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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Oracle - Skyridge

Date Reviewed: 06/17/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Tuesday - Oracle

Oracle is a great card. Searching your deck allowing you to pick two cards and put them on top of your deck is nice. Combine with Bill, and it's essentially a double computer search.

Depending on the deck, this card is beyond great. I haven't gotten the
chance to use any yet, but I think this is a #2 supporter, right behind
Copycat. It's even better than Fan Club. If you wanna go 4 Elm 4 Oracle 4 Bill, that's an even better draw system than 4 Elm 4 Copycat. So definitely a nice card.

Unlimited - 2.5/5
Modified - 4.5/5
Draft - 5/5

~ RaNd0m
X- Act
Again, like Desert Shaman, Oracle seems to be a card name for a card game other than Pokemon, but let's not get much into that. It is a Supporter which lets you choose any two cards from your deck and put them at the top of your deck in any order you like. Similar to Backwash, if you allow, although having never Backwashed in my life, I can't be sure if I'm correct about this.
Of course, its obvious combo is with Bill. You Oracle and Bill, and you've effectively just used Computer Search twice, without discarding any cards from your hand (well, except Oracle and Bill), at the (minor) price of not being allowed to play any more Supporters during that turn. If you manage to get Oracle and Bill in the same hand, it's totally broken. Oracle has made Pokemon Breeder much more playable in Modified now, because you can get both Pokemon Breeder and the Stage 2 you need via Oracle and Bill, and evolve in the second turn. That's very useful in decks such as Politoed, where effectively, you can evolve it turn 2 and use its first attack to pump it up immediately.
However, I do believe that the Oracle + Bill combo should only be limited to certain decks. I think it is best with Skyridge Politoed and maybe Expedition Vileplume, i.e. in decks that have Stage 2 Pokemon that can attack turn 2. Another usage might be if you desperately need to get some Special Energy cards in your hand, although Aquapolis Furret is usually better in that regard.
Unlimited: I think Oracle here is not very good. Although in Unlimited, it can not only combo with Bill, but also with Professor Oak (where the first two cards you get will be the two cards you put on top of the deck via Oracle), two-card Trainer combos can be easily defeated by Chaos Gym or Slowking. And you DO need to be sure you have an Oak or Bill in your hand before playing Oracle, because if you play Oracle only, your opponent can force you to shuffle your deck during his or her turn (via Lass, Rocket's Sneak Attack, The Rocket's Trap, etc.), rendering your previous Oracle useless. So, in short, using Oracle in this format is asking for trouble.
Modified: Here, of course, it's good, although you have no good way of ensuring you get both Oracle and Bill in your hand at once. But even if you get only Oracle in your hand, you get the cards you need in two turns, unless your opponent forces you to shuffle your deck (via Noctowl or Skyridge Crobat or a similar card). I suggest if you're playing Oracle/Bill, you don't Bill unnecessarily (i.e. without playing Oracle beforehand), because it will limit the usage of Oracle. Of course, in spite of all these difficulties, you simply cannot say that Oracle is bad here. Far from it.
Draft: I hope you're smart enough to draft this if you get it in your booster. Your opponents won't pass it to you if they draft it, unless they've seen another card that's really useful in their deck. It's too good, even without Bill. So draft it, and grin, and win.

The Poke`mon Master 1110

This card is actually very nice.  It's main use is with a little card known as Bill.  People seem to disagree on the usefulness of Bill.  Sure it's only 2 cards, but it is card advantage, and I can't tell you how many times a Bill has bailed me out.  I got an energy I needed to attack, a pokemon to Evolve, a Gold Berry so my active would survive a while longer, or an Elm to get a new hand.  Bill really does work.  And he is BROKEN combo'ed with this card.  Put any two you want on top of your deck, then Bill to get them.  BAM!!  Double Computer Search, no discarding.  It's good, don't tell me it's not good.

Unlimited:  OK, so it isn't great here, but hey, it's not that bad.  2/5

Modified:  Awesome.  With Bill, you can get what you want more reliably than with any other cards.  Since it is two cards you need at the same time, it is less than perfect.  4.5/5

Limited:  Set up to where your next two draws will be what you need.  Absolutely broken, as you can get the stage 1 and 2 of that evolution line you drafted.  5/5

The Bottom Line:  3.75/5

Here we go, The review of the Oracle - the best card in Skyridge.

This card, when combined with Bill, gives a double computer search, find any two cards, put them to the top of your deck, then bill to get them into your hand

or, oracle two fire energy to the top of your deck, and howl, guaranteeing 2 energy, plenty more combos

This card should be banned in team, way too powerful.  Oracle for your partner, then let him pick whatever card he wants!  too broken

Still a waste in unlimited, computer search is better, as is item finder, oak, and the old standbys.  No need for a 2 card combo here, but not many supporters are used here, so it might be useful just before an oak

ratings -

Unlimited 2.5/5
Modified - 4/5 (not a supporter would have made it 5)\
Team 5/5 the BEST card in this envio
Limited - Draft - 5/5 - not many better cards in Skyridge! (none by my count)
Gymbo After taking a little time off to finalize my summer plans and graduation, college classes, and all kinds of personal life junk, I'm bizzack with some more mizing CotD's. We're actually looking at some really sweet cards this week, so stay tuned for some quality reviewing from the CotD staffers and I. Alrighty then, down to business, today we're looking at Oracle. But before I can go crazy and really evaluate this beast, we need to check out the vitals of course...

Trainer- Supporter "You can only play one Supporter per turn, place the Supporter next to your Active Pokemon then discard at the end of your turn."

Choose two cards from your deck from your deck then shuffle your deck. Place the chosen cards on top of your deck in any order.

Alright here we go. Oracle has been compared to "New Age Computer Search" or something like that. And I'll have to admit, at first I was in absolute awe. I mean, set any two cards on the top of your deck and it's like NICE. What card lets me draw two cards? Hmm...OOOH BILL does. So obviously you combo this card with Bill, Mary, Bill's Teleporter, and Lucky Stadium to let you draw cards, thus drawing the cards you searched for. Now this is a decent card. But since it's a Supporter, I don't see this card replacing Copycat in any way. Copycat is just way too good to replace with Oracle. And as good as Oracle is, you have to have the Bill or Mary before you Oracle, because Elming not only shuffles the deck, but ends Trainer usage, and Copycat counts as your Supporter for the turn. So if you run Oracle you need to run 3-4 Bill and 3-4 Mary for consistent combo effectiveness. In Unlimited, don't bother at all with this card. Because well...erhem...Computer Search. =/ I mean seriously. I really don't like this card at all in Unlimited. Just stick with the good ole fashioned GOOD cards that have worked for years. In Modified, I really don't like this card either to be honest. I mean it seems cool, but it's not. It shuts down your drawing for a turn unless you have the Bill/Mary handy to draw the two cards. And even then, it HAS to work as a combo-card which isn't always good in Modified. Lowering the consistency factor...*mumbles more on his theories* and such. In short, when you go for Trainers, especially drawing Trainers, ALWAYS go for the sure things. The things that you KNOW work because a lot of the "newer age" drawing cards just don't have the umph to really build your drawing engines around.

If you have some time, yea YOU, reading this, do me a big favor and check with Pooka and his upcoming and renovated site, Marriland. IM me for details at XGymbo01X. *ends plug* Thanks for reading and keep coming back, good stuff later this week...

~Jim Ferrell
dontknow09 Oracle

Here's a nice new supporter card. Like a computer search in modified. What? A computer search in modified!!?? That must be one good card... Not ***IMO***. Sure, it lets you look for two cards in your deck and put them in any order. So you have to wait 2 turns to get both of them, which slows you down from getting new cards stuck in your deck. A solution to this problem was the 2 card combo, Oracle + Bill. But this also gave more problems. In order for this to work, you would need to max out on Bills and Oracles. That would be a total waste of deck space. With 8 cards slots, several search cards could have taken its place. Or better yet, 8 more drawing engines. Oracle would waste a supporter for a turn. Searching for trainers card is pointless since it could be easily be obtained with more drawing power. Searching for energy or pokemon is also pointless, since you have many many many many cards that could do so. I could go on, but that would qualify this as an article, rather than a review.

Unlimited- Computer Search basically makes this card pointless.  1/5

Modified- It may seem good, but just compare it to all the draw and search cards that could have taken its place. If a deck is structured properly, you wouldn't need oracle.  1.25/5

Draft- This is the exception. You don't have the opportunity to have drawing and searching cards like in the other formats. In this format, oracle will give you the upper hand. It'll give you a HUGE advantage. Just make sure no one disrupts you by making you shuffle your deck some how.  4/5

-dontknow09 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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