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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Image from
Wizards of the Coast

Desert Shaman - Skyridge

Date Reviewed: 06/02/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Desert Shaman - Skyridge
You can play only one Supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon. When your turn ends, discard this card.
Each player shuffles his or her hand into his or her deck, then draws up to 4 cards.
Modified: This is probably the best format for this card.  If you use it right it can be pretty good.  Comparing back to the old modified format (Rocket-On), they had the IOR/RSA combo which I liked and played in my decks. Well, here we can use this and Noctowl to get that job done.  In my new deck I made called  "The Shaman of CroNoc" I play two of these. It is pretty much was made to shut down my opponents pokemon and trainers since that is what Skyridge Crobat and Neo1 Noctowl does.  So I play this with an average of 2-2 Noctowl/Crobats out and try to get rid of their hand. Anyways, the downfall of this card is that you must shuffle your hand in as well as your opponent for the new hand of 4 cards unlike IOR.  Of course sometimes I copycat for less than that if I'm desperate for a new hand.
Rating: 3.5
Unlimited: There are better trainers than this here. Much better trainers.  If your going to use a card like this it might as well be IOR over this.
Rating: 1.1
Limited: Now this card is not bad here considering its draw power, BUT it helps your opponent out as well and I don't think you will really be getting anything big out that will combo with this. 
Rating: 2.5
X- Act
Desert Shaman
Hmm. Nice name for a Pokemon card. But what exactly is a Shaman? According to my dictionary, a Shaman is a person who practices a Northern Asian religion, "characterized by a belief in sorcery and in evil beings who require to be propitiated" (changing some of the words to make it readable for young readers without having nightmares in bed). What that has to do with Pokemon is beyond me. I know it's supposed to be a translation from a Japanese card, but that surely is a card straight out of Magic The Gathering. Who says Pokemon is for children? =\
Well, if anything, when you read this Supporter's effect, you realize that it does seem to have a connection with the evil, on second thoughts. You shuffle your hand into your deck and draw up to four cards, forcing your opponent to do the same. Imposter Oak's Revenge, anyone? Thanks to this Supporter, hand disruption is now bigger than ever in Modified. Combo it with Trainer denial (Neo Genesis Noctowl), Pokemon denial (Skyridge Crobat, although I don't like it much), or just pure hand denial (Aquapolis Umbreon). Or a combination of those, if you really feel sickeningly evil. Hand disruption is a good strategy, much valued by quite a few players. If you are one of them, you now have various hand disruption options in Modified. Good work, Desert Shaman.
Unlimited: If you want this card's effect for this format (or, to be exact, an almost identical effect), stick with Imposter Oak's Revenge. Of course it's better than Desert Shaman, since (1) it is not a Supporter and (2) the effect is only for your opponent. So, umm, no.
Modified: Haven't I explained already how good this card is in this format? (And some information about oriental religions to go with it. :D)
Draft: Hmm. You disrupt your opponent, but also disrupt yourself... unless you have a useless hand or less than 4 cards in your hand. Well... could be interesting, I guess. Card drawing is always welcome in Draft, after all. It requires some thought before being played, though.

The Poke`mon Master 1110
Desert Shaman:

Lets make this short and sweet, shall we?  In all honesty, this card really isn't worth playing.  Sure, you may very well screw your opponent with this, but you run the risk of giving him what he/she wants.  So don't play it.

Unlimited:  1/5

MMF:  2/5

Limited:  3.5/5

The Bottom Line:  2/5

Desert Shaman:

Unlimited: I really don't believe Desert Shaman is that good in Unlimited when you have Erika, Oak, etc. It could be good if your opponent is about to play Sneasel or Slowking, but your just shuffling them back into your opponent's deck, so they will get them back probably before the game is over. And who knows, they could get a better hand than before. 2.5/5

Modified: I guess it could be better in Modified than Unlimited a little bit. It is still a supporter, so why use this when you could use Copycat? And there is still the existing fact your opponent could get a better hand again. Don't use the risk of your opponent getting a better hand, use Copycat. 3/5

Draft: Ok, broken in this format. Though in all 3 formats the risk of your opponent getting a better hand, it is actually good in this format. Due to the lack of draw power in Draft, this does make a good card to draft and with it being an uncommon, it makes it kind of easy to get. 4.5/5
Meganium45 Desert Shaman - aah, the beginning of hand destruction

With this card you gain a new 4 card hand as does your opponent.  Usually I am very against any card that gives your opponent and advantage, but after your opponent has eeeeeeked or elmed before ending their turn, knocks their hand from 7 or more to 4.

Then, the combos begin, you use NG Noctowl to take their trainers away, then use SK Crobat to take their Pokemon away, hopefully leaving them with 1 to 2 energy cards, and nothing more.  Very nasty.

Only other use for this card is in SK draft, where there are few other good draw trainers to get new cards.

Quick one today

Ratings -

Unlimited - 1.5/5 - Imposter Oak's Revenge is better, and does not force you to use a trainer slot.  Could work, but I wouldn't use it.

Modified - 3/5 only rated this high due to its combo with Noctowl and Crobat

limited (draft) 3/5 - one of the only decent draw trainers in SK
dontknow09 Desert Shaman

A lot of the supporters have good art work. But enough about art, lets talk about cards. Desert Shaman is an excellent hand destruction card. Its like bringing back Imposter Prof. Oak's Revenge back. The bad thing, you have to do it too. But it could always be backed up by Eeeking or if you happen to draw a professor elm. But then again, you're opponent has the same opportunities.

Unlimited- Imposter oak has the upper hand. You only have to discard 1 card from your hand instead reshuffling everything. Well, you might not have that RSA in your hand, but that's why there's computer search in this format.  1/5

Modified- Too bad Imposter oak wasn't reprinted. The Desert Shaman can easily destroy hands. Especially with things like the AQ Umbreon. The only thing that can get past a desert shaman is a Cleffa, but you waste one turn in doing so.  3.75/5

Draft- Its rare to get such drawing power in Cleffa in draft. So, you're
basically safe to use Desert Shaman without any problems. Super hand destruction will give you at least a 3 turn advantage.  4.25/5

TR Shadow Desert Shaman

One of the few disruption cards in Modified.  We really needed more of this. Combos up well with Noctowl and/or Crobat for a nice disruption deck.  It's nice that it gives you a new hand too.  It's like an IOR except you get to do the same.  It's a good card to use after your opponent has Elmed or Eeeeeeeked so they can put it back.  Too bad it's a supporter.  You probably wouldn't want to use it unless you're running hand disruption.

Unlimited 3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 4/5

~TR Shadow~
Gymbo Yay...I'm back with another CotD! Today we have the Desert Shaman card from Skyridge. Let's take a looksee at this bad boy...

Desert Shaman ID: E-46-#
You can play only 1 Supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon. When your turn ends, discard this card. Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw up to 4 cards. Your opponent does the same.

This is a nice card in certain decks. It's slight hand disruption. In Unlimited, why would you bother? You can just Lass/RSA and pick off the Trainers. In Modified, I like this card LOTS more. You can use this card with several good Pokemon such as Genesis Noctowl, Skyridge Crobat, Dark Feraligatr, or my personal fave, LC Pidgeot. With Pidgeot you send the opponent's Pokemon back to their hand then play Desert Shaman next turn and they are left scrambling in most cases. With Dark Gatr, the opponent can't recover via Eeeeeeking Cleffa. Noctowl and Crobat provide even more hand disruption. But like I said my favorite combo card to use Shaman with is Pidgeot just because you can seriously own the opponent. You waste their turns and if you combo Pidgeot with a solid attacker you can seriously win lots of games. Pidgeot/Shaman is like my "secret, testing" deck right now. Anyways...

Unlimited: 2/5 Has uses, but just use Lass.
Modified: 3.5/5 With so few hand disruption cards in this format, it's nice to see this card. It also comboes well with certain Pokes as mentioned.

Happy Gaming,
BondiBorg Desert Shaman
You can play only 1 Supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon. When your turn ends, discard this card. Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw up to 4 cards. Your opponent does the same.

Desert Shaman is essentially a Sabrina's Gaze that gives your opponent more of a chance of recovery, and eats up your Supporter for the turn.

For Unlimited, I really think Sabrina's Gaze is a better bet if you're trying to disrupt your opponent and draw cards at the same time. If the opponent has 2 cards in their hand, this would allow them to draw up to 4. If you decided to play it despite this, it might be good to get rid of their hand. Right after they Eeeeeeek, cut them down to 4 cards, then use Rocket Sneak Attack or Lass to whittle it down further. That wouldn't be worth much if they can just Eeeeeeek again, so hope you get through the Baby Rule.

For Modified, this card would probably be a good replacement for Oak's Research. You only draw one less card and have the option of drawing less than 4 cards if you fear a CopyCat and want to keep your hand small. Noctowl decks could use it to lower the number of cards in the opponent's hand, then ditch the Trainers. Pidgeot decks, which bounce the opponent's Pokémon back to their hand, have a new best friend. Very little could be more annoying than losing a heavy hitter into the deck just because of one attack and one Trainer.

For Limited, any draw power you can pull is great. Any time your opponent has 4 or more cards in their hand, go for it.

Unlimited - 1.5
Modified - 3.9
Limited - 4.0

~{BondiBorg}~ is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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