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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Slowbro - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 03/31/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Slowbro (Aqua.)

Dense Body is a pretty decent power in Unlimited but not in Modified where Evolution rules. Energy Cannon doesn't do too much damage. Overall stats is just average... =/

In Unlimited, the power can be useful as most people simply play basics. Doesn't protect itself against Sneasel or Chansey though. There are better Water Pokemon than this one... Rating: 2/5

In Modified, the power is next to useless. Usually it's a battle of Evolution and the power doesn't do much. Not really a heavy hitter as well. Play some other cards instead. Rating: 2/5

In Draft, it could really shine here. The power is amazing. It forces your opponent to get an Evo out (which can be hard in Draft) otherwise it's like having 2 free Metal Energies on it. The attack is quite decent here. At worst, you can use it to stall if your opponent has only a bunch of basics... Rating: 4/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 

It is pretty decent, but not too great, Iíll say that. At first I didnít see the part about Baby or Basic, and I got real happy. But it was all to come crashing down. Mabey with Aerodactyl?

Unlimited: Heíll get eaten. Donít try it. 1/5

MMF: Not even great here. Really, he doesnít have much going for him. 2/5

Limited: Geeze, he isnít even good here. Whatís up with Slowbro anyhow? 1.5/5

The Bottom Line: 1.5/5

X- Act
I have to say, the cards chosen for this week's COTD have been superb. Not because the cards themselves are good, but because they allow me to discuss them in certain detail. And, from my COTDs, you know that I like to do that. :)
We have a new Slowbro. Basic Pokemon (except Baby Pokemon) do 20 less damage to this card. Then it has an attack that does 30 for 2 Energies, 40 for 3 Energies, or 50 for 4 Energies. It's an 80HP Stage 1 with Lightning weakness and a retreat cost of 2.
Now here comes the controversy. Does Dense Body apply before weakness and resistance, or after? I'll assume that it applies AFTER weakness and resistance, simply because similar Poke-Bodies like Expedition Golem's Rock Body and Expedition Metapod's Exoskeleton apply after weakness and resistance are applied... but I'm not 100% sure. When I checked, there was no ruling about it either. So, below, I'll assume that its Poke-Body applies after applying weakness and resistance.
Unlimited: Dense Body is actually more interesting here than in Modified, since, in general, non-Baby Basic Pokemon are more frequent in Unlimited. Scyther only does 10 to this, and Sneasel needs to be a little bit more lucky to OHKO it. But that's the only benefit. Rocket's Zapdos still amply OHKOs this thing, and anyway, they could kill the stupid Slowpoke before it is evolved. Which they might well want to do, especially since they would think that it's becoming a Slowking, not a Slowbro. ;x Its attack isn't too horrible. With a DCE and a Water Energy, it does 40 turn 2. Add another Energy next turn (ANY Energy, which is nice) and you're doing 50. Actually, with a Water and a Boost Energy, you can do 50 turn 2. :o But SER owns it, and... being a Slowbro, you can't play Slowking with it. ROFL.
Modified: In Modified it's even worse, since Basic Pokemon don't usually feature as attackers in this format. Its attack does too little damage to be good here too. So basically, this thing just dies. Although, Aquapolis Slowpoke has a pretty interesting attack which lets you, among other things, get back a dead Slowbro from your discard. Thus, if your Slowbro got KOed, you could get it back the turn after you place a Slowpoke in play. Your opponent, however, would just grin and say, "Thank you for allowing me to KO this thing again for another Prize." :(
Draft: In Draft it's actually pretty good. There are NO Common Evolutions in Aquapolis. There are only 12 Uncommon Evolutions in Aquapolis, and a whopping 40 Rare Evolutions (of which, incidentally, Slowbro is one). Thus, you have a good chance that your opponent (and you, too) won't have many Evolutions in play, which makes Dense Body pretty good. Add to that an attack which is quite splashable and that can do up to 50 for [3W], and you have a solid Pokemon. Again, the downfall is that if you get _one_ Slowbro, you should consider yourself incredibly lucky.
dontknow09 Aquapolis Slowbro

Heres another slowbro. Its 80HP beats out all other slowbros. Lightning weaknes(you should b able to see the pattern now) and no resistance is ok stats. 2 retreat is exactly the best, but as always beats 3. Dense body is a very interesting poke-body. All damage done by basic is -20. Very co0l. Too bad it doesnt work with babies... Energy cannon is very flexible. 2 energies for 30 is pretty good too. Although it doesnt do +20 like dark blastoise, it will be strong enough to get through resistance.

Unlimited- Lots of people play basics, but many of those basics are pretty darn strong. The -20 will help, but not as much. Energy cannon is a good first strike, and can increase damage.(I forgot to mention that it doesnt have to be W energy, so go0 DCE!)  2/5

Modified- Real fast. 30 by turn 2. Or if you added boost, 50 by turn 2.
Thats pretty cool. And in early game, the poke-body will really come in handy.  3.5/5

Draft- PICK IT! The body is freakin awesome. There wont be many evolutions in draft, and all the basics are usually puny ones. Energy cannon is real strong/fast.  4/5


Aquapolis Slowbro

this card concludes my... uhhh... AQ WATER WEEK =P

80 HP, great for stage 1. 2 retreat isn't great, and heres the weakness to lightning we've seen on every card this week =\

the power makes it REALLY worth using. this can stop haymakers PERIOD in unlimited. in modified, it's not as great due to the lack of basics. the only basics are babies. the rest will be evolved by the 2nd or 3rd turn =\

the attack is also VERY cheap for what it does. 2 for 30? that's already good enough. you can add 10 more for each extra energy, maxing at 4 for 50. new raindance pokemon? ;) also, the added energy DOESN'T have to be water, making it require only ONE water energy.

can definitely pose a threat to the haymakers out there. throw this in a raindance and it'll last quite awhile ;)

i actually rated this LOWER in modified... O_O the attack can't reach its max potential as fast as in unlimited. the power is also less effective because attacking basics aren't usually present in modified.

DRAFT - 4.5
great here! CHEAP attack, and only requires ONE water energy to start it off. 80 HP stage 1 will last quite awhile.

we havent had one of these in a while with slowking stealing the spotlight. stage 1 with 80 HP is good, 2 retreat is average, weakness is a possible problem. power is amazingly useful. basically shutting down alot of your first hits off a basic. even the mighty buzz must take a raincheck on the damage for his first attack. its a good plus to have, stop tyrogues usefulness. Energy cannon is good at all levels. 30 for 2 is more than we should ask for, 40 for 3 is good and 50 for 4 is average. good package here.
unlimited: play DCE on him and make it 50 for 3. 3/5
modified: good damage here and with the re-emergence of buzz as well as the presence of other lightning basics like zapdos, and raikou helps his weakness not impact him as much. 4/5
draft: theres the slowking too, so that mkaes odds of running a good slowpoke line easier. good draft pick since many people will draft chansey and kangaskan and the like. 4/5

Aquapolis Slowbro

Finishing up Aquapolis Water Week is today's Card of the Day: Slowbro. All of these cards should be thankful that Neo Genesis Pichu's attack does not apply weakness, because all of these Water Pokemon have Pokemon Powers. Slowbro's Pokemon Power is called Dense Body, but the armor does not go too deep. It blocks twenty damage from attacks from Basic Pokemon. Maybe a combination with Metal Energy until something evolves? It is a decent Power.

Two for Thirty? Three for Forty? Four for Fifty? Energy Cannon should really be renamed Water Gun. I cannot count how many times this mechanic has been used with Water Pokemon. Really, its not even a good mechanic either. Leaves a sour taste in my mouth... did I floss today? 80 Hit Points is good for a Stage One Pokemon. Retreat Cost is decent.

Unlimited - You would think that in a format swarming with Big Basic Pokemon that Slowbro would actually be seen in a sleeve versus a trading binder. Problem is, the Big Basic Pokemon of this format do much more than twenty measly damage. Energy Removals will put a end to additional damage for Energy Cannon. Rocket Zapdos kills Slowbro's Weakness along with other Lighting Pokemon. Besides, I rather use my Slowpokes for Genesis Slowking. 1/5

Modified - This format is all about Evolutions. Slowbro's Pokemon Power is all about Basic Pokemon. Pichu swarms and Elekid will kill Slowbro. The attack might do damage. Pokemon with Resistance to Water make this card unplayable. 1/5

Limited - Despite the fact that most players will pull more Basics in a limited event does not make Slowbro any better. This is one of those cards you don't even draft if your just trying to pull the rares. Folks it's worth is measured in Promotional Mews. High Hit Points won't save Slowpoke. Better than some stuff you could pull though... 3/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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