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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Kingdra - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 03/26/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Kingdra (Aqua.)

I like this Kingdra. Water Cyclone is similar to Base/LC Venusaur's Energy Trans. A cool trick you can pull off with this Power is with Scoop Up/Pokemon Center/Pokemon Nurse. Simply Cyclone all those Water Energies to a healthy Pokemon and use either one of the 3 cards to remove a lot of damage counters. With mutiple Kingdras out, it can be an endless cycle. 120HP really helps the playability of the card but the high retreat cost kinda sucks. Rapids is a pretty good attack with an ER-effect.

In Unlimited, I can only see it work in a Raindance Deck. Otherwise it's a bit too slow. Running multiple Stage 2s is kinda bad though. Rating: 2.3/5

In Modified, this is where it shines. Vary the Kingdras with the Neo Revelation one as it is a lot faster and reliable. Both can abuse Pokemon Center/Pokemon Nurse, which is nice. Rating: 3.7/5

In Draft, high HP is really nice. However, it's kinda hard to get this Stage 2 up and running. Rating: 2.6/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 

This Kingdra, while not as good as Revelation, is still very solid. It has 120 HP, a similar attack to twister (but better IMHO) and a weird power. But we all know that Kingdra is played MAINLY for genetic memory. So unfortunatly, this one will not be played as much. But it is still very solid. No one should laugh at a person who plays this.

Unlimited: In all honesty, he canít compete here. 1.5/5

MMF: He could be very strong here, especially if LC2 doesnít reprint Rev. Kingdra. 3.5/5

Limited: Hard to get, but if you can manage to get him out, you pretty much have the tournament won. 3/5

The Bottom Line: 2.5/5

X- Act
Aquapolis Kingdra is... underrated, in my opinion. Its 120HP promises good things, and could well deliver them. Its attack is slightly overpriced, seeing that Dark Feraligatr has the exact same attack for [WWW], but it's alright. Its power is really cool, and can be comboed. See below. :)
Unlimited: It's a Stage 2. It's weak to Lightning. It has a hefty Energy cost for its only attack, making it highly vulnerable to SER. Water Cyclone works for Water Energy cards (for what else?) only, which is "=/" in this format (no, it doesn't work for Rainbow Energy. Water Cyclone says "Water Energy CARDS"). Sure it's 120HP, but Rocket's Zapdos doesn't really care about that. ;x
Modified: Here it can be more useful. Its Poke-Power is really cool. It could either work with a free retreater, or just with a nice Aquapolis Kingdra swarm. One of the free-retreating Pokemon that could be aided by this Kingdra is Aquapolis Espeon. You swarm with Aquapolis Espeon and have an Aquapolis Kingdra on your Bench. Espeon's energy requirement is [2P], so you attach 2 Water Energies and a Psychic Energy to it. When it's about to die, Water Cyclone the two Water Energies to another Espeon on your Bench (or to Kingdra himself), Energy Return its lone Psychic Energy to your hand, and Pokemon Center or Pokemon Nurse it. A pretty slick combo, but one which takes quite long to set up. The other use of this card is to swarm with Kingdras, and when it is about to die, Water Cyclone its Energies to another Kingdra (or an Aquapolis Seadra, which is ownage :D), use Pokemon Center or Pokemon Nurse, then Switch or Warp Energy to the now powered-up Seadra or Kingdra. With 120HP, it should take pretty long to die. The problem with this strategy is that you severely limit the use of Double Gust, since Kingdra has a hefty retreat cost of 3. You know, I'm actually going to try out the Aquapolis Kingdra/Aquapolis Espeon idea. :o
Draft: If I see this card, I might draft it. I have already mentioned, in another COTD, that Aquapolis Seadra is amazing in Draft. I daresay that it could do okay even in Modified or in Unlimited in a fun deck (the 70HP is the letdown though.) If I'm drafting Horseas and Seadras already, then having one of these Kingdras would help me a lot. Water Cyclone might power up another Seadra (or another Water Pokemon) _really_ quickly and deal good damage. I like those odds. But again, the fact that it's a Rare, as usual, makes it quite hard to get, especially for this "50+ Rares" set.
dontknow09 Aquapolis Kingdra

This is the other kingdra from this set. Of course, its better than the
crystal version. 120HP is nice stat. Itll last long. Weakness to lightning is common on water pokemon now, and so is the no resistance(FIRE I say, why not put fire!). And then, theres an ugly 3 retreat =/. Its poke-power seems so.. bad. It could help speed up the deck a little. Rapids is very expensive. I can see why though. It does enough damage to cut through water resistance and can possibly remove an energy card.

Unlimited- Its power is very obsolete, compared to blastoise. I guess it could b used to take energies away from a cornered active, but itll get SER'd anyway. Rapids... too slow, not worth it.  1.25/5

Modified- 4 energies is too slow. Rev kingdra is much faster, and also more impossible to ko. Still, it does get around resistance that a lot of grass pokemon now carry(Not much though). And removing energies.. thats good. 2.5/5

Draft- Kingdra is more of a late game pokemon in draft. To get powered up, you would need a pre-powered up pokemon and use the poke-power. Still, rapids does do good damage(although not economic) and possibly removes energies. Also that 120HP is tough to beat.  1.25/5


Aquapolis Kingdra

oooh, nice HP =D that's the first thing that caught my eye =) retreat cost is a bit hefty, and lightning weakness is usually there for water pokemon. 120 hp though!!! =D

ehh... i don't see the power being used much because kingdra has a HUGE retreat cost. no swapping THAT many energies =\ rapids is a pretty nice attack. 4 for 50 with a 1/2 chance for ER.

toooo sloooooooooooow =\ you can get rapids by turn 3, but electabuzz can take you out by turn 2/3 ALOT easier =\ not to mention r's zappy can OHKO this thing =\

better here, but with a useless power and an average attack, i don't see it being played much. it can hold its own because of it's 120 HP THOUGH! ;)

DRAFT - 1.5
stage 2's don't work in draft. toooo slow and pulling enough of the
evolution line isn't really likely.

Not the Kingdra/Cetner Feind but almost as nice. stage 2 isnt that hard to attain nowadays wiht elm's method and breeder feilds and trader and breeder and pokemon fanclub and pokemon march and um... you get the idea. What is practically begging you to play this card is its beefy, juice, powerful, succulent whopping 120 HP *does the 120 HP dance* 3 retreat, weakness to lightning, not like hes scared of lightning or like you'll need to retreat him. even is hes gusted up with no energies, you could power him up in time to get in one hit at least.
Power is interesting. you'd think theres alot to it. the only thing I can see is use him in unlimitedto raindance to and move the waters to some non-water that needs them like Base Charizard, Shining Raichu, Shining Kabutops, Aquapolis Psychic Eggecutor, etc. Attack is a toned down dragon tornado. you can only discard one energy, but its ER, take what you can get! 50 for 4 is average for any attack without some odd cost or a discard.
Unlimited: 120 HP. Raindanceable, so not weak to ER. Combos I lited above make his power good, he has 120 HP, and ER and nice damage is good any day of the week. 120 HP. 4/5
Modified: no raindance, obviously, so combos are gone, but ER is more uncommon here. They had me sold at 120 HP 4/5
Draft: stage 2, almost no chance of getting all the components AND more than one. but with HP like that, just having one is all you really need. 3/5
TR Shadow Kingdra

120 HP is good for a stage two Pokemon.  It's attack is nice, doing 50 damage, but it's a bit overpriced.  Discarding an energy is always good in Modified.  But Dark Gatr can do it for three energy.  The retreat is a bit heavy for a Kingdra.  The Pokemon power doesn't seem to have any use whatsoever.  The only thing it seems to have over the Neo Rev Kingdra is the HP, which is just, put simply, not enough.  The other one didn't have a weakness like this one does.

Unlimited 2/5
Modified 2/5
Limited 3.5/5

~TR Shadow~

Aquapolis Kingdra

Konnichiha! Aquapolis' Kingdra is today's Card of the Day. Not too shabby either. Rapids is an attack similar to Twister that Neo Revelation Kingdra has. The difference is that you only discard one energy off the opponent's Defending Pokemon if you get heads. Rapids sacrifices another chance to discard an energy along with the added risk of not doing any damage if you flip two tails.

But that does not make this Kingdra special. Far from it! It's the Poke-Power that makes this card interesting. The ability to move Energy from the Active to Benched Pokemon made Base Set Venusaur competitive back in the day. So do the same with Kingdra and combo it with Pokemon Center to get rid of all the damage on your active without loosing energy. Which will take a long time due to the whopping one hundred twenty Hit Points! Three to retreat is the problem with this card if Kingdra happens to be energy-less as a result of Water Cyclone.

Unlimited - Slowking and Chaos Gym will disrupt the combo with Pokemon Center/Pokemon Nurse. It takes awhile to evolve and build up Kingdra too. And in a format with fast and cheap Big Basic Pokemon like Sneasel and disruption cards like Energy Removal, the biggest obstacle to overcome is getting set up before they knock you out.  2/5

Modified - Awesome card to be played by itself or combined with Neo Revelation Kingdra. Pichu and Electabuzz should only be a small threat to this awesome card. Watch out for Grass Pokemon with resistance. Tech in a Magnifier if heavy grass is played. Add a Healing Fields for Pichu. Remove Energies. Cause Havoc.  4/5

Limited - Kingdra could possibly be found as a rare, holofoil, or reverse holofoil. Finding Seadra could be a problem in a Aquapolis pack. There are two different Horsea, so you have good odds of pulling at least one in a draft. Anyways 120 HP is something to be worried about if your up against this thing in a Limited event. Just watch out for Ampharos line and Zapdos from Aquapolis. 4/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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