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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Omastar - Skyridge

Date Reviewed: 06/25/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Skyridge Omastar
Here's a card which I've become really familiar with these last two weeks or so. Reason? I'm playing it in my Modified deck.
I have just written about 300 words about my deck, then I realized that this is a COTD, and so I deleted them all.
Omastar's Poke-Body: if Omastar is Active, the Defending Pokemon can't evolve. Its attack, for two Water Energies and a Colorless, does 50 and the opponent can't retreat. I'll just say that Skyridge Omanyte and Skyridge Omastar work together in more ways than you're probably think. Besides the fact that Omanyte can let Omastar get out by turn 2 using its first attack, Omastar can recall Omanyte's second attack to force a Pokemon out so that it can't evolve. Noctowl limits their Double Gust options, and also their Pokemon Trader/Pokemon Fan Clubs, especially after they Elm or Eeeeeeek. Mirage Stadium also combos well in the deck. I will also state the obvious: Omastar single-handedly kills Beedrill, unless the Beedrill deck also plays Muk (I think I saw a Beedrill/Muk deck somewhere).
Unlimited: Well, you have to keep up with all the Slowpokes that are evolving on the Bench. Since Omastar doesn't, this is horrible here. Plus it's weak to Lightning, a type which is still playable in this format. I daresay Skyridge Kabutops is better than this Omastar in this format, and that's saying how bad this card is in this format.
Modified: Hmm. I'll probably be a little subjective here, since I play this card in my deck. I think Omastar/Noctowl (Nocstar) is a rogue deck that requires a lot of strategy to play well, and will find it hard to beat the archetypes, especially Lightning decks (Amphy or Amphy/Ho-oh) and decks that play Muk. Scizor does play Muk (albeit late game, usually), and for that reason, I believe Scizor will kill Omastar more often than not. Against fire decks, I think it can do admirably (more due to the water weakness than to anything else). I still don't know about Gatr/Sect, although I do have a strategy in mind on how to possibly beat it. It is actually the same as for most decks: get the Totodile/Croconaw in the Active Spot by recalling Omanyte's second attack, then pray they flip tails for Mirage Stadium, or they don't change the gym, or they don't topdeck a Double Gust. I'll be tentative with the rating here, but I don't want to overrate a card because of subjectivity.
Draft: In Draft it isn't bad. Buried Fossil makes getting that Omanyte a breeze, and actually Omanyte alone can do some serious damage with its second attack. If you manage to get the Omastar early, it will make your opponent force to evolve from the Bench, and they can't retreat their active. However, that makes them able to pump up their big hitter on the bench, so I don't know if it's really that useful. Unlike Modified, you can't recall the Omanyte's attack to force it out, so actually, Omanyte can be even better than Omastar in Draft. (Actually, in the Nocstar deck in Modified, it's actually Omanyte that does the dirty work, so to speak.)
pERfeCt 0nE

Not a bad card...Then again...Not a great card.

Unlimited-  Don't waste my time Omastar.
rating--- 1

Modified-   His reason to live.  Its HP is bad, its Zzzzap-able, and loses horribly to cargo, scizor, and anything with its weakness.  Its too slow, but its attack can hold them down early in the game, especially after using drag off with Omanyte.  If you use him fast and with decent countering for Scizor and Fire, he has a chance.
rating--- 3

Draft-   Hard to use.  First you need to draft buried fossil, which from experience, i doubt is as common as you might think(being that it IS A common), since out of my box and 24 packs, i got 3!!!  Omanyte is just as hard to get, and omastar should be hard to get up and running.  His attacks effect is a little more useful here, since pokemon retreat to live here very very often.
rating--- 3
dontknow09 Skyridge Omastar

Fossil Pokemon have never been too popular. A set of Fossil Pokemon come out once or twice every "block". Occasionally, the Fossil Pokemon are great (Discovery Kabutops). But mainly, the Fossil Pokemon don't shine much. But here is one our first Fossils of the E-Block, Omastar. It gets a good 90HP, which is... ok since I dontknow if I should consider this as an actual Stage 2 or Stage 1 because of certain trainers. One of the good things about this Omastar is it sticks with its water type; no messing around with this
water energy on a fighting pokemon and vise versa trash. What's weird is that it has electric weakness unlike all its other grass weakness cousins. Still no resistance and still keeps 2 retreat. Primal Stare is a very cool Poke-Body. Shutting down evolutions will force an opponent to focus on moving to the bench to evolve, which could waste valuable turns. What's even better is that Skyridge Omastar is a combo in it self. Spook prevents the retreat of a Pokemon, so target a Pokemon that looks like its going to evolve soon and keep it unevolved.

Unlimited- I would just use a Fossil Aerodactyl and a Murkrow who just mean looked. Less hassle. The Poke-Body isn't too useful, as most unlimited decks a structured around many BBP.  1.25/5

Modified- Most decks are structured around evolutions, which is a good thing. The only problem I can see in using this Omastar (or any Fossil Pokemon) is that its sort of slow and too dependent on trainers to make it run fast enough.  2.75/5

Draft- I just took a look at the Omanyte in Skyridge, and it sets up an
Omastar lock real well. Too bad the only problem is getting the Omanyte in the first place. I'd say its pretty average, but I don't think the Poke-Body will help that much.  2/5


OK, a fossil Pokemon that's name does not rhyme with framutops that may be playable yes?  No.  Nice idea, but still play Kabutops over this guy.

HP - 90 not bad for a stage 2, not great
Retreat  - 2 , manageable
No resistance, weakness to electricity (at least it is not grass)

Pokemon Power - Does not allow the evolution of the active pokemon.  Who is this designed to stop, put your hand down Colin, we all know it is Beedrill, and other pokemon whose power is triggered when they evolve the active.  Too bad this only works if Omastar is your active Pokemon.  It is a poke body, so it is not turned off by special conditions

Attack, Spook, W W * - 3 energy (2 colored) for 50 is expensive in this envio, and its attack seems to work with its power, in that the defending pokemon cannot retreat, and due to the power, it cannot evolve.  If it hit harder, this pokemon may just work.

Problem with this guy is that there are already better fossil evolutions out there in Kabutops, and heck, even Skyridge Aerodactyl.  If you knew you were going up against a Beedrill deck, then this might be played, but there are too many things that are just flat better.

Ratings -

Unlimited - 1/5 - 3 energy attacks, and except for Fable and Wiggly, who evolves here?

Modified - 3/5 may see some play with the combo attack and restriction,  If the attack was only one colored energy instead of 2, I might even say that it was splashable.

Draft - 1/5  Let someone else take this card, and waste a lot of energy getting it out, while you win with something else.  There is enough electricity in Skyridge to kill this card

The Poke`mon Master 1110

Not bad at all.  I really like this guy alot.  His power, IMHO, is better than the Kabutops.  This means no more Beedrill, Arcanine and Gengar (well, no one really plays Gengar, I guess).  On a stage 2, 10 more hp would be nice, and 2 retreat is iffy, but overall, not bad.  The attack is also nice.  Since they can't retreat, 50 and 50 again, two turns and you'll have a prize most of the time.  Nice.

Unlimited:  I could almost see using it, because GOW, then ER or SER, and Spook, so you could be looking at a pokemon stranded out there with no energy for attacking and they can't retreat, then next turn another 50 which would ko all those Murkrows/Sneasels/Wigglytuffs/Clefables/Slowkings and all that other cheesey stuff.  But it is pretty slow.  Maybe not.  1.5/5

Modified:  It could work, but Jumpluff will eat this guy for lunch.  Still, I might try this out for fun.  Maybe.  3/5

Limited:  It will be hard to support, but if he comes out, your opponent might as well kiss it goodbye.  3/5

The Bottom Line:  2.5/5

Thundachu Skyridge Omastar:

Overview: Haven't reviewed an Omastar for a while. Lets see how it is. 90HP for a stage 2 evolution is nice. Weakness to Lightning makes it a target for Elekid and Buzz. The pokemon power can be useful indeed. No evolving the active pokemon. Plus, the attack goes with the power. 50 for 2 Water and 1 colorless energy plus your defending pokemon cant retreat to get an evolved next turn. Kind of broken IMO.

Unlimited: 3/5( I still prefer Blastoise Base set)

Modified: 4.5/5

Draft 2.5/5(Rare and stage 2 in draft. ewww.)
TR Shadow Omastar

The Pokemon Power is a lot like the Kabutops.  The only difference is that it only works on the active while Kabutops works on only the bench.  Spook combos up well with Primal Stare.  It allows you to keep the defending Pokemon from retreating while you keep them from evolving.  It takes a lot of energy and it's a bit overpriced for only fifty damage, but it will take out any little guys and keep them from evolving or retreating.  Having 90 hp is a plus also.  Primal Stare doesn't quite work if something tells your opponent to search their deck for an evolution card and evolve their active. Otherwise, I like this card.

Unlimited 3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 4/5

~TR Shadow~ is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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