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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Mewtwo ex - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 07/16/03

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Mewtwo ex
Here it is. The much-talked about Mewtwo ex.
It has 100HP, an attack that recalls any two energies (not necessarily Basic) from the discard pile and attaches them to itself, and another attack that does 60 for three energies. Its 3 retreat doesn't really matter, as it can re-Energy Absorb the energies just discarded. Energy Absorption can also be comboed with Scoop Up, Pokemon Center, or, if those cards will not be legal in Nintendo's format, Pokemon Nurse.
Its weakness: it is weak to Psychic, its own type. So, really, the card Mewtwo ex mostly fears is Mewtwo ex itself. Also, let us not forget its ex rule: you get two prizes if you manage to KO this.
It can also bring you back Energies from the discard pile, then reattach them to whoever you want via Energy Switch. Remember that Darkness Energy will not be hurting Mewtwo soon.
Personally, I think that this card is good for the game. It gives Psychic a much-needed boost. Also, whoever created this expansion was smart enough to make cards that can counter this Mewtwo. Mightyena is such a card. It is resistant to Psychic, and also has a Poke-Body that lowers any damage done to it by 10. So, effectively, Mewtwo can only do 20 damage to it.
Unlimited: There are lots of cards resistant to Mewtwo in this format: Sneasel, Murkrow, Wigglytuff, Clefable, Chansey (although it loses its Metal Energy protection), etc. However, this Mewtwo has a good chance to withstand a Beat Up, unlike its Promo cousin, and also does a good 20 damage more. For this reason, I'd prefer to use this Mewtwo over the other Promo one. Pokemon Center or Scoop Up allow you to severely abuse the card, too.
Modified: Scoop Up is still present in this format, if Legendary Collection will be allowed. If not, just use Pokemon Center or Pokemon Nurse. Thus, Mewtwo ex will certainly be played in this format. It CAN be countered, but then again, every card can be countered. It's not as exceptional as some people are claiming, but you can't deny that it's a great card. A card good enough that you need to be able to counter if you want to win.
Draft: If you're Drafting Psychic, this is a monster card. The only cards resistant to it in the R/S set are Poochyena and Mightyena, and their splashable attacks (they wouldn't be able to draft Darkness Energies in normal circumstances) do only 20 at best. So, quite simply, Mewtwo would be unstoppable, unless it faces another Mewtwo or another Psychic Pokemon. But they are also weak to Mewtwo. So, you simply MUST DRAFT IT. I'd even draft it if I'm not playing Psychic, and add a few Psychic Energies in the draft deck. First of all, Energy Absorption + Energy Switch can come in useful, and secondly, you only need two Psychic Energies to do 60 a turn. Simply broken.
Mewtwo ex:

Overview- IMO, one of the best ex pokemon there is. With the help of Oak in Unlimited, you could get it powered up in turn 2. Nice. 100HP for a basic pokemon is wonderful. For 1 psychic energy you can attach up to 2 of ANY energy cards from your discard pile. Doesn't limit to basic or anything. Then for 2 psychic and 1 colorless you can do 60. It is pretty much just a small upgrade from the LC edition. Retreat of 3 is pretty high for a basic pokemon. Switch is a must have. Weakness to psychic is normal, but with the using of psychic pokemon going down, it shouldn't be a problem. The ex power is a problem though, so I would stick with the LC one or promo.

Unlimited: 3/5(Ex is a problem, but with Oak, or Misty's Wrath it is great)

Modified: 2/5

Draft: 2.5/5(eh, not much draw power so, not much discard either).

The Poke`mon Master 1110
Mewtwo EX:

Now THIS is an EX worth playing.  100 hp, and an attack that does 60 for three?  Awesome.  Energy Absorption is sweet late game as well.  If you play Psychic, you should most likely play him.

Unlimited:  Energy Absorption means ER and SER only slow him down one turn, but that could be enough for Sneasel to take him out.  Not the best here.:  1.75/5

Modified:  Very nice here.  I can see him being used here pretty well. 3/5

Limited:  Broken as all get out in this format.  Take him, don't even think twice about it.  5/5

The Bottom Line:  3/5

OK, finally a EX card I like (along with Kyogre EX)

100 HP, finally enough to do this guy justice!

3 retreat cost, will you ever retreat this guy?  Scoop up, maybe, warp energy, yes, double gust, uh huh, switch (thx Zak) of course, but retreat?  No.

Attack - Energy Absorb - one psychic, get 2 NRG out of your discard onto Mewtwo EX.  With Juggler, now easier to get energy into the discard early, so playable.

3 for 60!!! no drawbacks!  Wow, just hope you get this card off before your opponent does, and do not forget to use Magnifier on that stinking Sneasel!

This card is playable.  I have seen some, well, wrong decks containing 12 Mewtwo.  Calm down, it is not that good, but I think it replaces Promo Mewtwo, even though it is 2 prizes.  100 HP can stand up to Sneasel, especially since the card can recover very quickly

Rating - Unlimited - 4/5 - Good enough, strong enough to play here.  Great BBP

Modified - 4.8/5 MUST in any psychic deck.

Draft - 5/5 Big hit points, huge attacks, if you do not take it, be ready to face it and to lose.  This guy can take 4 prizes all by himself.  Don't believe me, let one go in draft....then try to fight it off!

Check out my upcoming reports on the Dragon King Championships being qualified for this week.  Congrats to Scott, Tony and Zak for being the first three to earn the right to battle for the title on 7/19!!!!  Great St. Louis area championship at the best place to play in the area.
<End shameless plug>
TR Shadow
Mewtwo EX
Probably the best of the EX Pokemon.  There's a possibility of a second turn sixty damage there with a Juggler.  Energy Absorption could easily be used on the first turn to get back the Energy discarded with Juggler.  The Psyburn's fairly cheap for sixty damage.  There could be a deck built around Mewtwo, Juggler, and Scoop up.  The Scoop up is only there to help avoid KOs with this guy.  He's an EX, remember.  You don't want him to get KOed.  The retreat cost is a bit high, but I don't thin you'd be wanting him on the bench anyway.  One hundred HP is great for a basic, I would be impressed if it wasn't an EX Pokemon.  Overall, I would give it a pretty good score.
Unlimited 3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 3/5
~TR Shadow~
Perfect One Mewtwo EX

Unlimited-  He's quite good here. Instead of risking energy charge, you can energy absorption any special energy and then Energy Flow them back to your hand and scoop up Mewtwo EX.  He's really just Mewtwo MP with +30HP and +20 damage, he's very efficient and fights against removals, too bad Sneasel resists him, but a few PPs can help =)
rating--- 3.75

Modified-  He's excellent here.  I love that Juggler is here so he can still have a turn 2 60 damage!!!  His HP is kinda hefty too.  The only way I see him losing, is to G8rs or Scizor.
rating--- 3.875

Draft-  Awesome.  Turn 3, 60 a turn!!! he will fetch you quite a few prizes and maybe most of the game to your favor!!!!
rating--- 4.5

(GymLeaderPhil: Perfect One actually did two reviews... we assigned this card to our COTD staff early and I guess he forgot. So enjoy twice the reviews.)

Mewtwo ex

Now this is deserving of being a mewtwo card!!!  They took MP mewtwo, gave him 30HP more, and added 20 damage to his attack!!!  With delcatty and Juggler around he can start plowing the enemies for 60 a turn starting with turn 2!!!

Unlimited- Well he isnt so bad...for instance...instead of using energy charge in a certain deck- u can pop a rainbow energy on mewtwo ex, use energy absorbtion for the special energy, and next turn use energy flow and scoop up!!!
rating--- 3.25

Modified- Very good here.  If you surpass the baby flips, he can hit for 60 every turn, starting at turn 2!!!  He can pick apart their babies or you can DG with a strength charm and KO whatever they have(keep in mind, Dark energy cannot add 10 unless they are a dark pokemon from now on- thats why i didnt mention it).
rating--- 4

Draft- Draft him and win.  Hes a solid Giant and has a Commanding 100HP for a basic!!!
rating--- 4.665

Ah, Mewtwo favorite, outta the lot of 'em.

For Unlimited, I think he stands a decent chance. Essentially, he's the
Movie Promo Mewtwo with extra HP and extra Damage. I'm actually going
to include him in my decks where before I would use a single Movie
Promo Mewtwo...definitely worthwhile. It kills Sneasel in two hits, one
if you use Crystal Shard to turn Mewtwo into a Colorless critter.

For Modified, a turn 2 60 damage is incredible. Colorless Pokémon
nowadays don't have Resistance to Psychic...meaning very little will
stand in your way. In short, ph34r it...a Baby flip is just about the
only thing that will hold it back, especially since it benefits with
discards from Juggler. With 100 HP, it's hard to say what will beat him
before he beats you...

For Limited, go for it! Straight-out damage, somewhat splashable, since
he can suck up Energy that's already been on other critters that were
killed, and deals excellent damage. Not much that's exceptionally
draftable has Resistance to Psychic, but if you pull him, get him out
quick and be careful not to let him die.

Unlimited - 3.9
Modified - 4.2
Limited - 3.9

~{BondiBorg}~ is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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