.
Rating: 3.4
Unlimited: Count this card out here.  In this format you may just play Gust of Wind which will get out a Pokemon of your pick unlike Cyclone Energy.  I recommend not playing this.
Rating: 1.3
Limited: Here this card would be nice.  With little to no pokemon with retreat costs and retreating is pricy when it comes to drafts IMO. I think that sending in one of your opponents charging pokemon or non-charged pokemon for quick damage or a possible KO would be great.  The only downfall is, well, I don't know how you think, but I dislike drafting Energies. You get energies for free after the draft so you should get all the pokemon and trainers you need and forget about this.
Rating: 3.2
X- Act
Cyclone Energy
We're reviewing the first of three new Special Energy cards from Skyridge. This Energy card forces your opponent to switch whenever you attach it to your Active Pokemon, resembling Neo3 Raikou's Pokemon Power. This isn't as useful as one might originally think. Most probably, your opponent will just bring out a Baby with a Focus Band. You could Playful Punch that Baby, but Pichu... no need to continue the sentence. -_- And no, it doesn't combo with Forretress. -_- The only useful thing I can see for this card is when your opponent is playing a Pokemon whose Pokemon Power works only from the Active spot: you turn that power off by forcing him or her to switch. Aquapolis Octillery and Light Dragonite fall in this category. (If you're wondering, Light Dragonite doesn't switch off Cyclone Energy's effect, since it's a "come-into-play" effect. Same with Warp Energy.)
Unlimited: If it had a Gust-like effect (i.e. you choose the Pokemon that your opponent must switch his Active with), it would have been a god-send (forcing your opponent to get his Slowking out without ending your turn or being denied can't be bad). Since it doesn't, this is basically useless here.
Modified: Same here. Double Gust is much better. Scizor players might want to TeCH one or two of these cards, however, just in case a Light Dragonite appears. (However, I'll be praying for you when Light Dragonite gets in the Active spot again.)
Draft: Here it's actually great. Most Draft decks don't have many Pokemon with a free retreat. Forcing them to switch will annoy them. I'd scoop it up. :)

Cyclone Energy:

Overlook: Ok simply, this is just a warp energy that your opponent switches instead of you. Which can be good and bad, but thats pretty much it. It could make your opponent scream or cheer. On the bright side you still get the energy I guess.

Unlimited: Stick to DCE. 2.5/5

Modified: Warp Energy. I like it better. 3/5

Draft: It actually may be good in Draft. 4/5

Shortest Review I have ever written...

Meganium45 Allright - let's check out one of the three worthless energy cards from Skyridge.  Oops, was that out loud?  Well so much for hiding my feeling about this card.  The Aquapolis Energy of Boost and Warp were truly elite.  This batch, well, at least the reverse holo cyclone is pretty.

What this card does is when you play it on your pokemon your opponent gets to switch out one of their pokemon, their choice, not yours.  The only time I can see this ever being useful is if you have a mean looked non-holo Suicune or Entei.  You cannot switch it out, so you have to push the Murkrow out of the way.  OK, that was a stretch.  It can also move a baby out of your way if you have an opponent that only plays one baby, or has only one pokemon on the bench.  Otherwise, warp energy is superior in every other way.

In draft, if you draft Skyridge (an iffy solo draft set), it is the only "switching card" in the entire set.  But it helps your opponent, and not you so, bleh.

Overall, I do not like this card.

Unlimited 1/5 - many, many better colorless cards, and you do have GOW here.

Modified 1.025/5 - Very, very rare that this will be the card you want.

Draft - 1.5/5 - not bad here, any card that gives you any type of switching or gusting is not bad, OK, not real good, but this is its best format.  Kind of sad.

More great cards next week - See you on the boards - and at Origins, and at GenCon.

dontknow09 Cyclone Energy

The newest edition to the special energy family. Cyclone energy can really mess up an opponent's set up. The downsides: your opponent chooses who to switch with. Not really anything super about this card. Then there's the fact of only attaching to the active, only providing 1 colorless, etc.

Unlimited- I think gust of wind will solve the switching thing. Unless the opponent has no or 1 really weak benched pokemon, or you really desperately need that 1 energy, a deck will go good without it.  1/5

Modified- Double Gust is the answer in this format. Like I said, unless you really need something like that to go with the strategy or build up of the deck, skip this card.  1/5

Draft- Now you really can't pull out gusts and double gusts or any things of that matter. This card might come in use if used at the right moment.  1.25/5

Summer's Here!!

pERfeCt 0nE Skyridge Cyclone energy

Besides Double Colorless energy, this is my favorite energy card!  Don't you hate using Eeeeek against another baby?  This will shoo away the baby for you to use Eeeeek against their basic or whatever.  Chances are that they will have only 1 baby if they have any.  I like using this when my opponent is powering up like a cargo and all they have is an active baby.  There are many specific examples.

Unlimited-  Remember all of those decks where you used all colorless energy?  Here's another- AND its a great one!  Cleffas are usually the only baby here and no one likes to have more than one in play at a time anyway!!!  This will toss aside the baby to let your Sneasel beat up theirs!!!  Cyclone energy can win the game and act as a GoW in certain situations- it really is very versatile!!!
rating--- 4.25

Modified-  It can be quite interesting here!  Now mirage stadium is here and those Entei/Cargo decks usually start off with a Cleffa and a benched Slugma, am I right?  This forces it in and saves you a Double Gust!!!  Any card that usually combines multiple effects are great cards- this gives you an energy and forces a switch!  its better than a basic energy and a switch separated!!!  I recommend trying your own combos with this too.  Try it out with mirage stadium, status effects, Eeeeeking, and certain poke-powers*hint hint*.
rating--- 4.5

Draft-  I don't think its sooooo great here since you usually cant play it very strategically, but it can force in a little weakling to force them to retreat next turn- it has its uses but shouldn't be a first pick- or second.
rating--- 3.75 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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