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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Raichu - Skyridge

Date Reviewed: 05/23/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

X- Act
Skyridge Raichu
This card is a huge disappointment. A Fighting-weak card must be something special for it to be viable, and unfortunately, Raichu is not. Its first attack is reminiscent of a Pichu, but with TWO colorless energies instead of one. Now, I thought that when a Pokemon evolves, its attacks improve. Not in this case, it seems. =\ If the first attack did 30 damage to all Pokemon with Pokemon Powers, then it would have been semi-useful (toast Elekids and Igglybuffs in one hit, although are they really played now?). As it is, it does 20. I wonder why you would use Raichu if Pichu does the exact SAME thing, with a better energy requirement, without having to evolve, and with the Baby rule protection. Its second attack isn't bad. Two colorless and one lightning for 50 is nice... but consider this scenario: you deal 50 and flip tails, placing 2 damage counters on itself. So Raichu now has 60HP left. You know where I'm getting, don't you? Smash Punch, heads, KO.
Unlimited: The above arguments suffice to show that Raichu is useless in this format, although that [2L] for 50 (thus having the possibility of dealing 50 turn 2) is sure nice.
Modified: Same here. I daresay here it's even worse, since you can't possibly deal 50 damage turn 2 in this format.
Draft: Well, in Draft its pretty decent. It's a pretty nice counter against water decks and Pokemon Powers, and there's no Tyrogue to contend with. And its attacks are quite splashable. If you don't encounter any fighting Pokemon, you should find this Raichu quite cool.
TR Shadow Raichu

The Zzzzap attack is just like the Pichus in Neo Genises except it's a bit more expensive. Lightning Storm isn't very good. It's over expensive and won't do that much. The big drawback is the damage you get with the flips, IMO. The 80hp isn't bad for a stage one Pokemon. I don't think having a resistance would hurt the card too much. But I don't think we can hope for one with a resistance to steel to come out any time soon. The fighting weakness isn't too bad since there aren't really that many fighting played anyway. I like the low retreat cost. 1 retreat isn't too bad. I can't give it more than a 3, though, because of the lack of power with the attacks.

Unlimited 3/5
Modified 3/5
Limited 3/5

~TR Shadow~
Meganium45 Skyridge Raichu - Meganium 45

For those of you addicted to the Pichu-Pikachu, Raichu lines, this is the best, most flexible Raichu in a while. Having said that, it is, after all a Raichu, so I can never get too high on it.

HP 80 HP, pretty good for a stage one. Nice and beefy, will stay around for a while (if not for those pesky tyrogues)

Weakness – Fighting, same curse as Pikachu, until tyrogue rotates out, this line will always be vulnerable to tyrogue, which is a staple in most every deck

Resistance – nothing, couldn’t they eventually give this line a break? Metal or fire would be nice.

Retreat – one, another positive for Raichu in that it is easy to get out with recycle when it gets in trouble

Attacks –

ZZAAPP for 2 colorless, nice, but if I wanted this attack, wouldn’t I just use Pichu? It will stand up to tyrogue longer.

Lightning storm – 50 for lightning and two colorless, not bad, but tails puts 20 on raichu, tyrogue flips heads, you’ve read the storyline already…

Given the choice of Pikachus, I will always choose Neo Genesis, but the new Skyridge is worth trying (specially in draft J )

This pokemon just cannot survive in todays big damage envio where tyrogue is running rampant. Sorry Raichu.

Ratings –

Unlimited 1/5 If your opponent drops this, do the happy dance, unless all your pokemon have powers (Mr. Mime!)

Limited – 1.5/5 may serve as a support to a deck with better electric Pokemon in it, which is just about everyone from Amphy to Lanturn!

Draft – aaah, now this is where this guy could shine. There are WAY too many powers in Skyridge, and a pokemon that hits powered pokemon could be nasty. Also, it evolves from one of my FAVORITE skyridge draft basics, Pikachu (check out that attack for two colorless, even in a non-lightning deck this card could be nasty. Pikachu has the three things I look for in draft, it is common, overlooked, and highly splashable!), and most people will not be snapping up the Raichus!

pERfeCt 0nE Skyridge- Raichu

Well at first look- I feel comfortable with Zzzzap but the second attack is Solid damage.  It doesnt look too bad- lets see.

Unlimited- Hes only stage 1 if u use pikachu- if u do- use the WB one- its recharge will get u past an earyl ER or two.  I dont think Raichu will take more than one hit and survive though- Sneasels, SER, and tyrogue are his worst nightmares- I think he can do decently well though, add a pluspower and he KOs sneasel, 80HP isnt so bad anyway- The risk that u can attatch an energy, recharge, and evolve- and attatch yet another energy within the 2 turns without being GoWed or ERed is a big risk though.

Modified- He would have a very nice chance here if the WB pikachu were still legal =/.  Well I guess he can still find his way into a few decks- i mean water is VERY popular- He can Zzzzap up a Feralig8r and then slap it for 100 more!  As long as you know theres lots of water being played in your area- specifically g8r and AQ kingdra- this would be an awesome choice.  If u just wanna Zzzzap up the bench- u can use pokemon breeder from a Pichu to pretty much give it 50HP extra and the alternative attack is quite nice on its own.
rating--- 3.5

draft- Well its always hard drafting a rare- but i believe the pikachu is a common, correct? and unless someone else drafts a raichu as well, I doubt they will pick the pikachu- it has LL for its attack- while most will try to pick pokemon with varied types and attacks that are C or CC.  Hes a good choice here- a dominating 50 damage a turn, 80HP, and Zzzzap as an alternative- he can win u the game!!!
rating--- 4

artwork--- 4.5 *Its a little clay raichu!!! Who doesnt love it??? ^_^* is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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