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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Octillery - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 03/24/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Octillery (Aqua.)

I like this card for its pure annoyance. The Power hurts Free Retreaters so much it's not even funny. Smokescreen is really good for its cost. Basically, with both Smokescreen and Suction Cups active, most of the time your opponent would have to flip for Smokescreen to attack, which is nice. Unfortunately, it only has 80HP, which isn't too high.

In Unlimited, it can go off on the 2nd turn with DCE. It hurts Sneasel as your opponent would definitely won't discard 2 precious Darkness Energies to retreat. If your opponent flips Tails, Sneasel dies next turn. Pretty cool if you ask me. Add Focus Band on this thing and it could be quite viable. All you need to do is to think of a way to protect its Energies from ER. Rating: 3.7/5

In Modified, weakness to Lightning is bad against Electabuzz and Ampharos. Power is mostly good against Free Retreaters like Espeon and Crobat. It's still pretty good, especially if Fire is popular in your area... Rating: 3.5/5

In Draft, the attack is simply amazing in Draft. Power might be useless most of the time though. However, the fact that it requires only one Water Energy makes it quite splashable. High pick IMO. Rating: 4/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 

This is a very nice card. I can certanly see some people using him. Of all the pokemon who make people suffer more for retreating, this is the best one. Discarding ALL energy to retreat means that he is lethal with stuff like double gust and Expedition Feraligator. And he has a Smokescreen attack which does a solid 40 damage and sorta gives him a baby rule for the turn. Nice.

Unlimited: With ER and SER he can be very good, but Murkrow is still probabily better: 2.25/5

MMF: IMHO, he is accually a bit better than Dark Muk. He has more HP, does more damage and is hard to hit. 3.5/5

Limited: Pretty good. The main thing that makes him good is Smokescreen, an awesome attack in draft. 3/5

The Bottom Line: 3/5

X- Act
I don't hide the fact that I love this card. Props for dragon scytheazn for choosing it for COTD :)
Its Poke-Body combos extremely well with its only attack, a 40 damage Smokescreen. When Octillery is Active and your opponent retreats, it must discard ALL Energy cards attached. That means, sort-of, that when Octillery is Active, the Defending Pokemon has an "All-Energy" retreat cost. Now, of course, if you Smokescreen a Pokemon, your opponent can remove the Smokescreen effect by retreating. But of course, they'd think twice about retreating when they read Octillery's Power :D Of course, your opponent may still Double Gust or Switch away, which evades Octillery's Power.
On to the ratings. :)
Unlimited: You know, here it isn't bad actually, although it does have a Lightning weakness. You can power it up turn 2 (via a DCE) and begin Smokescreening every turn for 40 damage. Of course, your opponent won't always get tails though, so I do see a Rocket's Zapdos slaughtering this thing. And of course, you have another option in this format to make Octillery stop its Smokescreening effect, besides Switch: SER. Although, maybe, an Octillery/Slowking deck wouldn't be bad at all. It makes your opponent unable to Switch or SER you IN ADDITION TO making him or her attack 50% of the time. Now those are good odds. But Muk and Warp Energy kill you. :(
Modified: Here it's great. Noctowl would be great with this thing. It limits your opponent trying to Double Gust or Switch away, so they won't be able to switch off your Smokescreen that easily. As far as I know, Warp Energy is not too common in Modified (I mean, it's played much more commonly in Unlimited than in Modified). Smokescreen also OHKOes Entei or Magcargo. There's another thing which makes this card cool: Aquapolis Remoraid and Water Cube (as I mentioned in the Water Cube COTD). Remoraid does 10 damage to any Pokemon you like. Water Cube does 20 damage to any Pokemon you like. Both for a single Water Energy. If you have space in your deck, I'd put in some Water Cubes too. It doesn't hurt at all. :) Overall, a very nice card, which deserves more gameplay.
Draft: It's not too unsplashable, requiring only one Water Energy to attack. The other two Energies can be anything. It's a very nice Pokemon. I don't see any Switch or Double-Gust like card in Aquapolis, making Octillery's Power almost broken in Draft. And in Draft games, you DO retreat. If I'd see it, I'd grab it. You should get a Remoraid or two, since they're common (even though there are many cards in the set). I know, Octillery is Rare. But if you get it out, it's a really SICK card.
dontknow09 Aquapolis Octillery

Spring Break is over =/.  Anyways, here's a cool octillery to look at. A nice 80HP, being a stage 1. It could use resistance to something(FIRE!!!), but it doesnt. Lightning weakness really shoudlnt pose much of a problem and 2 retreat is kinda.. bad. I like the power. Really cool retreating punishment, although there are plenty of ways to counter it(mostly trainers). Smokescreen is pretty standard as all the other smokescreen, except doing more damage and costing more energies. It kinda combo's with itself, cause alota people retreat for free anyways to get rid of the smokescreen effect.

Unlimited- The power really comes in handy. There are plenty of free retreaters in unlimited, which means no body really plays switches. And smokescreen really kills those pokes who want to attack. They could risk the 50/50, or lose all their energies. Like most evolutions, its vurnable to SER.  2.5/5

Modified- The only free retreaters in modified is probably babies, which are taking up less space in most decks. Anyways, babies only need one energy to attack. There are a few exceptions, but im too lazy to think of them now. The attack is good. Its like adding a baby rule to octillery. Then again, there are plenty of water resisters.  3/5

Draft- I think it would actually do pretty good. 1 water and 2 colorless makes is easy fit into any draft deck. Smokescreen rules.  3.75/5


Aquapolis Octillery

the first thing i said when i saw this card was "WOW! how come no one ever mentioned this card to me before?!". i LOVE this card =D 80 HP is good for a stage 1. weakness to lightning sucks with electabuzz back in modified, and 2 retreat isn't that great either. but the rest of the card 0wnz!!!

the power is pretty nice. it can disable those free retreaters and make them think twice before retreating to end your smokescreen effect. speaking of smokescreen, what a great attack! 3 for 40?! WITH AN ADDED SMOKESCREEN EFFECT?! how 0wnage!!! =D in unlimited, you can start doing 40 turn 2 with
a DCE.

this card definitely can work here. it's not slow at all, but might have problems with some heavy hitting basics. it doesn't shine here though. it shines in...

what an 0wnage card =D the only problem i see here is the new water resistant pokemon like jumpluff, which is definitely a threat. maybe tech in a magnifier? O_O

DRAFT - 3.5
if you can get the basic and the evolution, use it! its attack is VERY cheap for what it does. it's also quite splashable, requiring only 1 water energy.

Probably one of the more fun cards from Aqaupolis. Stage one with 80 HP, good. 2 Retreat is average, and naturally a weakness to electric, not good, but it had to be weak to something, right? Power is fun. especially when you are up against a deck that relies on free retreaters to clear burn, poison, and confusion. also against decks that swap pokemon frequently, possibly against decks making use of jungle dodrio's power, or even babies. Whatever the use, its good and fun.
Attack is one of my favorites smokescreen. however this isnt some shotty one for 10 and effect. oh no, this is a beefy three for 40 and effect. and 2 can  be coloeless so in unlimited just use DCE and make it two for 40 and effect.
Unlimited: moderate ER weakness, good attacks and stats, but watch out for buzz. 3/5
Modified: possibly play him with foretress so that if your opponent retreats to get their old active back they're paying a price for it. god HP, and good damage. 3.5/5
Draft: not likely to get more than one of him in this huge set, but if you do, play it. power is amazing for draft. 4/5
TR Shadow Octillery
A nice combo was built in to this guy.  The Pokemon Power makes your opponent discard all their energy to retreat, which, first of all, makes him hard to gust out since you could bring out a Cleffa then you would have to pay retreat costs to get it back to the bench.  Then it's attack combos well with that.  If the defending Pokemon is unable to attack and (Unless they want to discard all their energy) retreat, then it's as good as dead.

Unlimited 3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 4/5
TMP 3/5

~TR Shadow~

Aquapolis Octillery (Dark Muk look-a-like)

Wow, the sexay GymLeaderPhil is writing for the Pojo Card of the Day again. Heaven help us all.

Today were looking at Aquapolis' Octillery picked by one of our newer CotD reviewers, dragon scytheazn. I really like this card, it would be one of my top things to pull out of a pack. Why? Well folks Octillery has a built-in combo. It's attack called Smokescreen, like the awesome Fossil Magmar, makes your opponent's current Defending Pokemon flip to attack during their next turn. Though if that Pokemon is benched or leaves play, Smokescreen goes away.

So how do we stop your opponent from retreating? Suction Cups! You know, Octillery's Poke-Body. If the opponent retreats, he has to discard ALL energy off of that Pokemon (after paying the retreat cost). So the opponent has the option of retreating and discarding all his energies off OR flipping a coin to attack Octillery due to Smokescreen. Eighty Hit Points makes this beast hard to KO when the opponent is flipping to attack and a retreat cost of two is decent for this Stage One Pokemon.

Unlimited - Entering Electabuzz Country with a Weakness to Lightning Pokes? The good thing is that Double Gust and Switch is not heavily played in this format, so Suction Cups will be hard to avoid. Additionally there are many cards that help to lock or disrupt your opponent to not find cards to get around Smokescreen and Suction Cups. Almost splashable attack.  4/5

Modified - Currently this format is swarming with trainer cards that make Suction Cups and Smokescreen useless. Cards like Double Gust, Warp Point, and Switch. Not as much Mono-Lightning Decks though. Lack of cards that lock the opponent will kill this card. Watch out for Elekid and Electabuzz. 2/5

Limited - Opponent's chances of drafting a card that can KO Octillery? Slim to none in Aquapolis. They'll be flipping till daylight comes since there are no switch cards in Aquapolis. Lightning is something to be worried about with Ampharos and Zapdos. 4/5

-GymLeaderPhil is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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