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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Crystal Nidoking - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 03/10/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Crystal Nidoking

The new Crystal Pokemon reminds me a lot of Shining Pokemon but they seem to be more playable. The ability to change Types is really good as you can try and abuse the Weakness/Resistance Factor of the game. I think there was a misprint on this Nidoking though. The F and R symbol should be switched or something.

Poison Horn is a decent attack if you are playing Grass. Doesn't do too much damage though. Rolling Thunder is a massive attack. The problem is, it requires 2 of each Grass and Fighting Energies to attack. Powering it up could be a bit hard.

In Unlimited, I don't think this is playable at all. ER kills it so bad. Rating: 1.8/5

In Modified, it could work, but don't expect it to be really competitive. Rating: 2.6/5

In Draft, it has high HP and both attacks are good if you can somehow power them up. Getting this out in the first place would be hard as well. Rating: 2.5/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
Crystal Nidoking:

At the very least the artwork is really cool. I love it so much. But in all honesty the card itself is not too great for playing. We all know Insane Choa likes these kinds of weird cards, but for the rest of us, Id say to stay away. The crystal body is OK because that means he could become super effective against 3 different types of Pokemon. The first attack is nice, but Toxic on base Nidoking is better, at the sacrifice of only 10 HP. The other attack is horrid. It is just a more expensive Blizzard. Blizzard was OK on Articuno, but four energy of two different types? No. Keep him in the binder (or have him airbrushed on a shirt, like my Mewtwo, Scyther and Charizard =D) but keep him out of your deck.

Unlimited: Are there worse cards in unlimited? Sure, but Id still rather have a Clefairy Doll in my deck than Nidoking. 1/5

MMF: Not much better here. Slow, attacks arent good enough, and Kingdra, the most popular Pokemon right now, kills him with Twister. 1.25/5

Limited: Extremely rare, hard to power up, Stage two with weak stage one and basic? Only take him if your rare drafting or need him for a set or something. .75/5

The Bottom Line: 1/5

Artwork: 3.75/5

X- Act
Hmm. This seems like it's gonna be a Crystal Pokemon week. Umm... :/
Unlimited: Use it only if you want to get owned really badly by ER, SER, Scyther, etc.
Modified: Hmm. Poison Horn is a REALLY overpriced attack. Even some Basic Pokemon have better attacks than that, let alone a Stage 2. Rolling Thunder reminds me of a typical Blizzard attack, but this time it requires multicolored energies. I really don't know why you should use this. My goodness... you shouldn't even use it in CASUAL play. :/
Draft: I don't know the likelihood of getting a Crystal Pokemon in an Aquapolis booster pack. If it's Rare and it's worth money, then "=/". Yeah, OK, you usually play multiple types in Draft. At least, the Aquapolis Nidoran Male and Nidorino both have colorless attacks. I don't know if I'd still put it in my Draft deck even if I drafted them though. Sure, 100HP is solid, but... I don't like multi-color Energy requirements, even though you may just stick with Poison Horn. Which, as you saw before, I'm not exactly excited about. =\
This must have been my most terse COTD I've ever done. ;x
dontknow09 Crystal Nidoking

*dontknow's note: my bad on the pokemon park review last week. It seems that there was a last minute rule change which i have not been properly informed of. So, you cant do the raindance/harvest thing i said. Now back to the daily reviews*

This week, we're lookin at the crystal pokemon. The first up is nidoking. A cool 100HP, but the rest of the card is very akward. Grass weakness, no resistance, and a heavy 3 retreat. The pokebody is cool though. Change types when you put a specific type of energy on it. Too bad its only G, R (its supposed to be fighting, but many are misprints. Play as it is. *i hope they dont change the rules on this one too =/*) , or L. It can pose many advantages, but not much. Attacks pretty much are bad. One is a high priced poison sting. The other is a very highly priced blizzard.

Unlimited- Dont make me laugh... please. No good. High priced. HUGE er bait. No good. 1/5

Modified- Same in unlimited. You would easily be taken out by some other cards. Although a Insane Chao found a very good use for them, im not him. He has the funk to these kinds of things. Not me.  1/5

Draft- I would keep it jus for its rarity. But for playing... Its kinda
akward. I would think some basics would accumulate more damage than nidoking by the time he's powered up.  1/5

Team- Rolling thunder could hit both your opponents. But then it could hit both of your teams pokemon. Posion is always good in team, but not with this.  1/5


Crystal Nidoking

ewwww... crystals =\ these are even worse than shinings; at least shinings were basics =\ Crystal Type is the stupidest power i've seen; very rarely will you be able to use it to your advantage. you DON'T need to attach THAT much energy to it =\ i'm just gonna make this short and simple. why would you evolve your NIDORINO into CRYSTAL NIDOKING anyways?! even nidorino is better =\

of course not, ER bait =\ running multi colored decks with HUGE energy costs simply doesn't work.

a bit easier here, but still won't work. [LLFF] for a chance to hurt
yourself? uhhh.... ok =\ even the first attack takes waaay too much energy for what it does.

yes, it sucks in draft. but get it anyway and sell it!!! =D

Crystal Nidoking

I thikn theres a misprint onthe one I have and the scan. it says when you attach a Grass, Lightning or Fire energy. it should say fighting as it uses fighting and the japanese version said fighting I believe. The Key to the crystal pokemon is their versitality. They can shift types to be the weakness of the defending pokemon, they can also use 3 types of cubes (also found in aquapolis). Use it with seer to get the energy, and powerplant to trade for energy, or whatever works but if you look closely almost the entire set Aquapolis is set up to support crystal pokemon.

From the top to the bottom of the card lets look at basic stats: Stage 2 is not allways friendly but its got a good average 100 Hp tagged on it to make it worth your while. 3 retreat, not friendly, but you wont be reteating this guy after going through the trouble to get him out. hes weak to grass so if your confused dont risk shifting him to grass and dealing yourself fourty, thats just painful to imagine.

Attacks are probably the best of the crystals, though I cant say that says alot. you could put him in an all grass deck and still get results wiht the first attack. 20 and auto poison isnt much for 3 energies, however if you play him with meganium, attaching a grass makes him change to grass this turn then hte grass counts double, potential. Rolling thunder is interesting. 50 is just below average for 4 energies, though its in no way bad. then the effect is risky; heads it can devistate the opponent's benchm or it could devistate your bench. use with caution.

Unlimited: almost no point. what do I mean? picture nidoking here VS a scyther. get the picture? 1/5

Modified: will see some use (at least with me he and the rest of the crystals already have). Use the ever nearly-broken grass cube on turn one, then after you've dealt soem damage use lightning cube for the final blow, in between keep him alive however you can. he can take out most water with his shifting to lightning, shifting to fire is useless, you wont even use that. shifting to grass is cool as it takes out the other nidoking and a bunch of other friendly pokemon like gligar. Versitality and intricate moves that are carefully executed make him useful. 4/5

Draft: its unlikely to get the energy and then you have to get nidorans and nidorinos. If you can do it great, but take it for the rarity. 1/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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