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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Bounce Energy - Skyridge

Date Reviewed: 06/06/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

pERfeCt 0nE
Skyridge Bounce Energy

I like this card.  At first thought, Politoed would be a good candidate for this.  I think this card has lots of possibilities.  If u use Beedrill, you might want a grass energy first turn to use its attack and then you can use bounce energy, leaving the grass for another Kakuna or whatever...I dunno.  I think its best with Toed.

Unlimited-  Useless.  It only works with basic energy which will never be seen here.  Forget it altogether here.
rating--- 1.25

Modified-  If you use this with Politoed- it leaves the water energy behind for another Toeds Sudden Growth.  Since Politoed only needs WCC for frog hop and WWCCC for energy splash he's fine.  His retreat cost is CC as well.  Its a nice fit for the froggy.  There is, of course, other decent candidates as well: Beedrill, Crobat, Machamp, Dewgong, and other pokemon with CC attacks or decks that have low energy.
rating--- 3.875 (between 3.75 and 4)

Draft-  Not very good here.  You usually have enough energy too.  It has its situations and such but I wouldn't pick it within my first handful of picks =/.
rating--- 2.125 (between 2 and 2.25)
X- Act
Bounce Energy
"Bounce, bounce, bounce!" No, this isn't one of the latest R. Kelly songs (which is a really bad song, no matter what jermy101 says). It's just Bounce Energy. And, as you will see soon, this Energy card is as bad as R. Kelly's song, if not worse. =\
So we finally get an Energy card for Modified that provides more than 1 Energy at once and that actually stays in play (unlike Boost Energy). Well, not without a cost though. Actually, not one cost. It has two: (1) you need to have a Basic Energy card attached to that Pokemon; (2) you need to return a Basic Energy card attached to that Pokemon to your hand. When things seemed to be getting interesting, we are bitterly disappointed once again. Consider you have a Water Energy card on one of your Water Pokemon in play. Now consider two different scenarios: in the first one, you attach Bounce Energy to it and return the Water Energy to your hand, and in the second, you attach a Water Energy to the same Pokemon. Which is the best end result? Well, I prefer the latter, for obvious reasons. You just might want to use Bounce Energy if you desperately want fewer energies on your Pokemon, so that your opponent's Espeon has a harder time to kill it. But that is ridiculously situational. The number of times you actually need Bounce Energy in your deck is asymptotically (and exponentially) convergent to zero.
Unlimited: You must be joking right? Double Colorless Energy is simply superior to it in every imaginable way. Scratch one.
Modified: Again, there's not much point of using this Energy card here, too. Water + Water is at worst, the same as Water + Bounce - Water (= Bounce), and certainly less confusing. Scratch two.
Draft: It isn't even good in this format too, seeing that you're provided with as many Basic Energies as you want. Leave the Bounce Energy for the unlucky person who is forced to pick it up as the last card in the booster. So, you guessed it... Scratch three.

The Poke`mon Master 1110
Bounce Energy:

This card, well, it looks good on the surface, but after playing it, it really isn't that great.  It could be used for energy conservation, but that's about all.  Its uses are few and far between, so you should prolly think twice before putting it in a deck.

Unlimited:  Boy, this card is a JOKE here!  .25/5

MMF:  2.5/5

Limited:  2.75/5

The Bottom Line:  1.75/5

Bounce Energy

Overlook: I really see no point in this card. It is like a double colorless but your taking 1 basic energy off. You could always add it back next turn, but still, a waste of energy.

Unlimited: If you want 2 energy, stick to DCE because you dont have to take energy off to use it. =\ 1.5/5

Modified: Since DCE is banned, if it is an evolution you need rge energy for, than use Boost Energy. If it is a basic, I guess this could be ok. I mean, you can just add the energy back next turn if you really need it and your getting 2 for the price of 1. 3/5

Draft: No. Just, no. 1/5
Meganium45 At first when I saw this card I thought "cool, a new double colorless energy".  Upon reading the card further my impression went from yeah, to oh, to bleh.

Bounce provides two colorless to any Pokemon, but the catch is you have to have a basic energy already attached to the pokemon which returns to your hand.

This means this card is only good in the instance where you have a colored first attack, and a colorless two energy attack to go after, so you can take your colorless energy off and power something else.  There are a few Pokemon this works for, namely this week's Beedrill!

Overall, the uses are pretty limited, much better for the Aquapolis and Skyridge cards, which seem to have a lot of attacks that require one colored and two colorless energy, or pokemon such as Arcanine or Flareon that require three colorless energy.  I do not know if this is worth wasting deck space for.  Not too impressive.  Of the Skyridge energy, I would rate this one second, behind cyclone (which is horrid) and ahead of retro (bleh).

Overall, a good waste of deck space.

Ratings -

Unlimited 1/5. NO reason to play it here, double colorless is available, boost is available, sorry.

Modified - 2/5 Could be useful in the SK Beedrill deck, but aside from that , not much use at all.

Limited/Draft - Could see some use here, with a number of colorless attacks, and a great way to recycle colored energy back into your hand.  Very frustrating to power up the Arcanine with Water Energy, and then pull the Dewgong, and need the water back!

See you next week with more fun reviews, and hopefully the debut of Meganium's Matrix (hint)

See you on the boards, at GenCon, and at Origins!

dontknow09 Bounce Energy

This set has some weird energies. When I first saw bounce energy, i thought it was going to be another double colorless. It turns out its an exchange for 1 energy to get 2 energy, although i would already have 2 energy anyways.

Unlimited- Just use DCE. There's no point in returning energies back to get the same amount of energies you were going to have by the end of the turn. 1/5

Modified-  Well, unless you want to return some energy back for some reason, I see no use.  1.25/5

Draft- You could use it to power up some pokemon, but its just like the other formats. Same amount of energy on one pokemon in the same amount of turns.  1.25/5

TR Shadow Bounce Energy

Providing two colorless energy is definitely a plus.  The cost of bringing one back to your hand hurts it, but in the right situation, it could help. Most of the time, bringing back an energy will hurt you mare than it will help.  Sometimes, both effects will help when you're running tight on energy and you need another to power up your other Pokemon for a next turn KO.  It would work very well in Limited because you have so many different energy types and a lot of Colorless.  It works well with the Beedrill, too.  Put a grass on the Kakuna to poison, then add the Bounce energy to the Beedrill and bring back the grass to attach to something else that needs it. Beedrills attack only costs two colorless, so it would work real well with him.

Unlimited 3/5
Modified 4.5/5
Limited 5/5

~TR Shadow~
BondiBorg Bounce Energy
Special Energy
This card provides CC Energy. You can attach this card to your Pokémon that has basic Energy cards attached to it. When you play this card from your hand and attach it to 1 of your Pokémon, return a basic Energy card attached to that Pokémon to your hand.

If given a choice, play Double Colorless Energy. Period.

For Unlimited, just use DCE. No question about it. You get the benefit without the disadvantage.

For Modified, I really don't see too much use for this card. I guess you could use it in a Light Dragonite deck if you already had 4 Boost Energy in there, and wanted something that could be attached while waiting for Light Draggy to make an appearance. It might show use in Expedition Alakazam decks, though those are rarely seen, to get extra Energy while keeping the number of Energy cards on it low. Yesterday's CotD, Skyridge Beedrill, has an attack for CC...that might have some use, if need be. If you've already got one Basic on there, why not just play another and be done with it?

For Limited, this card doesn't really place too high on the list of cards I'd pick first. You probably won't get more than one or two, and even if you did, wouldn't it be more helpful to have Basic Energy instead, which provides for Colorless attacks anyway?

Unlimited - 0.5
Modified - 1.9
Limited 1.0

~{BondiBorg}~ is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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